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ABC Poison Arrow / Alphabet Soup [7] 1982 [1st Ed. Can.] Neutron SOV 2308 [NM/NM] [P/S] (s.1 from The Lexicon) (s.2 1981) 6.66 45rpm0279

Aerosmith Dream On / Somebody [7] 197x [Reis. 197x Can.] Columbia 3-10278 [M/CC] [Reis. 1978? Can.] (orange lbl) (compil.) 6.66 45rpm0555

Alphaville Big in Japan / Seeds [7] 1984 [1st Ed. Can.] WEA 24 95057 [EX/VG+] [P/S] (from Forever Young) 9.99 45rpm1750

Jon Anderson Hold On to Love / Sundancing [7] 1988 [1st Ed. Can.] CBS 38-07766 [NM/EX] [P/S] (from In the City of Angels) (mint) 5.99 45rpm2634

Aneka Japanese Boy / A Fond Kiss [7] 1981 [1st Ed. Can.] Hansa HANSA 5X [NM/BS] 7.82 45rpm0282

Aneka Japanese Boy / A Fond Kiss [7] 1981 [1st Ed. Can.] Hansa HANSA 5X [VG+/BS] (wol) 7.82 45rpm2133

The Animals It's My Life / I'm Going to Change the World [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] MGM 13414X (M) [VG+/BS] (196?) (black lbl) (mono) [lil back noise] 6.66 45rpm2528

Animation Comprendre / Space Traveller [7] 1978 [1st Ed. Can.] Able ABQ.103 [VG+/CC] (blue lbl) [Promo] (Distr. London) (Euro Disco) 19 45rpm2855

Richard Anthony 12 Tubes / 12 Tubes [7] 1982 [1st Ed. Can.] Pathé / EMI 78031 [EX/CC] (wh-blue lbl) (Pot Pourri) (12 tr.) 17 45rpm2513

Antietam Until Now / Rain [7] 1986 [1st Ed. UK] Homestead HMS059 [VG+/VG+] [P/S] (sm hole) [lil back noise starts] (Beatles cover: Rain) 12 45rpm0047

Antoine Les elucubrations d'Antoine / Qu'est-ce qui ne tourne pas rond chez moi [7] 1965 [1st Ed. Can.] Vogue V-4225 (M) [VG+/BS] (1965?) (white-aqua lbl) (mono) (TC) (NM) 18 POSC0284

Antoine Madame Becassine / Mon auto m'attend [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Vogue VC-311 (M) [VG+/CC] (196?) (pink lbl) (mono) (wol) (tol) (Mfd. by WB) 18 45rpm1622

Antoine Le Roi de Chine / Bonjour Salut! [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Vogue VC-329 (M) [VG+/CC] (196?) (pink lbl) (mono) (tol) [lil back noise at starts] (Mfd. by WB) 17 45rpm1623

Antoine Ra-ta-ta / J'aime le bon vin [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Vogue VC 381 (M) [VG+/BS] (196?) (pink lbl) (mono) [dh] [lil back noise at starts] (Mfd. by WB) 16 45rpm1624

Automatiks I Wanna Be a Car / Do it - Keep 'em Clean [7:EP] 1996 [1st Ed. USA] Primitive PR010 [NM/NM] [P/S] (3 tr.) [EP] [Vinyl Translucent] (w. Do it, Keep 'em Clean) (Punk) 7.82 45rpm1023

Automatiks I Wanna Be a Car / Do it - Keep 'em Clean [7:EP] 1996 [1st Ed. USA] Primitive PR010 [M/NM] [P/S] (3 tr.) [EP] [Vinyl Translucent] (w. Do it, Keep 'em Clean) (Punk) 8.69 45rpm2633

Pierre Bachelet Romantic Lover / Disco Circus [7] 1978 [1st Ed. Can.] Deram DFX-662 [VG+/CC] (from Le Dernier Amant Romantique Film) (Electronic Disco) (s.2 Instr.) 17 45rpm1903

Badfinger Day After Day / Money [7] 1971 [1st Ed. Can.] Apple 1841 [VG/BS] (from Straight Up) (nov. 10, 71) (apple lbl) [lil back noise] 3.99 45rpm1487

Les Badges Le Papa de Nancy Sinatra / Sophistiquée [7] 196x [1st Ed. France] Festival DN 763 [VG+/CC] (196?) [CC] [tw] [lil back noise] (Jazzy) 25 45rpm2253

Band Aid Do They Know it's Christmas? / Feed the World [7] 1984 [1st Ed. Can.] Columbia 38-04749 [NM/VG+] [P/S] (Band Aid) (Duran Duran, FGTH, Quo, Style Council, Culture Club, U2, Boomtown Rats +) (VA) 7.82 45rpm0655

Band Aid Do They Know it's Christmas? / Feed the World [7] 1984 [1st Ed. Can.] Columbia 38-04749 [NM/VG+] [P/S] (Band Aid) (Duran Duran, FGTH, Quo, Style Council, Culture Club, U2, Boomtown Rats +) (VA) 7.82 45rpm1711

Banzai Chinese Kung Fu (Part I) / Chinese Kung Fu (Discotheque) [7] 1975 [1st Ed. Can.] Nobel NL 2002 [VG+/BS] (pink lbl) [lil back noise] (see Les Clodettes on Fleche Rec. France) 6.66 45rpm2856

Barbara Une petite cantate -4 tr.- [7:EP] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 432.142 BE (M) [VG/VG+] (1963?) [P/S] [EP] (4 tr.) (dark green lbl) (mono) (3e Serie) [lil back noise] (45rpm) (+ La Solitude / Toi l'homme - J'ai troqué) (M 437.142 BE) (mirrorlike) 45rpm2767

Brigitte Bardot La Fille de paille / Je voudrais perdre la mémoire [7] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 370.800 (M) [VG+/BS] (aqua lbl) (mono) (Serie Succès) (Jean-Claude Petit: arr.) (G. Lenorman) (P 1969) (s1 EX / s.2 VG+ lil back noise) 27 POSC0538

Brigitte Bardot Bubble Gum / Les Hommes endormis [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Philips B 373.486 F (M) [VG+/BS] (196?) (aqua lbl) (mono) (Serie Succès) (Alain Goraguer: orch.) (s.1 Serge Gainsbourg: composer) [lil back noise] 75 POSC0537

Brigitte Bardot Une Histoire de plage / Ne me laisse pas l'aimer [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Philips B 373.353 F (M) [VG+/BS] (196?) (aqua lbl) (mono) (Serie Succès) (Alain Goraguer: orch.) 40 POSC0536

Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg / Serge Gainsbourg Bonnie and Clyde / Comic Strip [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Fontana 260.120 (M) [VG+/BS] (196?) (aqua lbl) (mono) (Serie Succès) [Split] (s.1 Michel Colombier: orch. / s.2 David Whitaker: orch.) (s.1 Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg / s.2 Serge Gainsbourg) (Serge Gainsbourg: composer) (Distr. London) [lil back noise] 35 POSC0539

Alain Bashung Roman-Photos / C'est la faute a Dylan [7] 1977 [1st Ed. Can.] Barclay 60403 [VG+/CC] (from Alain Bashung) 17 45rpm2857

Alain Bashung Gaby Oh Gaby / Ell' s' fait rougir toute seule [7] 1979 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 6010 155 [VG+/CC] (red lbl) (from Roulette Russe) (Mfd. & Distr. by Polygram) 15 45rpm1016

Alain Bashung Gaby Oh Gaby / Ell' s' fait rougir toute seule [7] 1979 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 6010 155 [VG+/CC] (red lbl) (wol) (from Roulette Russe) (Mfd. & Distr. by Polygram) 15 45rpm2858

Toni Basil Mickey / Hanging Around [7] 1981 [1st Ed. Can.] Radialchoice / Virgin VS 1148 [NM/CC] 6.66 45rpm0114

Lucio Battisti Ancora tu / Il Velioro [7] 1976 [1st Ed. Can.] RCA Victor PB-50270 [EX/CC] (tan lbl) (wol) (1976 Numero Uno) (s.2 Disco) 25 45rpm2926

The Beach Boys Surfer Girl / Surfin' Safari [7] 1982 [1st Ed. Can.] The Gold Collection / Quality GC 356X [VG+/CC] (The Gold Collection) (compil.) (stereo) (courtesy of Era Rec.) (re. in the 60's) 7.82 45rpm0564

The Beach Boys Shut Down / Surfin' U.S.A. [7] 197x [1st Ed. USA] Capitol Starline X-6094 [NM/CC] (1978?) (purple lbl) (stereo) (compil.) (march 1963) 6.66 45rpm0563

The Beatles She Loves You / I'll Get You [7] 1963 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 72125 (M) [VG-/CC] (swirl lbl) (mono) (sept. 63) (wol) 45rpm0237

The Beatles Roll Over Beethoven / Please Mister Postman [7] 1963 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 72133 (M) [G/CC] (swirl lbl) (mono) (dec. 63) (wol) 45rpm0238

The Beatles I Want to Hold Your Hand / I Saw Her Standing There [7] 1963 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 5112 (M) [VG-/CC] (swirl lbl) (dec. 63) (surface marks) (Play OK) (wol) 45rpm2137

The Beatles Twist and Shout / There's a Place [7] 1964 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 72146 (M) [VG-/CC] (swirl lbl) (mono) (march 64) 45rpm0239

The Beatles If I Fell / And I Love Her [7] 1964 [Reis. 1976 Can.] Capitol 5235 (M) [VG/CC] (orange lbl) (from the Film A Hard Day's Night) (Play VG+) (wol) 45rpm0716

The Beatles A Hard Day's Night / I Should HaveKnown Better [7] 1964 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 5222 (M) [VG-/CC] (swirl lbl) (july 13, 64) (wol) (from FilmA Hard Day's Night) 45rpm2138

The Beatles All My Loving / This Boy [7] 1964 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 72144 (M) [P/BS] (swirl lbl) (mono) (wol) (64) 45rpm2141

The Beatles Twist and Shout / There's a Place [7]
1964 [Reis. 197x Can.] Capitol 72146 (M) [VG+/CC] (purple lbl) (mono) (Capitol on top) (march 64) [Reis. 1978? Can.] (wol) 5.99 45rpm2639

The Beatles Help! (OST) / I'm Down [7] 1965 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 5476 [G/BS] (swirl lbl) (july 19, 65) (wol) (s.1 from Film Help!) (got the P/S from Reis. 197?) 45rpm0244

The Beatles We Can Work it Out / Day Tripper [7] 1965 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 5555 [VG/CC] (swirl lbl) (dec. 6, 65) (s.2 VG-) [lil back noise] 45rpm0651

The Beatles Ticket to Ride / Yes it is [7] 1965 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 5407 (M) [G/CC] (swirl lbl) (april 19, 65) (wol) (from UA Eight Arms to Hold You) 45rpm2139

The Beatles All You Need is Love / Baby, You're a Rich Man [7] 1967 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 5964 [G/BS] (swirl lbl) (july 07, 67) 45rpm0247

The Beatles Lady Madonna / The Inner Light [7] 1968 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 2138 (M) [P/BS] (swirl lbl) (mono) (march 18, 68) (s.1 scratched) 45rpm0248

The Beatles Get Back / Don't Let Me Down [7] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] Apple 2490 [G/CC] (mfd. by apple on lbl) (may 05, 69) (w. Billy Preston) (wol) (The Beatles on Apple sl) 45rpm0250

The Beatles Let it Be / You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Apple 2764 [VG-/BS] (mfd. by apple on lbl) (march 11, 70) (s.2 VG) 45rpm0251

The Beatles The Long and Winding Road / For You Blue [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Apple 2832 [G/BS] (mfd. by apple on lbl) (may 11, 70) (surface marks) 45rpm0252

The Beatles Eight Days a Week / I Don't Want to Spoil the Party [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 5371 (M) [G/BS] (196?) (swirl lbl) (mono) (surface marks) [some back noise] [no skip] 45rpm0001

The Beatles Ain't She Sweet / Nobody's Child [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Atco ATCO. 6308 (M) [G/BS] (196?) (black lbl) (mono) [back noise] (Play OK) (s.2 w. Tony Sheridan) (vocal by John Lennon on right) (Ed. Can. or US) (s.1 VG-, s.2 G) 45rpm1490

Les Bel Canto Je t'aime Hum Hum / C'est toi [7] 1966 [1st Ed. Can.] Télédisc TD 29 (M) [VG+/CC] (1966?) (wh-gold lbl) (mono) 8.69 45rpm2274

André Benichou Adagio / Suite romantique [7] 1981 [1st Ed. Can.] Pro-Culture PPC-2013 [EX/BS] (1982?) [dh] (from Adagissimo) 7.82 45rpm2930

Plastic Bertrand Ca Plane pour moi / Pogo Pogo [7] 1977 [1st Ed. France] Vogue 45. X 140.316 [NM/VG+] [P/S] (Punk!) 22 POSC0019

Plastic Bertrand Jacques Cousteau / Paradis [7] 1981 [1st Ed. Can.] Attic ATF-515 [EX/VG+] [P/S] (from Plastic!) (New Wave) (s.2 VG+) 8.69 45rpm0052

Jocelyn Bérubé Caribou / Monotonie (Pour les jours gris) [7] 1976 [1st Ed. Can.] Solo SO-11406 [VG+/CC] (s.2 lil back noise) (Pierre Flynn: Prod.) (w. Paul Baillargeon) (Instr.) (Folk Rock) 7.82 45rpm2932

Bimbo Jet El Bimbo (Version I) / El Bimbo (Version II) [7] 1974 [1st Ed. Can.]
Pathé 77.955 [VG+/CC] (stereo) (Claude Morgan) 9.99 45rpm1465

Ronnie Bird Ou va-t-elle / Je voudrais dire [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] London FC. 724 (M) [VG+/BS] (1965?) (blue lbl) (mono) [tw] (EX) 8/10 40 POSC0288

Ronnie Bird Pour toi / Je ne mens pas [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] London FC. 694 (M) [VG+/CC] (1965?) (blue lbl) (mono) (slow) (EX) 33 POSC0287

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg / Jane Birkin Je t'aime...moi non plus / Jane B. [7] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] Fontana 260.196 [VG+/CC] (aqua lbl) (stereo) [lil back noise] (s.2 VG) [Split] (Je t'aime moi non plus) (Arthur Greenslade: arr.) (s.1 Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg / s.2 Jane Birkin) 45rpm0701

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg / Jane Birkin Je t'aime...moi non plus / Jane B. [7] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] Fontana 260.196 [VG/CC] (red lbl) (stereo) [Promo] (star on s.1) [lil back noise] (Play well) [Split] (Je t'aime moi non plus) (Arthur Greenslade: arr.) (s.1 Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg / s.2 Jane Birkin) (Distr. London) 25 45rpm1218

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg / Jane Birkin Je t'aime...moi non plus / Jane B. [7] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] Fontana 260.196 [EX/CC] (red lbl) (stereo) [Promo] (star on s.1) [Split] (Je t'aime moi non plus) (Arthur Greenslade: arr.) (s.1 Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg / s.2 Jane Birkin) (Distr. London) 50 45rpm2755

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg / Jane Birkin La decadanse / Les Langues de chat [7] 1971 [1st Ed. Can.] Fontana 260.196 [VG+/BS] (red lbl) (stereo) [Split] (Jean-Claude Vannier: orch.) (s.1 Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg / s.2 Jane Birkin) (Serge Gainsbourg: composer) (Distr. London) 27 POSC0540

Joe Bisso Disco Amour / Disco Amour [7] 1976 [1st Ed. USA] Editions Makossa EM2728 [VG+/BS] (Funk World Disco) (s.2 instr.) 8/10 20 45rpm2233

Leopold Bissonnette Coiffeur pour dames / Depuis si longtemps que j'en rêve [7] 1974 [1st Ed. Can.] Eden DN 18 [EX/CC] [Promo] (wol) (Div. of Able Rec.) (Claude Rogen: orch.) (Mfd. by London) 15 45rpm2933

Blanc-Bleu Marie Madeleine / Redonne moi le la [7] 1973 [1st Ed. Can.] Barclay 60249 [EX/CC] (earth lbl) (wol) (Roland Vincent: orch.) 17 45rpm2934

Blind Melon No Rain / Tones of Home [7] 1992 [1st Ed. USA] Capitol / Cema Special Markets S7-17590 [VG+/CC] [Vinyl Gold] (for Jukeboxes Only) [Promo?] (purple lbl) 7.82 45rpm1726

Blondie Dreaming / Living in the Real World [7] 1979 [1st Ed. Can.] Chrysalis CHS 2379 [VG+/CC] (from Eat to the Beat) 3.99 45rpm0299

Blondie Heart of Glass / 11:59 -Clear Vinyl- [7] 1979 [1st Ed. Can.] Chrysalis CHS 2295 [VG+/CC] [Vinyl Clear] (from Parallel Lines) (s.2 VG) (Mfd. & Distr. by Capitol) 5.99 45rpm2339

Guy Bocard Dans le p'tit chemin du nord / Tu fais plus rire les filles [7] 1982 [1st Ed. Can.] Trafic TF-1982-1 [NM/BS] (1982?) [dh] 9.99 45rpm2935

Bon Jovi Wanted Dead or Alive (Live Version) -Soundsheets- [7] 1987 [1st Ed. France] Phonogram not ind. [VG+/NS] [Soundsheets] [Promo?] 45rpm1087

Guy Bonnet La Mer et le vent / Avant de trouver [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 370.674 (M) [VG+/CC] (1968?) (aqua lbl) (mono) (Serie Succès) (Alain Goraguer: orch.) [lil back noise] 13 45rpm2936

Boule Noire Loin loin de la ville / Miss Laney [7] 1976 [1st Ed. Can.] Magique M-3802 [VG+/BS] [dh] (blue star lbl) (s.2 VG) (as Miss Lanny on lbl) (Mfd. by Parapluie) 8.69 45rpm2737

Boule Noire Aimer d'amour / Aimer d'amour (instr.) [7] 1978 [1st Ed. Can.] Plastic Poison MRC 5006 [VG+/BS] (writer: Leo Sayer / Albert Hammond) (Div. of Montreco) 11 45rpm2739

Boule Noire Touch Me / Vous [7] 1983 [1st Ed. Can.] Zion Yant ZY-005 [VG+/BS] 9.99 45rpm0084

Bourvil Salade de fruits - Les Rois fainéants / On a vécu pour ca [7:EP] 196x [1st Ed. France] Pathé 45 EG 488 [VG-/CC] (196?) (3 tr.) [EP] (orange lbl) (mono?) (wol) [back noise] (Play OK) (s.2 Bourvil et Pierrette Bruno) 45rpm1052

Bourvil Ca (Je t'aime moi non plus) / Pauvre Lola [7] 197x [1st Ed. Can.] Pathé S 77.883 [VG/CC] (197?) (blue target lbl) (stereo) (w. Jacqueline Maillan) [lil back noise] (Play well) (Serge Gainsbourg cover) 45rpm1085

Gerry Bribosia Dracula Disco / Dracula Disco [7] 1977 [1st Ed. Can.] Polydor 2065 352 [VG+/CC] (Vocal / Instr.) (in English) 14 45rpm1919

James Brown Sex Machine / My Thang [7] 1974 [1st Ed. USA] Polydor PDG 110 [EX/CC] (custom lbl) (2066 946) (Band of Gold Series) 7.82 45rpm2862

James Brown / Vince Di Cola Living in America / Farewell [7] 1985 [1st Ed. Can.] Scotti Brothers ZS4-05682 [EX/EX] [P/S] (from Film Rocky IV) (Dan Hartman: Prod.) 6.66 45rpm1673

Michel Buhler La Garrigue / La Plage [7] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] Select SS-7152 [VG+/CC] (1970?) (red lbl) (stereo) (Claude Germain: orch.) (Lic.: Festival) 14 45rpm1968

Buzy Body Physical / JE: I Remember [7] 1986 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips PH 120 [NM/CC] (Electro Pop) 30 45rpm0677

The Cads Do the Crabwalk -4 tr.- [7:EP] 1978 [1st Ed. Can.] BI-R BI-R 001 [NM/VG+] (4 tr.) [EP] [P/S] (mono) (45rpm) (O. Burgess) (Garage Rock) (from Toronto) 19 POSC0291

Jean-Paul Cara Les Mains pleines d'amour / Ah! Quelle vie on vit [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Select SS-7168 [VG+/CC] (1970?) (red lbl) (stereo) (Leo Clarens: orch.) (Lic. Sapem) (Psych.) 12 45rpm1969

Anita Carasco J'ai essayé de t'oublier / Oh! Dieu que je t'aime [7] 1975 [1st Ed. Can.] Barclay 60345 [VG+/CC] (earth lbl) (stereo) (EX) 15 45rpm2939

César et les Romains / Les Chanceliers L'enfant au tambour / Noel Blanc [7] 1967 [1st Ed. Can.] Citation CN-9030 (M) [VG/BS] (1967?) (mono) [Split] [lil back noise] (César et les Romains / Les Chanceliers) 45rpm2612

Pierre Charby Ainsi commence l'aventure / Avec toi [7] 1977 [1st Ed. Can.] Trafic TF-1980 [EX/BS] [Promo] (yel lbl) 20 45rpm2941

Charles De Goal Technicolor / Quatre murs gris [7] 1984 [1st Ed. France] New Rose NEW 50 [VG+/VG+] [P/S] (Electro Pop) 14 45rpm1513

Les Charlots L'Apérobic / Réflexions Napoléonniennes sur un objet usuel de la vie en exil [7] 1983 [1st Ed. Can.] Amplitude AMP-55002 [EX/BS] [dh] (Lic. Barclay) (La Table) 9.99 45rpm2757

Chicago 25 or 6 to 4 / Where Do We Go from Here [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Columbia 4-45194 [EX/CC] (orange lbl) (s.2 VG+) (from Chicago) 11 45rpm0557

Chicago I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love / I Stand Up [7] 1988 [Reis. 197x Can.] Reprise 92 78557 [M/CC] [Promo] (sm hole) (from Chicago 19) 7.82 45rpm0559

Chorale des petits enfants de Choisy Jesus / Dis-nou ou tu es [7] 1972 [1st Ed. Can.] London LF. 1008 [VG+/CC] (pink lbl) (wol) (s.2 Show Me the Way) (Paul Baile: dir.) [lil back noise] (Pop Rock arrang.) 16 45rpm2944

Petula Clark O Sheriff / Maintenant tu peux partir [7] 1964 [1st Ed. Can.] Vogue V-4164 (M) [VG/CC] (1964?) (s.1 Serge Gainsbourg) [lil back noise] (O Sheriff O) (Pop Rock) 20 45rpm0756

Noel Cognac Je t'aime, I Love You / La Fille que j'attends [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Select SS-7166 [VG+/CC] (1970?) (red lbl) (stereo) (Jean Musy: orch.) (Lic. LEM) 18 45rpm1970

Corinne Colbert La Poupée / Ou es-tu? [7] 1977 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 6042.264 [EX/CC] (red lbl) (stereo) [Promo] (Roland Vincent: dir.) (Distr. London) 16 45rpm2946

Le College Orchestral Les Bibles de l'enfer / Isabelle [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Barclay B-60122 [VG+/CC] (1970?) (earth lbl) (Pop Rock) (EX) 20 45rpm2948

Michel Conte Magoshan / Magoshan (Instr.) [7] 1978 [1st Ed. Can.] London LF-1095 [EX/CC] [Promo] (sun lbl) (Michel Conte et Compagnie) (Disco) 6.66 45rpm2741

Charlelie Couture Solo Girl / Solo Boy [7] 1989 [1st Ed. France] Columbia / EMI 1 73694 7 [M/NM] [P/S] (glossy cvr) (Live) (from 3 Folies - Live) (1736947 on lbl) (PM 102) 9.99 45rpm1456

The Crickets Maybe Baby / Tell Me How [7] 195x [1st Ed. Can.] Brunswick 9-B-55053 (M) [VG-/BS] (195?) (purple lbl) (mono) (Buddy Holly !!!) (Play well) [lil back noise] 45rpm1198

Mary Cristy Des mots sur le sable / Au rythme de mon coeur [7] 1976 [1st Ed. Can.] Deram DF.614 [VG+/CC] [Promo] (Promo sticker on lbl) (P 1976 Polydor France) 12 45rpm2951

Cult Hero I Dig You / I'm a Cult Hero [7] 1979 [1st Ed. Can.] Modulation MN-45000 [VG+/CC] [1980 Can.] (Chris Parry: Prod.) (Lic. Fiction) (Punk - New Wave minimalist) 50 45rpm1111

Cult Hero I'm a Cult Hero / I Dig You [7] 1979 [1st Ed. UK] Fiction FICS 006 [VG+/VG-] [P/S] (sm hole) [lil back noise at start] (2 small spots of dry coffee on front right white parts) (Chris Parry: Prod.) (Punk - New Wave minimalist) 50 45rpm2524

Cunts Live Chemicals in the Mail / Why Do You Live on My Block [7] 1978 [1st Ed. USA] Disturbing Records DR-111578 [NM/NM] [P/S] (orange lbl) (Mike Pocius) (Cunts Live) (as The C*nts on lbl) (mint) 55 POSC0456

Chris Cutler / Fred Frith Limoges I / Limoges II [7] 1979 [1st Ed. UK] Ré Ré;Duo [EX/NM] [P/S] [gf] (sm hole) (custom lbl) (Chris Cutler, Fred Frith) (s.1 P 1973 Ré, s.2 © 1979 Arcades) (as Ré;duo) (Avant Garde) (NM) 35 POSC0546

Danny and The Juniors At the Hop / Rock and Roll is Here to Stay [7] 195x [Reis. 1973 USA] Roulette GG-121 [M/BS] (Golden Goodies Hits Series) [Reis. 1973 USA] (195?) 45rpm0578

Jean-Claude Darnal Une fille dans chaque verre / Ecoute mon enfant [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Select SS-7163 [VG+/CC] (1970?) (red lbl) (stereo) (J.D. Mercier: orch.) (Lic.: Deesse) (Folkie) 15 45rpm1974

Karine Day Ce soir mon amour / Ca ne fait rien [7] 1976 [1st Ed. Can.] Deram DF. 618 [EX/CC] [Promo] (Promo sticker on lbl) (wol) (Jean Claudric) 12 45rpm2956

Joel Dayde Les Matins de pluie / J'ai le temps de penser à toi [7] 1976 [1st Ed. Can.] Barclay 60373 [VG+/CC] 13 45rpm2957

Joey Dee and The Starliters Peppermint Twist - Part I / Peppermint Twist - Part II [7] 195x [Reis. 197x USA] Roulette GG-28 [M/BS] [Reis. 197? USA] (Golden Goodies Hits Series) 15 45rpm0593

Jacques-Emile Deschamps L'Habitude / Dans son habit du dimanche [7] 1974 [1st Ed. Can.] Voguw VO 500 [EX/CC] (wol) (Distr. London) (NM) 13 45rpm2962

Noel Deschamps Liverpool / La fille et le fou [7] 1977 [1st Ed. Can.] Mécano M-24101 [VG+/BS] (1977?) 9.99 45rpm2964

Johanne Desforges (Si je ne peux t'aimer) A quoi bon exister / (Si je ne peux t'aimer) A quoi bon exister (Instr.) [7] 1980 [1st Ed. Can.] Bobinason LB 638 [VG+/BS] (1980?) (s.2 Instr.) 7.82 45rpm2965

Jacques Desrosiers Je suis soldat / Il y'a des bibites [7] 1966 [1st Ed. Can.] Teledisc TD-10 (M) [VG+/BS] (blue lbl) (mono) (Distr. TC) 7.82 45rpm0071

The Diamonds Shoo Ya Blues / My Dog Likes Your Dog [7:EP] 195x [1st Ed. USA] Mercury EP-1 3356 (M) [NM/VG+] (1959?) (4 tr.) [P/S] (wobc) (black lbl) (You Are the Limit / Oh, How I Wish) (Doo Wop) (mono) 14 45rpm1478

Romain Didier On vit tous en quarantaine / Comme un premier amour [7] 197x [1st Ed. Can.] Pro-Culture PPC-2019 [EX/BS] (197?) [dh] 14 45rpm2966

Dimitri On s'en va toujours un peu trop tot / Solitary Man [7] 1978 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 6172.772 [VG+/CC] [Promo] (tol) (red lbl) (Distr. London) 15 45rpm2967

Céline Dion Ce n'était qu'un reve / Ce n'était qu'un reve (instr.) [7] 1981 [1st Ed. Can.] Showbizz C-334 [VG/CC] (1st 45rpm) (s.2 Instr.) [lil back noise] 45rpm2576

Céline Dion L'amour viendra / La Voix du bon Dieu [7] 1982 [1st Ed. Can.] Super Etoiles C-381 [VG-/CC] (black lbl) (s.1 back noise, s.2 VG) (s.2 Celine et la Famille Dion) 45rpm1481

Céline Dion Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi / Écoutez-moi [7] 1982 [1st Ed. Can.] Saisons SNS 6518 [VG/CC] (black lbl) (from Tellement j'ai d'amour) (s.2 lil back noise at start) 45rpm1482

Céline Dion D'amour ou d'amitié / Le Vieux Monsieur de la rue Royale [7] 1982 [1st Ed. Can.] Saisons SNS-6524 [VG/CC] (black lbl) (from Tellement j'ai d'amour) [lil back noise] (s.2 VG-) 45rpm2578

Céline Dion Une Colombe / Une Colombe (instr.) [7] 1984 [1st Ed. Can.] Triangle TR-201 [VG+/BS] (light blue lbl) [lil back noise at start] 45rpm0925

Céline Dion Comme un coeur froid / Ma chambre [7] 1987 [1st Ed. Can.] CBS C5 3028 [VG+/CC] (s.2 Jean-Pierre Ferland) 35 45rpm0678

Céline Dion On traverse un miroir / Ma chambre [7] 1987 [1st Ed. Can.] CBS C5-3000 [VG/CC] (s.1 from Incognito) [lil back noise] (s.2 Jean-Pierre Ferland) 45rpm0679

Dionne & Bregent ...Et le troisième jour -One-Sided- [7] 1976 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol SP-2 [M/NM] [P/S] [One-Sided] [Promo] (1 tr.) 45 45rpm1008

Walt Disney - Bambi EP Bambi EP (Disney) [7:EP] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] Disneyland 30922 (M) [VG+/NM] (1969?) [P/S] [gf] (green lbl) (mono) (w. book) (Story) [7inch] (33rpm) (mini-lp) (in French) (c 1966 Walt Disney) (Claude Nicot, Anna Gaynor: raconte) (avec les chansons du film) 9.99 45rpm2777

Walt Disney - Blanche-Neige et les sept nains EP Blanche-Neige et les sept nains EP (Disney) [7:EP] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] Disneyland 31022 (M) [VG+/EX] [P/S] [gf] (yel lbl) (mono) (w. book) (Story) [7inch] (33rpm) [mini-lp] (in French) (c 1966 Walt Disney, c 1969 Wonderland) (Claude Nicot, Anna Gaynor: raconte) (avec les chansons du film) 11 45rpm2778

Walt Disney - Cendrillon EP Cendrillon EP (Disney) [7:EP] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] Disneyland 30822 (M) [VG+/NM] (1969?) [P/S] [gf] (yel lbl) (mono) (w. book) (Story) [7inch] (33rpm) (mini-lp) (in French) (c 1959 Walt Disney) (Claude Nicot, Anna Gaynor: raconte) (avec les chansons du film) 9.99 45rpm2776

Walt Disney - La Symphonie Pastorale EP La Symphonie Pastorale EP - Fantasia (Disney) [7:EP] 197x [1st Ed. Can.] Disneyland 37822 (M) [EX/VG+] (1974?) [P/S] [gf] (yel lbl) (mono) (w. book) (Story) [7inch] (33rpm) (mini-lp) (in French) (c 197x Walt Disney) (Denis Manuel: raconte) (avec chanson) (tire du film Fantasia) (Beethoven: music) (Leopold Stokowski - Phil. Orch.) 20 45rpm2783

Dissidenten Telephone Arab / Gnaoui [7] 1987 [1st Ed. Germany] Exil EXIL 5511 [NM/VG+] [P/S] (sm hole) (from Life at The Pyramids) 12 45rpm1479

Dixieband Bourbon Street Parade / Royal Garden Blues [7] 1981 [1st Ed. Can.] La Bande a Dixie D-0001 [VG+/BS] (orange lbl) (indie) 45rpm1720

DNA Do the Shopping / Zoo Tango [7] 1981 [1st Ed. France] DNA Records DNA1 [NM/NM] [P/S] (sm hole) (LP made in France) 33 POSC0296

Donadieu Jane / Le Musicien [7] 1974 [1st Ed. Can.] London LF. 1053 [EX/CC] (pink lbl) 33 45rpm2969

Georges Dor Bouclier / Pour la musique [7] 1972 [1st Ed. Can.] Sillon DS.103 [VG-/CC] (gold lbl) (stereo) (w. La Bande Sonore) [some back noise] (Rock) (Psyche.) 15 45rpm1721

Douce Violence Raconte pas ta vie / Raconte pas ta vie [7] 197x [1st Ed. Can.] Centsons CT-1204 [NM/BS] (197?) [Promo] (wol) (pink lbl) (same tr. both sides) (3:10) (Mfd. & Distr. by Jouflu) (Pop Reggae) 35 45rpm2971

Claude Dubois Le Grand monde / Laisse [7] 1968 [1st Ed. Can.] Columbia C4-7015 (M) [EX/CC] (purple lbl) (mono) [dh] (Yves Laferrière, Red Mitchell: orch.) (NM) 9.99 45rpm2752

Claude Dubois Le Grand monde / Laisse [7] 1968 [1st Ed. Can.] Columbia C4-7015 (M) [EX/CC] (purple lbl) (mono) [dh] (Yves Laferrière, Red Mitchell: orch.) (NM) 9.99 45rpm2753

Claude Dubois Hibou / L'infidele [7] 1974 [1st Ed. Can.] Barclay 60306 [EX/CC] (earth lbl) (Jean-Yves Labat: Prod.) (s.1 mint / s.2 VG+) 20 45rpm1209

Claude Dubois Chasse galerie / Le Blues du Businessman [7] 1978 [1st Ed. Can.] Pingouin PNX.4 [VG+/BS] (s.1 from LP Fable d'espace & s.2 from LP Starmania) 13 45rpm1211

Diane Dufresne Un Jour il viendra mon amour (OST) / Un Jour il viendra mon amour (instr.) (OST) [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Initiation INT 500 [G/VG+] [P/S] (alt. lbl: Dist. in Canada on side 1 & 2) (du Film L'Initiation) (Francois Dompierre) (Really scarce, rather for the Pics sleeve) [back noise] 45rpm0990

Diane Dufresne Partir pour Acapulco / Les hauts et les bas d'une hotesse de l'air [7] 1975 [1st Ed. Can.] Kébec-Disc KD.10107 [VG+/BS] (blue lbl) (sm hole) [dh] 7.82 45rpm0119

Annie Duparc Le Chouchou de mon coeur / Je pense a toi [7] 197x [1st Ed. Can.] Select SS-7153 [VG+/CC] (1970?) (red lbl) (stereo) (J.M. Troisfontaine: orch.) (Lic.: Hebra, Belgique) 12 45rpm2269

Jacques Dutronc Gentleman cambrioleur / Gentleman cambrioleur (instr.) [7] 1973 [1st Ed. Can.] Vogue V 3030 [VG/CC] [lil back noise] (OST) (Arsene Lupin TV Theme) (s.2 instr.) 45rpm0815

Sheila E. The Glamourous Life / The Glamourous Life II [7] 1984 [1st Ed. Can.] Warner Bros. 92-92857 [VG+/CC] (Sheila E.) (s.2 instr.) (The Starr Company) 6.66 45rpm2090

El Pasador Amada Mia, Amore Mio / Sin Sabe [7] 1977 [1st Ed. Can.] Deram DF-640 [EX/CC] [Promo] (P 1977 Baby Rec.) 7.82 45rpm2975

Emilhenco Les Épines d'une rose / Je veux vivre ma vie [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Select SS-7132 [VG+/CC] (1970?) (red lbl) (stereo) (Oswald D'andrea: orch.) (Lic. EMC) (NM) 22 45rpm1975

Emilhenco Je suis comme eux / J'apprends le solfège [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Select SS-7172 [VG+/CC] (1970?) (red lbl) (stereo) (Emilhenco: orch.) (Lic. EMC) 22 45rpm1976

Emily Take Me (I'm a Woman) / Emily [7] 197x [1st Ed. Can.] Nadia N-3905 [EX/BS] (1977?) (D. Goldschmidt: Prod.) (In English) (NM) 12 45rpm2976

Les Enfants de Dieu Passionnement au present / Welcome [7] 1975 [1st Ed. Can.] Deram DF. 591 [EX/CC] [Promo] (wol) (P 1975 Jacques Monty) (Mfd. by. London) 15 45rpm2977

Leny Escudero La Simone / Les Gens heureux [7] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] AZ AZ 4448 [VG+/CC] (1969?) (green lbl) (stereo?) (Christian Gaubert, Karl Heinz Schafer: orch.) 13 45rpm1977

Europe The Final Countdown / On Broken Wings [7] 1986 [1st Ed. Can.] Epic 34 06416 [VG+/CC] (s.1 from The Final Countdown, s.2 Unreleased) (s. 2 Heavy Metal) 9.99 45rpm2066

Jean-Pierre Ferland Stade 2 -6 tr.- [7:EP] 1966 [1st Ed. Can.] Select Mini-Micro SMM-733.010 [VG+/VG+] (6 tr.) [EP] [P/S] (light blue lbl) (stereo) (textured cvr) (33rpm) [lil back noise on some passages] 34 45rpm2527

Jean-Pierre Ferland Le Chemin du Roy / Le Chemin du Roy [7] 1967 [1st Ed. Can.] Riviera R-500 (M) [VG+/BS] (aqua lbl) (mono) (Franck Dervieux: arr.) (pour la visite du General De Gaulle) 27 45rpm2067

Filipinki Wala-Twist -4 tr.- [7:EP] 196x [1st Ed. Poland] Muza N 0298 (M) [EX/VG+] (196?) (4 tr.) [EP] [P/S] (red lbl) (mono) 27 45rpm2501

Filipinki Filipinki - To My -4 tr.- [7:EP] 196x [1st Ed. Poland] Muza N 0299 (M) [VG+/VG+] (196?) (4 tr.) [EP] [P/S] (red lbl) (mono) (We Are Filipinki) 27 45rpm2502

Final Offspring Conquest of Mundhora / Message [7] 1978 [1st Ed. Can.] Carrere CA-11313 [VG+/CC] (pink lbl) (L. Ojival) (Distr. Solo) (Euro Disco, Electronic) 11 45rpm2877

Brett Fonda Faut-il que je t'aime / La Siesta [7] 1977 [1st Ed. Can.] Able AB-856 [EX/CC] [Promo] (wol) (orange lbl) (Distr. London) 17 45rpm2983

Claude Francois Le Téléphone pleure / Heureusement tu pense a moi [7] 197x [1st Ed. Can.] Nobel NL. 2000 [VG+/CC] (1973?) (pink lbl) [dh] (J.C. Petit: orch.) 15 45rpm2118

Aldo Frank Eurydice...mon amour / Soleil noir [7] 1977 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 6172.022 [EX/CC] [Promo] (tol) (red lbl) (Distr. London) 12 45rpm2985

Ace Frehley New York Groove / Snow Blind [7] 1978 [1st Ed. Can.] Casablanca NB 941 [EX/CC] (from Ace Frehley - KISS) 18 45rpm0929

Les Frères Brosse Disco Bouik / Disco Bouik [7] 1980 [1st Ed. Can.] Bobinason LB 631 [VG+/BS] (1980?) (3:30 both sides) 5.99 45rpm2878

Jean Gabin Maintenant je sais / Maitre corbeau et Juliette Renard [7] 1974 [1st Ed. Can.] Able AB 763 [EX/CC] (AB 763 on right) (s.2 w. Colette Renard probably) 20 45rpm1718

Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer / Don't Break This Rhythm [7] 1986 [1st Ed. Can.] Geffen 92 87187 [NM/CC] (s.1 from So) (s.2 Unreleased) 7.82 45rpm0088

Serge Gainsbourg L'eau a la bouche (OST) (Serge Gainbourg) [7:EP] 1964 [1st Ed. France] Philips 432.492 BE (M) [VG/VG+] (4 tr.) [P/S] [EP] (green lbl) (mono) (glossy cvr) (wobc) [lil back noise] (Serge Gainsbourg: music, Alain Goraguer: orch.) (Jacques Doniol-Valcroze Film) (Jazz) (Super EP) 45rpm1480

Serge Gainsbourg Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais / Vu de l'exterieur [7] 1973 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 6009-459 [VG/BS] (light red lbl) (from 6499-731) (s.1 EX / s.2 VG) 15 POSC0297

Serge Gainsbourg L'ami Caouette / Le Cadavre exquis [7] 1975 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 6009.678 [VG-/CC] (red lbl) [tw] [lil back noise] (Jean-Pierre Sabar: orch.) 45rpm2165

France Gall Poupée de cire poupée de son / Le coeur qui Jazze [7] 1965 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips B 373.524 F (M) [VG+/BS] (1965?) (aqua lbl) (mono) (Serie Succès) (Alain Goraguer: arr.) (s.1 Serge Gainsbourg: composer) (s.1 Grand Prix Eurovision 1965) (Distr. London) [lil back noise] 20 POSC0541

France Gall Attends ou va t'en / Et des baisers [7] 1967 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 370.484 (M) [VG-/BS] (1967?) (aqua lbl) (mono) [tw] (Serie Succès) (Alain Goraguer: orch) (s.1 Serge Gainsbourg composer) (lil surface marks) [lil back noise] 45rpm1949

France Gall Les Elephants / Shakespeare et pire encore [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] La Compagnie S 120 [VG-/BS] [lil back noise] (Play well) (S.120) (Jean-Claude Petit: orch.) 45rpm1220

France Gall Ella, Elle l'a / Dancing Brave [7] 1987 [1st Ed. Can.] WEA 24 82877 [NM/CC] (Michel Berger) (P 1987 Apache) 7.82 45rpm2656

France Gall Bébé requin / Chanson pour que tu m'aimes un peu [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 370.584 (M) [P/BS] (1967?) (aqua lbl) (mono) (Serie Succès) [back noise all along] [no skip] 45rpm1891

France Gall Baby Pop / Cet air-la [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 373.756 (M) [VG+/BS] (1966?) (aqua lbl) (mono) (Serie Succès) (Alain Goraguer: arr.) (s.1 Serge Gainsbourg: composer) (Distr. London) 24 POSC0543

France Gall L'Amérique / Nous ne sommes pas des anges [7] 196x [1st Ed. Can.] Philips B 373.558 (M) [VG+/BS] (1966?) (aqua lbl) (mono) (Serie Succès) (Alain Goraguer: arr.) (s.2 Serge Gainsbourg: composer) (Distr. London) 45 POSC0542

Patsy Gallant I Don't Know Why / Thank You Come Again [7] 1973 [1st Ed. Can.] Columbia C4-3092 [EX/CC] (orange lbl) (Yves Lapierre: Prod.) 9.99 45rpm2544

Patsy Gallant Raconte / Parapluie [7] 1974 [1st Ed. Can.] Columbia C4-4050 [VG+/CC] (red lbl) (Rock On cover: David Essex) (Yves Lapierre: Prod. / Bob Gallo: Prod.) 45rpm1683

Marc Gélinas La Ronde / A Baie jolie [7] 1967 [1st Ed. Can.] Jupiter JP-1097 (M) [VG+/CC] (black lbl) (mono) (Expo 67 La Ronde Theme) (JP. 1097) (Distr. TC) 11 45rpm0529

Marc Gélinas La Ronde / A Baie jolie [7] 1967 [1st Ed. Can.] Jupiter JP-1097 (M) [VG+/VG+] [P/S] (black lbl) (mono) (Expo 67 La Ronde Theme) 15 45rpm2275

Genesis Man on the Corner / Submarine (Instr.) [7] 1982 [1st Ed. Can.] Atlantic KAT 4025 [EX/CC] (black-red lbl) (s.1 from Abacab 1981, s.2 Unreleased 1982) 6.66 45rpm0022

Genesis Man on the Corner / Submarine (Instr.) -White Label- [7] 1982 [1st Ed. Can.] Atlantic KAT 4025 [VG+/CC] [Promo] (White Label Promo) (s.1 from Abacab 1981, s.2 Unreleased 1982) 9.99 45rpm2584

Genesis Throwing it All Away / Do the Neurotic [7] 1986 [1st Ed. Can.] Atlantic 78 93727 [NM/EX] [P/S] (black-red lbl) (s.1 from Invisible Touch, s.2 Unreleased) 5.99 45rpm2658

Michel Giliberti Il y a chez elle / Lovely Ham [7] 1976 [1st Ed. Can.] CBS CS 8147 [EX/CC] (wol) 12 45rpm2987

Annie Girardot Absence prolongée / Le Miroir [7] 1983 [1st Ed. Can.] Carrere CAR 1983 [M/BS] [Vinyl Red] (green lbl) (s.1 w. Dominique Briand) (Alain Goraguer: arr.) 20 45rpm0897

Gilda Giuliani Pari gi a Volte Coste Fa -2 tr.- [7] 1976 [1st Ed. Can.] Seven Seas NCS-882 [EX/BS] (yel lbl) (Yamaha Audio Canada) (4:36 both sides) (Lic. Ariston, Italy) 15 45rpm2988

Lesley Gore Judy's Turn to Cry / You Don't Own Me [7] 196x [Reis. 197x Can.] Mercury C-30125 [M/CC] (Celebrity Series) (Quincy Jones: Prod.) [Reis. 197? Can.] 8.69 45rpm0587

Grand Funk Railroad Some Kind of Wonderful / Wild [7] 1974 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol 4002 [VG+/CC] (wol) (from All the Girls in the World Beware) 6.66 45rpm0403

Patrice Guillot Je Reviens / Dites-moi [7] 1978 [1st Ed. Can.] Vogue VO-3017 [EX/CC] (white logo lbl) [Promo] (Distr. Solo) 16 45rpm2991

Guitar Player Soundpage #59 Statesboro Blues (Excerpt) (Allman Brothers Band) (Aug. 1989) [7] 1989 [1st Ed. USA] Guitar Player 59 [VG+/NS] [Audiosheets] [Soundsheets] (Aug. 1989) 3.99 45rpm1088

Guitar Player Soundpage #65 Cut to the Chase (Steve Morse) (June 1990) [7] 1990 [1st Ed. USA] Guitar Player 65 [VG+/NS] [Audiosheets] [Soundsheets] (June 1990) 5.99 45rpm1089

André Guitar La Grenouille / L'exposition des fruits et legumes [7] 197x [1st Ed. Can.] Ouesteurne GR-119 [VG+/BS] (1976?) [Vinyl Green] 15 45rpm1020

Bill Haley and His Comets (We've Gonna) Rock Around the Clock / Thirteen Women (And Only One Man in Town) [7] 1954 [Reis. 198x Can.] MCA MCA-60025 [M/CC] [Reis. 198? Can.] (Originally on Decca 29124 Oct. 5, 1954) 5.99 45rpm0589

Johnny Hallyday Noir c'est noir / La Génération perdue [7] 1967 [1st Ed. Can.] Philips 373.877 (M) [VG+/CC] (1967?) (aqua lbl) (mono) [tw] (Serie Succès) (w. Les Blackburds) (Black is Black cover) 40 45rpm1952

Johnny Hallyday Le Pénitencier / Que je t'aime [7] 197x [1st Ed. Can.] Philips TOP 45 [VG+/CC] (197?) (red lbl) (stereo) (lil surface marks) (s.1 1964 House of the Rising Sun / s.2 1969) 20 45rpm1786

Marc Hamilton Comme j'ai toujours envie d'aimer -4 tr.- [7:EP] 1971 [1st Ed. Can.] Maxi 4 / Trans-Canada M 428 [VG/CC] (4 tr.) [EP] (gold lbl) (stereo) [lil back noise] (Tapis Magique / Rosemary + J'irai un jour a Paris) 15 45rpm1086

Marc Hamilton Viens / J'ai fait le tour d'la Gaspésie [7] 1972 [1st Ed. Can.] Trans-Canada International TC 4109 [VG+/CC] (1972?) (stereo) (Ron Taddeo: orch.) (FD 727-160 / 161) (Pop Rock) 4.99 45rpm2992

Marc Hamilton Comme j'ai toujours envie d'aimer / Tapis magique [7] 197x [1st Ed. France] Carrere 6061.127 [VG+/VG+] (197?) [P/S] (Serie Parade) (M) (Biem) 37 45rpm1736

George Harrison What is Life / Apple Scruffs [7] 1971 [1st Ed. USA] Apple 1828 [P/BS] (from All Things Must Pass) (feb. 15, 71) 45rpm0009

George Harrison Bangla Desh / Deep Blue [7] 1971 [1st Ed. USA] Apple 1836 [G/BS] (mfd. by apple on lbl) (july 28, 71) 45rpm0253

George Harrison Give Me Love - Give Me Peace on Earth / Miss O'Dell [7] 1973 [1st Ed. Can.] Apple 1862 [VG+/CC] (s.1 from Living in the Material World s.2 Unreleased) 45rpm2259

Corey Hart Can't Help Falling in Love / Broken Arrow [7] 1986 [1st Ed. Can.] Aquarius / Capitol AQ6024 [NM/VG+] [P/S] (from Fields of Fire) [poster sl] 7.82 45rpm0777

Haters A Furthered Pause -2 tr.- [7] 1996 [1st Ed. USA] Robot Robot 08 [M/M] [P/S] [gf] (sm hole) (2inch / 3 inch) (Indus, Noise) 15 POSC0298

Helix Rock You / You Keep Me Rockin' [7] 1984 [1st Ed. Can.] Capitol B-72949 [NM/CC] 6.66 45rpm1236

Herman's Hermits Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter / I'm Henry the VII, I Am [7] 197x [1st Ed. USA] Abkco 4021 [NM/CC] (197?) (blue lbl) [Ed. 197? USA] (compil.) 6.66 45rpm1538

Jacques Higelin Follow the Line / Bras de fer [7] 1989 [1st Ed. France] EMI France 173686 7 [NM/EX] [P/S] (silver lbl) (Jacno: Prod.) (PM 102) 15 45rpm2756

The Hip Sound Far Out / Far Out (Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier) [7] 1968 [1st Ed. USA] Limelight DJL-3082 (M) [VG+/BS] [Promo] [white lbl] (Electronic from Messe pour le temps Present -2:19) [s.1 lil toc at start, s.2 VG+] 45rpm1032

Buddy Holly & The Crickets I'm Lookin' for Someone to Love / That'll Be the Day [7] 195x [Reis. 198x Can.] MCA MCA-60000 [M/CC] [Reis. 198? Can.] 7.82 45rpm0590

Hong Kong Works - Exhibition Grounds Phone Wembley 3731 -3 inch- [7] 194x [1st Ed. Japan] Voice not ind. [VG/BS] (194?) [3inch] (Phone Wembley 3731) (45 rpm) (made of steel) (from Recorded conversation machine) (played with a wood stylus) (Hong Kong Works, Exhibition Grounds) 15 45rpm1455

Mary Hopkin Goodbye / Sparrow [7] 1969 [1st Ed. Can.] Apple 1806 [VG-/BS] (green Apple on both sides) (stereo) (march 69) (s.1 Lennon-McCartney) (Prod.: McCartney) (mfd. by apple) [lil back noise] 45rpm0817

Mary Hopkin Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) / Fields of St. Etienne [7] 1970 [1st Ed. Can.] Apple 1823 [VG+/CC] [Apple sl] (Producer: Paul McCartney) (1970?) (s.2 lil back noise at begin) 12 45rpm0682

Les Hou-Lops T'ennuies-tu seul sans moi / Vendredi m'obsede [7] 1967 [1st Ed. Can.] Apex 13472 (M) [VG+/BS] (1967?) (purple lbl) (mono) (s.2 Friday on My Mind cover) 9.99 45rpm1954

The Human League Mirror Man / Gold -Picture Disc- [7] 1982 [1st Ed. UK] Virgin VSY 522 [VG+/BS] [Picture Disc] (sm hole) 13 POSC0022

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