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Liona Boyd / Andrew Davis Liona Boyd / Andrew Davis / The English Chamber Orch. [NM?/NM] 1979 [1st Ed. Canada] M 35853 [LP] Columbia Masterworks Liona Boyd: guitar - Andrew Davis: cond. - The English Chamber Orch. dec0014 CLASSICAL GUITAR

Laura Branigan The Lucky One / Breaking Out [EX?/CC] 1984 [1st Ed. Canada] 78 69250 [12] Atlantic (2 tr.) [CC] [sw] dec0003 POP ROCK

Broadcast Echo's Answer / Test Area [M?/M] 1999 [1st Ed. UK] WAP125CD [MCD] Warp (2 tr.) (regular case) dec0015 ELECTRONICA

Broadcast The Noise Made by People [M?/NM] 2000 [1st Ed. USA] TBCD1413 [CD] Tommy Boy / Warp dec0016 ELECTRONICA

Bruno Eliane [NM?/NM] 1991 [1st Ed. Canada] SM1 013Y [CD] Amoureiki (2 tr.) dec0052 NEW AGE 16

Harold Budd Lovely Thunder [NM?/NM] 1986 [1st Ed. UK] EEG CD 46 [CD] Editions EG (w. Michael Hoening) (7 tr.) dec0017 ELECTRONIC

William S. Burroughs Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales [VG+?/VG+] 1993 [1st Ed. Canada] 162-535 003-2 [CD] Island Red Label (lil surface marks) dec0018 ELECTRONICA

Steph Carse Steph Carse -Pagliaco- [SS] 2000 [1st Ed. Canada] H2E2-1398 [CD] H2E [Digi] [gf] (3 panel gf) [dh] (12 tr.) (Pagliaco) [Sealed] dec0050 POP English

Choeur des Moines de l'Abbaye de Saint-Benoit-du-Lac Gregorian Chants on the Theme of Peace [NM/NM] 1996 [1st Ed. Canada] FL 2 3058 [CD] Analekta / Fleur de Lys (20 tr.) (PAX) (The Finest Canadian Musicians) (DDD) Le Choeur des Moines Bénédictins de l'Abbaye de Saint-Benoit-du-Lac - Dom André Saint-Cyr dec0082 CLASSICAL VOCAL

Choeur des Moines de l'Abbaye de Saint-Benoit-du-Lac Gregorian Chants on the Theme of Peace [M?/M] 1996 [1st Ed. Canada] AN 2 8103 [CD] Analekta (20 tr.) (PAX) (The Finest Canadian Musicians) (DDD) Le Choeur des Moines Bénédictins de l'Abbaye de Saint-Benoit-du-Lac - Dom André Saint-Cyr dec0083 CLASSICAL VOCAL

Subroto Roy Chowdhury Serenity [VG+?/VG+] 1986 [1st Ed. Germany] jp 1017 [CD] Jazz Point (4 tr.) [DDD] (lil surface marks) (India Classics) (Subroto Roy Chowdhury: sitar, Manikrao Popatkar dec0019 WORLD

Coldcut Let Us Flow [NM?/NM] 1997 [1st Ed. Canada] ZEN CD 30 [CD] (2CD) Ninja Tune (single case) (CD2 is a CD-ROM) (PC / Mac) dec0020 ELECTRONICA

Stewart Copeland The Equalizer and Other Cliff-Hangers [VG+?/NM] 1988 [1st Ed. Canada] IRSD-42099 [CD] I.R.S. No Speak (lil surface marks) dec0021 WORLD

Coro de Monjes del Monasterio Bendictino de Santo Canto Gregoriano [NM/NM] 1994 [1st Ed. Canada] CMB 7243 5 65217 2 8 [CD] (2CD) EMI Classics (single case) (32 tr.) (rec. in Spain) (P 1973, 1980, 1981, 1982) Coro de Monjes del Monasterio Bendictino de Santo Domingo de Silo - Ismael Fernandez de la Cuesta (CD1) / Francisco Lara (CD2) dec0081 CLASSICAL VOCAL

Robert Haig Coxon Cristal Silence I - The Silence Within [M?/M] 1986 [1st Ed. Canada] CS4-220 [CD] R.H.C. Prod. (Robert Haig Coxon Jr.) (The Ultimate Relaxation) dec0051 NEW AGE

Robert Haig Coxon The Silent Path [NM/M] 1995 [1st Ed. Canada] RHC-CD-5501 [CD] R.H.C. Prod. (10 tr.) dec0075 NEW AGE 17

DOS Tracks :) [M?/NM] 1999 [1st Ed. Germany] RI 051 [CD] Rather Interesting (10 tr.) (Uwe Schmidt) (Marketed by Del Haze) dec0024 ELECTRONIC

The Dub Project The Dub Project [M?/M] 2004 [1st Ed. USA] MREC CD300 [CD] M Records (9 tr.) (A Twilight Production) (w. Mykal Rose) dec0022 REGGAE

Frifot Simmersong [EX?/NM] 1996 [1st Ed. USA] NSD6024 [CD] Northside [1999 USA] (P 1991, 1996 Caprice) (c 1999 East Side) (Celtic, Nordic) (Swedish Folk) dec0062 FOLK Music

The Funkdamentals The Funkdamentals [M?/M] 2000 [1st Ed. USA] not ind. [CD] indie (9 tr.) (Buddha Deep) dec0023 FUNK

Genesonics Aurora [NM?/NM] 1992 [1st Ed. Canada] TAO-03 [CD] Tao Atmosphères (2 tr.) (Aurora Concentration) dec0053 NEW AGE

Genesonics Telluris - Équilibre / Balance [M?/NM] 1992 [1st Ed. Canada] TAO-06 [CD] Tao Atmosphères (2 tr.) (Désintoxation - Détoxication) dec0054 NEW AGE

Genesonics Telluris - Équilibre / Balance [M?/NM] 1992 [1st Ed. Canada] TAO-06 [CD] Tao Atmosphères (2 tr.) (Désintoxation - Détoxication) dec0071 NEW AGE

Will Glahé Akkordeon Pops 2 [VG+?/VG+] 1973 [1st Ed. Canada] SCL 2066 [LP] Ace of Clubs (Distr. London) dec0013 INSTRUMENTAL

The Grauke Symph. Orch. Hellbound: Hellraiser II (OST) [NM?/M] 1989 [1st Ed. USA] GNPD 8015 [CD] GNP Crescendo (Christopher Young: music) (The Grauke Symph. Orch.) (w. Music from Highpoint) dec0080 SOUNDTRACK

Whitney Houston How Will I Know -3 tr.- [VG+?/VG+] 1985 [1st Ed. Canada] AD1-9449 [12] Arista (3 tr.) [P/S] dec0004 POP ROCK

Michael Houstoun - New Zealand Symph. Orch. Shostakovich: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 [NM?/NM] 1995 [1st Ed. Germany] Naxos 8.553126 [CD] Naxos (DDD) (w. Festive Overture, The Age of Gold) (8.553126) Michael Houstoun: piano - New Zealand Symph. Orch. dec0084 CLASSICAL

David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir Earth to the Unknown Power [VG+?/M] 1996 [1st Ed. USA] 09026-68347-2 [CD] Catalyst [die-cut] (Live) (lil surface marks) dec0063 VOCAL 12

Tetsu Inouie World Receiver [EX?/NM] 1996 [1st Ed. USA] amb6002-2 [CD] Instinct Ambient [dh] (dh on back cvr) (7 tr.) dec0025 ELECTRONICA

Jive Bunny and The Mastermixers The Album [SS] 1989 [1st Ed. Canada] 79 13221 [LP] Atco / Music Factory [Sealed] (cover of many Rock 'N' Roll Hits) dec0001 DANCE MUSIC 14

Kamal The Quiet Earth - Dusk [NM?/NM] 1993 [1st Ed. Germany] NGH-CD-359 [CD] Nightingale (4 tr.) (Mystery of Sound & Silence) (P c 1993 Meistersinger Musik) dec0055 NEW AGE

Kamal Into Silence [NM?/M] 1993 [1st Ed. Germany] NGH-CD-386 [CD] Nightingale (4 tr.) (A Meditation for Clarity and Purity) (P c 1993 Meistersinger Musik) dec0056 NEW AGE

Kamal Mistral [M?/NM] 1994 [1st Ed. Germany] NGH-CD-381 [CD] Nightingale (9 tr.) (Mystery of Sound & Silence) (P c 1994 Meistersinger Musik) dec0072 NEW AGE

Kaoma World Beat [NM?/NM] 1989 [1st Ed. USA] E 46010 [LP] Epic [sw] (lbl sticker on sw) (c 1989 Adageo) (Lambada) dec0011 LATIN 9.99

Kaoma World Beat [NM?/NM] 1989 [1st Ed. USA] E 46010 [LP] Epic [sw] (lbl sticker on sw) (c 1989 Adageo) (Lambada) dec0012 LATIN 8.69

Singh Kaur / Kim Robertson Crimson Collection Volumes 4 & 5 [M?/M] 1991 [1st Ed. USA] INV 309 [CD] Invincible (Crimson Collection) (w. vox) (Singh Kaur: vox, Kim Robertson: celtic harp) (CD made in Can.) dec0057 NEW AGE

KC and The Sunshine Band Part 3 [EX?/VG+] 1976 [1st Ed. Canada] CXL1-4021 [LP] TK Records [gf] (tan lbl) (dynaflex) (Shake Your Booty, I'm Your Boogie Man) dec0002 DISCO 17

Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The King Khan - Remixed Album [VG-/VG] 199x [1st Ed. UK] CD 061 [CD] Sonic Enterprises (199?) (Volume 23) (surface marks) (w. Tauba Remix) (Remixed Album) [1st Ed. Pakistan] (c Oriental Star, Birmingham, UK) dec0026 WORLD

Marie King Merci mes amis [M/M] 199x [1st Ed. Canada] CO2 514 [CD] Contact Disc (199?) (10 tr.) dec0049 COUNTRY 11

Marie King / Bob King 25 ans de musique Western [EX?/EX] 1981 [1st Ed. Canada] D-1802 [LP] Diligence [gf] (15 tr.) (Mfd. Bonanza) dec0009 COUNTRY

Roland Lebrun Roland Lebrun et sa famille [VG+?/EX] 196x [1st Ed. Canada] CS-524 [LP] Carnaval (196?) (black lbl) (stereo) dec0010 COUNTRY

LTJ Bukem Journey Inwards [NM?/EX] 2000 [1st Ed. USA] 2-54653 [CD] (2CD) Kinetic [Digi] [gf] (4 panel gf) (c 2000 Good Looking Records, UK) dec0027 ELECTRONICA

Zab Maboungou Incantation [EX?/] 19 [1st Ed. USA] [CD] (Congo) dec0064 WORLD

Macka B Discrimination [VG-/VG] 1994 [1st Ed. USA] aricd098 [CD] RAS / Ariwa (12 tr.) (2 Bonus tr.) [dh] (dh on back cvr) (Mad Professor: Prod. & Mix) (Ariwa) (Dancehall) dec0028 REGGAE

Madonna Vogue -3 tr.- [VG?/VG] 1990 [1st Ed. Canada] 92 15130 [12] Sire / WB (3 tr.) [P/S] dec0005 DANCE MUSIC

Maev Souffle de vie [VG+?/NM] 199x [1st Ed. France] SMB 91123002 [CD] Editions Coeur France (199?) (2 tr.) [credits ins] (Musique energetique) (lil surface marks) dec0058 NEW AGE

Maev Transreality [NM?/NM] 1992 [1st Ed. Canada] ORFEE-10102 [CD] Orfée Productions (2 tr.) (Hibiscus Series) (Energetics Music) dec0073 NEW AGE

The Mega-Kids / The Soundalikes Songs for Your Little Princess [SS] 2003 [1st Ed. Canada] CVS65142 [CD] St. Clair Entertainment Group (12 tr.) [Sealed] (The Mega-Kids / The Soundalikes) (Brown Eyed Girl, I'm a Barbie Girl, Dancing Queen) dec0070 POP English

Mistinguett Les Légendes d'or [M?/M] 2001 [1st Ed. Netherlands] FSI 645022 [CD] Disky (24 tr.) dec0048 POP French FRAN

The Modern Lovers The Modern Lovers [EX?/NM] 1976 [1st Ed. USA] R2 70091 [CD] Rhino / Beserkley (12 tr.) [Digit Remas] (P 1976 & 1986 Beserkley) (c 1989 Beserkley) [Ed. 1989 USA] [1st LP] (Jonathan Richman) (John Cale, Kim Fowley: Prod.) dec0029 PUNK ROCK

Carlos Montoya The Art of the Flamenco [M/M] 1995 [1st Ed. Canada] SD-2-4932 [CD] Gold Label / Madacy (19 tr.) (Gold Label) (rec. in 195?) dec0079 SPAIN WORLD

Truls Mork - Minnesota Orch. Kernis: Colored Fields Musica Celestis [M?/M] 2001 [1st Ed. UK] 7243 5 45464 2 6 [CD] Virgin Classics (CD made in Holland) dec0067 CLASSICAL

The Mystic Moods Orchestra One Stormy Night [M?/M] 1966 [1st Ed. Canada] T2-66685 [CD] The Right Stuff [Ed. 1993 Can.] (stereo) (real natural sounds with orch.) (Brad Miller) (T2 0777-7-66685-2-9) (Colossus) dec0076 INSTRUMENTAL

Naïda Naïda [NM?/NM] 1992 [1st Ed. Canada] MUSC-7010 [CD] Musicor (13 tr.) (Marc Nichols, Jonathan Sylvain) dec0077 POP ROCK 16

Nightnoise At the End of the Evening [EX/NM] 1988 [1st Ed. USA] WD-1076 [CD] Windham Hill (Celtic, Jazzy) (w. vox) dec0059 NEW AGE

Nightnoise A Different Shore [M/EX] 1995 [1st Ed. USA] 01934 11166-2 [CD] Windham Hill (10 tr.) (Celtic, Jazzy) (w. vox) dec0074 NEW AGE 20

Nouvel Ensemble Moderne Benjamin - Gentile - Saaarian - Ligeti [M/M] 1990 [1st Ed. Canada] UMM 102 [CD] Ummus (9 tr.) (Série Actuelles) (Benjamin - Gentile - Saaarian - Ligeti) (also as NEM) Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne - Lorraine Vaillancourt: dir. dec0068 CONTEMPORAIN CLASSIC

One Siboney Dub Style [M?/M] 199x [1st Ed. Canada] CD-OSDS02 [CD] indie (199?) (13 tr.) dec0030 REGGAE

Photek Modus Operandi [VG-/NM] 1997 [1st Ed. Canada] CDQED1 / 7243 8 44614 2 3 [CD] Science / Virgin (Science) (surface marks) dec0031 TECHNO

Plastikman Sheet One [VG-?/VG] 1993 [1st Ed. USA] NMCD 3015 [CD] Novamute (surface marks) (Lic. Plus 8 Rec.) (Man. & Distr. Tommy Boy) dec0032 TECHNO

James Plotkin A Strange, Perplexing [NM?/NM] 1996 [1st Ed. Canada] CREET 005 [CD] Indiscreet Music (1996?) (8 tr.) dec0033 ELECTRONICA

Ragleela Caravan [M?/M] 2002 [1st Ed. Canada] leela 2002 [CD] Ragleela (Uwe Neumann, Usatad Raza Ali Khan) (10 tr.) dec0034 WORLD

Chester Rix Mystical Mood - Water Dance (Chester Rix) [M/M] 2002 [1st Ed. USA] 440 016 962-2 [CD] Universal Music Enterprises (Chester Rix: music) (Mystical Mood Series) dec0060 NEW AGE

Nino Rota Shoot Loud, Louder...I Don't Understand (OST) [EX?/M] 1994 [1st Ed. USA] 32914 [CD] DRG [lbl ins] [Digit Remas.] (1966 Movie) (Nino Rota: music) (Spara Forte Piu Forte Non Capisco) (Shoot Loud, Louder...I Don't Understand) (Carlos Savina: cond.) (Lic. GDM-EMI Italy) (Classic Italian Soundtracks) dec0065 SOUNDTRACK

Mike Rowland And so to Dream [NM?/M] 1993 [1st Ed. Holland] ORE 1802 [CD] Oreade Music (7 tr.) (soft piano) dec0061 NEW AGE

Oystein Sevag Global House [EX/NM] 1995 [1st Ed. USA] 01934 11148-2 [CD] Windham Hill (12 tr.) (wol) dec0078 NEW AGE 7.82

Skatalites Ska Voovee [VG+/M] 1993 [1st Ed. USA] 45009 [CD] Shanachie (12 tr.) (surface marks) dec0035 REGGAE

Snow Informer -4 tr.- [VG+?/VG+] 1992 [1st Ed. Germany] A8436T [12] Eastwest (4 tr.) [P/S] (7567-96067-0) (CA 231) dec0006 RAP

Son Caribe Que Viva la Fiesta / Viva Maria [NM?/BS] 1989 [1st Ed. Canada] TCD-1289 [12] Trans-Canada Disq (2 tr.) [BS] (Latin Dance) (Lic. Caravage) dec0007 DANCE EURO

Son Caribe Que Viva la Fiesta / Viva Maria [EX?/BS] 1989 [1st Ed. Canada] TCD-1289 [12] Trans-Canada Disq (2 tr.) [BS] (Latin Dance) (Lic. Caravage) dec0008 DANCE EURO

Squarepusher Go Plastic [VG+/M] 2001 [1st Ed. USA] WARPCD85 [CD] Warp (surface marks) dec0036 ELECTRONICA

Thievery Corporation Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi [M?/M] 1998 [1st Ed. Canada] CAD 8006CD [CD] 4AD dec0037 ELECTRONICA

Tikiman Showcase [VG-?/VG] 1998 [1st Ed. USA] BMD-1 [CD] Burial Mix [Digi] (10 tr.) (surface marks) (Rhythm & Sound / Tikiman) (Dub) dec0038 REGGAE

The Twilight Singers Twilight [M?/M] 2000 [1st Ed. Canada] ck 63825 [CD] Columbia (Fila Brazillia: Prod.) (Twilight as Performed by The Twilight Singers dec0039 ELECTRONICA

Two Lone Swordsmen Tiny Reminders [M?/M] 2000 [1st Ed. UK] WARPCD77 [CD] Warp (19 tr.) dec0040 ELECTRONICA

Urban Primitivism 684 [NM?/M] 1990 [1st Ed. Germany] PODCD 028 [CD] POD Communication (10 tr.) (Distr. SPV) (SPV 084-97762 CD) dec0041 ELECTRONICA

Various Artists From Bach to Zappa - Port-Royal Sampler 1 [M?/M] 199x [1st Ed. Canada] PR-2212-2 [CD] Port-Royal (199?) (11 tr.) (Sampler 1) dec0066 CLASSICAL

Various Artists Live from Soundscape [NM?/M] 1997 [1st Ed. Japan] DIW-405 [CD] DIW [dh] (dh on back cvr) (6 tr.) (Live) (Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell) (Live) dec0042 JAZZ Music

Various Artists Master of Trance Vol. 1 [VG+?/M] 199x [1st Ed. Germany] OXA 2024-2 [CD] OXA (199?) (32 tr.) (single case) (surface marks) dec0043 TECHNO

Various Artists The Ambient Cookbook [VG+?/VG+] 1990 [1st Ed. Germany] aw 007 [CD] (4CD) Ambient World (4CD) (27 tr.) (double case) [gf] (w. book) (CD1: surface marks) (Pete Namlook, Tetsu Inoue +) (also rereleased on Fax 1995 in UK) dec0044 ELECTRONICA

Various Artists Versatility [M?/M] 1998 [1st Ed. USA] ETR 10010-2 [CD] Evil Teen (12 tr.) (lbl sticker on cvr) (Lic. Independent Dealers Rec.) (Roni Size, More Rockers,Flynn + Flora, DJ Krust +) dec0045 ELECTRONICA

Various Artists Welcome to Lotus Land [M?/M] 1996 [1st Ed. Canada] MAP201-2 [CD] MAP (10 tr.) (Robert Shea: compiler) (Cap'm Stargazer, Dreamlogic, Pilgrims of the Mind, Mere Mortals, Landhip, MC2) (West Coast Electroniculture) dec0046 ELECTRONICA

Robert Wells Rhapsody in Rock Complete [NM?/NM] 1999 [1st Ed. Canada] CDLCD-1950 [CD] Coeur de Lion / Independent Entertainment (20 tr.) [1999 Can.] (P 1998 Independent Entertainment Sweden) Anders Berglund: cond. - St Petersburg State Symph. Orch. - Robert Wells: piano dec0069 CLASSICAL

Jah Wobble Take Me to God [EX/NM] 1994 [1st Ed. Canada] 314-524 000-2 [CD] Island (17 tr.) (as Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart) dec0047 ALTERNATIVE

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