All Records and CDs are Graded like VG+ / Near Mint or Mint.
i.e.: [VG+/NM] VG+= Record or CD Condition / NM= Sleeve Condition
ALL the records graded into [/] brackets have been graded the best as I can grade it. (Long process!)

- Always useful to Evaluate your Records Collection too. We need standard somewhere. I used these terms.
Johnny X - 2003

VG+ is the standard for a good condition record. See "LP Grading"

[VG/VG+] = Record Condition / Sleeve Condition in bracket
[No S] [NS]= No Sleeve (usually 12" and 7" will have this grade, they got white sleeve)
[BS] = Blank Sleeve or white sleeve (usually on 7")
[CC] = Cardboard Cover for CD or Company Cover for LP/12"
[SS] = Still Sealed
(cc) = cut corner
[dh] = drill hole
[sm] = saw mark
[1st Ed.] = Record Issue Edition **Usually all record are 1st Edition Canadian
[1st Ed. Can.] = 1st Canada Edition. 1st Canadian release.
[1st Ed.] = 1st Edition
[Reis.] = Reissue + Year - i.e.: [Reis. 1975]
(woc) = written on cover (front)
(wobc) = written on back cover
(wol) = written on label
(toc) = tape on cover
(tol) = tape on label
(coe) = cut on edge (sleeve)
[tw] [ts]= tape wear or tape seam
[gf]= gatefold sleeve

[sl] = sleeve
[sw] = shrinkwrap (Still with it's Shrink...**but don't be impressed it's NOT a Plus Value. I removed most of them on my personal collection because it makes the LPs curve after years...)

[ins] = insert of any kind (lyrics sheet, photo, credits sheet, drawing, etc.)
[lyrics ins]
[lyrics in sl]
[credits ins]
[credits in sl]
[lbl ins]
[lbl in sl]
[poster ins]
[ps in sl]
(w. book) = with booklet, book, leaflet

[Demo] = demonstration, independent release
indie = independent label
[Promo] = Promotional copy, DJ Copy, Radio copy, Sampler copy
[Advance LP / Advance CD] = Promo release before the official release
[White lbl Promo] = DJ and Radio Promo, sampler with a White label.
[Bootleg] = Unofficial Release, Pirate
(OST) = Original Soundtrack
(compil.) = compilation (Greatest Hits or B-Sides/Unreleased tracks or Reis. of 2-3 albums on a same release)
[lbl] = label
[P/S] = Picture sleeve (used for 12" or 7")
[Box Set] = Boxed Set LP or CD
[Lim. Ed.] = Limited Edition (i.e.: 1,000 copies)
[die-cut] = sleeve
(textured cvr) = cover textured usually in 60's edition

(M) = Mono
(S) = Stereo
(E) or (e)= Electronically Reprocessed Stereo
(R) = Reprocessed Stereo
(D) = Duophonic
[Quad] = Quadraphonic
[digit] = digital recording


] = Compact Disc
] = Long Player / 12" / Record / Album / Vinyl / LP
[12"] = Extended Play / EP / mini-lp - Record
[10"] = Record / mini disc / 10"
[7"] = 45rpm / 7" / Single
[5"]= mini CD

[MCD] = mini CD / minidisc / MCD / CD Single
[CD:Single] = mini CD / minidisc / MCD / CD Single
[CD-R] [CDR] = CDRom [homemade/burned CD]
[DVD] = Digital Video Disc

[tape] = cassette / minicassette
[Cassette] = cassette / minicassette
[8-Track] [8T cart.] = eight track cartridge / eight-track cartridge
[Reel] = Reel to Reel
[VHS] [Video] = Video Tape

[CD-ROM] = Computer CD


[Enhanced] = Enhanced CD (Video included or history)
[Digi] = Digipack and Q-Pack
[CC]= Cardboard Cover for CD or Company Cover for LP/12"
[NG] = Not Graded

Unused may be on Website:
-imp.- = import [imp. Ger.]
**G= Record/Album are Good / Good + / VG Condition
**S= Sleeve Good /Good + / VG Condition
**SS= Still Sealed
**RARE**= Rare and Hard to find Album
(EP) = Extended Play / Single / 12" / EP / Usually less than 4 tracks
(mini-lp) = Extended Play / Single + / 12" / Mini LP / more than 2 tracks usually

[Box Set]
[Advanced CD]
[In-Store Sampler]
[Special Ed.]
[Picture Disc]
[Vinyl Blue]
[Vinyl Gold]
[Vinyl Green]
[Vinyl Red]
[Vinyl White]
[Vinyl Colored]
[Vinyl Marble]
[Bonus EP]
[Bonus 7"]
[Lim. Ed.]
[w. book]
[w. CD ins]
[lyrics in sl]
[credits in sl]
[ps in sl]
[lyrics ins]
[credits ins]
[poster ins]

**I tend to grade VG++ and NM Records to VG+. Same for the Sleeve.
I Never use VG++, EX or M- nor G+. Most Records are graded VG+... But are rather VG++ / M- / NM **
JX. Aug. 2003

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