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The Who "Sings My Generation" [LP]
Can "Monster Movies" LP
Can "Tago Mago" LP
Ruts Present Rhythm Collision Vol. 1 (D.C.) -imp. UK- Bone Mian, 82

Pierre Henry "Any"
Pierre Schaeffer "Any"
Iannis Xenakis "Any"
Karlheinz Stockhausen "Any"
Don Cherry "Any before 1975"

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Rock & Folk Magazine from 1968 to 1972 [Ready to Trade for other issues, see Books]
Best Magazine from 1968 to 1972 [Ready to Trade for other issues, see Books]
Extra Magazine from the 70's

Beach Boys, The Smiley Smile Capitol, 67
Beatles, The Meet The Beatles (jan. 20, 64 US) [1st Ed.] or (Reis.) *ST-2047 Capitol + Apple, 64
Beatles, The Rubber Soul (dec. 6, 65 US) (Reis.) *ST-2442 Capitol + Apple, 65
Beatles, The Anthology 3 CD (2lp) Apple/Capitol/EMI, 96
Camel Mirage Janus, 74
Can Flow Motion Virgin, 76
Can Unlimited Edition (2lp) Caroline, 76
Can Saw Delight Virgin, 77
Can Can Harvest, 78
Chrome No Humans Allowed [UK Ed.], 82

Ornette Coleman Body Meta Artists House, 78
Cramps, The Bad Music for Bad People I.R.S., 84
Dead Can Dance Dead Can Dance Vertigo/4AD, 84
Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde (2lp) Columbia, 66

Edith Nylon ?2nd LP
Kim Fowley Outrageous Imperial, 6?

Hammill, Peter Fool's Mate Charisma, 71
Hammill, Peter In Camera Charisma, 74
Hammond, John Source Point *C30458 Columbia, 7?
Harrison, George Wonderwall Music (nov1, 68 UK) Apple, 68
Heldon Guerilla Electronique Urus, 7?
Heldon Agneta Nilsson
Heldon Stand By EGG, 79
Hendrix, Jimi Band of Gypsys Reprise, 69
Hendrix, Jimi The Cry of Love Reprise, 70
Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix in the West Reprise, 71
Hendrix, Jimi Nine to the Universe [LP + CD] Polydor, 8?

James Gang, The Rides Again *ABCS 711 ABC Dunhill, 70
Jethro Tull This Was (1969?) Island, 68

Kraftwerk Kraftwerk (1st LP) Philips, 70
Kraftwerk Kraftwerk 2 Philips, 71
Kraftwerk Ralf & Florian Philips, 73

Lennon, John Unfinished Music No.2: Life with the Lions (& Yoko Ono) Apple, 69
Lennon, John Wedding Album (& Yoko Ono) (oct 20, 69) Apple, 69
Mahogany Rush Strange Universe Kot'ai, 75 [NM or Mint]
McLaughlin, John My Goals Beyond (Reis. 1982) Elektra, 71
Misfits Earth A.D. -imp. USA- Plan 9/Caroline, 8?
Neuronium The Visitor (4th lp) Neuronium, 81
New York Dolls Too Much, Too Soon -imp. USA- Mercury, 74
Nugent, Ted Survival of the Fittest Polydor, 71

Pink Industry New Beginnings -imp. UK- Zulu, 85
Pop, Iggy Raw Power (& The Stooges) Columbia, 73
Pop, Iggy Metallic K.O. (& The Stooges) Import, 76

Q5 Steel the Light Bernett, 85
Residents, The Fingerprince Ralph, 76
Residents, The Not Available (rec. in 1974) *1174 Ralph, 78
Residents, The 13th Anniversary Show - Live in Japan Ralph, 86
Runaways [Any]

Schulze, Klaus Irrlicht -imp. Ger.- Brain, 72
Schulze, Klaus Cyborg (2nd LP) (2lp) Brain, 73
Sly & The Family Stone Dance to the Music (march) Epic, 68
Sly & The Family Stone Life (july) Epic, 68
Sly & The Family Stone There's a Riot Goin' On Epic, 71
Soft Machine Volume Two Command, 69
Soft Machine 5 Columbia, 72
Steppenwolf Steppenwolf RCA, 68

T. Rex T. Rex -imp. USA- Reprise, 71
T. Rex Unicorn (Tyrannosaurus) (Reis. 196?) Blue Thumb, 72
Tangerine Dream Atem -imp. Ger.- OHR, 7?
Hound Dog Taylor (& The Houserockers) Beware of the Dog
Ten Years After Alvin Lee & Company Deram, 72
Van Der Graaf Generator The Aerosol Grey Machine Fontana, 69
Van Der Graaf Generator The Least We can Do is Wave to Each other -imp. UK- Charisma, 70

Ventures, The The Ventures (Reis. as Movin' Sound) *BST-8004 Dolton + Liberty, 61
Ventures, The Another Smash! *BST-8006 Dolton, 61
Ventures, The The Colorful Ventures *BST-8008 Dolton, 61
Ventures, The Twist with The Ventures (Reis. as Dance!) *BST-8010 Dolton, 62
Ventures, The The Ventures' Twist Party, Volume 2 (Reis. as Dance with T. V.) *BST-8014 Dolton, 62
Ventures, The Going to The Ventures' Dance Party! *BST-8017 Dolton, 62
Ventures, The Play the Country Classics (Reis. I Walk the Line) *BST-8023 Dolton, 63
Ventures, The Play Guitar with The Ventures *16501 Dolton, 65
Ventures, The Secret Agent Man (Reis. Batman Theme) (Reis.90) CD *BST-8042 EMI, 66
Ventures, The Play Guitar with The Ventures, Vol. 3 *16503 Dolton, 65
Ventures, The Play Guitar with The Ventures, Vol. 4 - Learn the Electric Bass *16504 Dolton, 65
Ventures, The Ventures Sampler (1968?) -imp. UK- Liberty, 6?
Ventures, The New Testament *UAS-6796 UA, 71
Ventures, The Theme from Shaft *UAS-5547 UA, 71
Ventures, The Rock and Roll Forever *UAS-5649 UA, 72
Ventures, The Jim Croce Song Book *LA-217 UA, 74
Ventures, The The Very Best of The Ventures *LA331 UA, 75

War Why Can't We Be Friends? *UA-LA441-G -imp. USA- UA, 75
Who, The Magic Bus/The Who On Tour -imp. USA- Decca, 68
Williams, Tony Ego (Lifetime) *24-4065 Polydor, 69

Young, Neil Journey Through The Past (2lp) Reprise, 72

Zappa / Mothers
Frank Zappa Freak Out! (The Mothers of Invention) (2lp) Verve + Ryko, 66
Frank Zappa Absolutely Free (The Mothers of Invention) Verve, 67
Frank Zappa Mothermania (compil.) (The Mothers of Invention) *65068 Verve, 69
Frank Zappa The &?X? of The Mothers (compil.) (The Mothers of Invention) *65074 Verve, 69
Frank Zappa Burnt Weeny Sandwich (The Mothers of Invention) Reprise, 69
Frank Zappa 200 Motels (OST) (2lp) UA, 71
Frank Zappa Just Another Band from L.A. (The Mothers of Invention) Reprise, 71
Frank Bongo Fury (& Captain Beefheart) (& The Mothers) *DS 2234 Discreet + Ryko, 75
Frank Zappa Studio Tan Discreet, 78
Frank Zappa Sleep Dirt Discreet, 79

Beherit The Oath Of Black Blood (90) or 1991 or 1992 on Record [LP]
Dag Nasty
Cathedral Forest of Equilibrium [CD]
Les Chanceliers MG-100119 Millionnaires = Archives du Disque
Cynic ANY
Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
Equation of Eternity
Grave - Into the Grave (1991) Century Media
Mayhem Deathcrush Nuclear Blast, 87
Mayhem Live in Leipzig Nuclear Blast, 90
Necromantia Crossing the Fiery Path Nuclear Blast
Orbital Orbital (2)
Pagliaro - The Rockers (compil.?) (1980, RCA) [Ed. France] *PL37456
Sparks Kimono My House [CD]
Mari Wilson Showpeople 1983 London

Deliverance (EP) (5T) (oct. 1992) Earache *it the world's longest single! 40 min.
Lament (7") (LE 600 copies) (1993) Dying Earth Europe/Aquese
Silver Rain Fell Jack Danger Remix (EP) (july 1994) Earache (LE 2000 copies)
Stairway (EP) (1995) Earache
Weatherall) (1996) Earache
Leave It Out [EP] (1996) Possible *DOSS 12 003 9/10
Imaginaria Award (EP) (2000) Hymen *YO25
Greetings From Birmingham (2x12") (2000)
Mick Harris : Having it [CD] + Hed Nod Sessions

Got it Now.
Beatles, The Anthology 2 CD (2lp) Apple/Capitol/EMI, 96
Gong Continental Circus (OST) Philips, 72
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Paint Your Wagon *LP65 -imp. UK- Red Rhino, 85
Deep Purple Deep Purple/The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra WB, 70 [OK]
Richard Burmer "Bhakti Point"
Suuri Shamaani - Mysteerien Maailma ("The World of Mysteries", spi84cd) (1999) Spinefarm
Solaris "1990" CD
Harald Grosskopf "The Best of" Sky, 79 [CD] [Prog]
Strawbs Ghosts [CD]
Perfume Tree - Feeler (SecondSpin)
Scorn Imaginaria Award [CD]
Dead Can Dance The Serpent's Egg CD Vertigo/4AD, 88
Genesis Nursery Cryme [1st Ed. CD 198?]
Hot Tuna Final Vinyl ?, 7?
Kraftwerk Kraftwerk (compil.) (Reis. 1 & 2nd LP) (2lp) Vertigo, 72
Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same (2lp) Swan Song, 76

Oldfield, Mike Incantations (2lp)
Kiss Lick it Up Mercury, 83
Kraftwerk Exceller 8 (compil.) Capitol, 75
Premiata Forneri Marconi (PFM) Chocolate Kings -imp. Italy- Numero Uno, 75
Ventures, The Play Guitar with The Ventures, Vol. 2 *16502 Dolton, 65

Braxton, Anthony New-York, Fall 1974 Arista, 75
James Brown Sex Machine (2lp) King, 70
Chicago At The Carnegie Hall (3lp) Columbia, 71
Gainsbourg Anna (OST) <<<
Gong Angel's Egg Virgin, 73
Henry, Pierre Mise en musique du Corticalart (de Roger Lafosse) -imp. France- Philips, 71
Jethro Tull Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll Too Young to Die Chrysalis, 76
Joplin, Janis Joplin In Concert (2lp) Columbia, 72
Lennon, John Live Peace in Toronto 1969 (& Plastic Ono Band) (oct 12,69UK) Apple, 69
Ruts Present Rhythm Collision Vol. 1 (D.C.) -imp. UK- Bone Mian, 82

Wunderlich, Klaus, Sound 2000 (Moog) Telefunken 14715 [CD]

Claude Dubois-Claude Dubois (mono/stereo) (Columbia FL-353/FS-653, 1967)
Maneige-Libre Service (with "Deux pompes" cover)

Sore Throat - Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid

Jean-Yves Labat - Under Water Electronic Orchestra

Hank Williams (2LP)- I Won't Be Home No More, on Polygram (88?).

Romeo et Juliette. [DVD] US version

DVC (features John Bartle on Guitar and Johnny Bolin on drums) Columbia? 80's,

Leandro (Suisse) Label2000IBMG - CD
Demis (Netherlands) best of ( Label ?) LP ou CD
Mercredi Libre "La ballad des p'tits anges" (Label) LP

Soundtrack - Very Bad Things (OST) on CD

Serge Gainsbourg
- Cannabis (OST)
- Mister Freedom (OST)
- Brigitte bardot & Gainsbourg: Bonnie & Clyde
- Serge Gainsbourg: Percussions
- Serge Gainsbourg: Confidentiel
- Serge Gainsbourg: Initials BB

Ivan Rebroff "Vir Jou Suid-Afrika", CBS sung in the Afrikaans language.
Ivan Rebroff [7"] "The hour of dreaming / Waltzing Matilda", CBS

Latin Jazz Fusion Album (with Albert King track)

Young Dubliners, Alive, Alive CD


Kashmir "Alarme" [LP]

James Last Non Stop Dancing 1972/2 (2lp) [LP]

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