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Christina Aguilera Back to Basics [SS] 2006 RCA / Sony BMG [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36421

Marie-Claire Alain L'oeuvre pour orgue de J.S. Bach Tome III [EX?/VG+] 196x Erato [LP] LDE 3181 (M) [1st Ed. France] (196?) (glossy cvr) (green-wh lbl) (mono) (GU) (x tr.) (Tome of 24) (J.S. Bach) (D.P.) Marie-Claire Alain: organ POSS36282

Marie-Claire Alain L'oeuvre pour orgue de J.S. Bach Tome VIII [EX?/VG+] 196x Erato [LP] LDE 3247 (M) [1st Ed. France] (196?) (glossy cvr) (green-wh lbl) (mono) (GU) (x tr.) (Tome of 24) (J.S. Bach) (D.P.) Marie-Claire Alain: organ POSS36283

Marie-Claire Alain L'oeuvre pour orgue et Orchestre [EX?/VG+] 196x Erato [LP] LDE 3260 (M) [1st Ed. France] (196?) (glossy cvr) (green-wh lbl) (mono) (GU) (x tr.) (Tome of 24) (J.S. Bach) (D.P.) Marie-Claire Alain: organ POSS36284

Marie-Claire Alain L'oeuvre pour orgue de J.S. Bach Tome X Vol. 2 [EX?/VG+] 196x Erato [LP] LDE 3299 (M) [1st Ed. France] (196?) (glossy cvr) (green-wh lbl) (mono) (GU) (x tr.) (Tome of 24) (J.S. Bach) (D.P.) Marie-Claire Alain: organ POSS36285

Marie-Claire Alain L'oeuvre pour orgue de J.S. Bach Tome XVI [EX?/VG+] 196x Erato [LP] STU 70310 [1st Ed. France] (196?) (glossy cvr) (green-wh lbl) (stereo) (GU) (x tr.) (Tome of 24) (J.S. Bach) (D.P.) Marie-Claire Alain: organ POSS36286

Alexia xxx [NM?/NM] [CD Single] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36329

Alice in Chains Facelift [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36287

Alice in Chains Dirt [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36288

Laurindo Almeida Classical Current - Electronic Excursions [EX/NM] 1969 Warner Bros. [LP] WS 1803 [1st Ed. Can.] [Promo] (Stamped Promo on back cvr) (gold lbl) (stereo) (12 tr.) (The Breeze and I) (Electronic Classical guitar) (Sonny Burke Prod.) 6/10 POSS36370

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass The Brass Are Comin' [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36371

Chimène Badi Le Miroir [SS] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36342

Chimène Badi Le Miroir [SS] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36343

Baja Marimba Band Fresh Air [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36372

Baja Marimba Band As Time Goes by [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36373

Alain Bashung xxx [NM?/NM] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36336

Beau Dommage Ou est passée la noce? [SS] 1975 Capitol / EMI / SM [Cassette] 4XL 56351 [1st Ed. Can.] (x tr.) (HX Pro) (XDR) [Sealed] POSS36447

Bedhead Transaction de Novo [SS] 1997 [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36422

Véronique Béliveau Cover Girl Cache ton coeur [NM?/EX] 1985 A&M [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36271

Véronique Béliveau Borderline [NM?/EX] 1987 A&M [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36272

Benjamin Benjamin [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36289

Johanne Blouin & Michel Legrand Noëls d'espoir [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36305

Jacques Boulanger Bou Bou [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36276

Toni Brown Good for You, Too [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36348

Chris Bruhn Jump In [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36374

California Guitar Trio Invitation [NM?/M] 1994 Discipline Global Mobile [CD] DGM 9501 2 [1st Ed. USA] POSS36439

Ceremony Hang Out Your Poetry [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36290

Denis Champoux Un homme et sa guitare [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36318

Denis Champoux Denis Champoux Vol. 10 [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36319

Eric Charden Je Rocke ma vie [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36291

Martine Chevrier Bang Bang [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36292

Tony Christie With Loving Feeling [NM?/EX] 1973 MCA [LP] MCF 2505 [1st Ed. UK] POSS36275

Claw Hammer scuse the Excursion [SS] 1996 [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36423

Pierre Cochereau Franck: The Organ of Notre Dane, Paris [NM?/NM] 1974 Saga [LP] SAGA 5390 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36267

Cocteau Twins Milk & Kisses [NM?/M] 1995 Fontana [CD] P2 14501 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36440

Collegium Vocale - Köln The Most Beautiful Madrigal -Box Set- [SS] 1980 CBS Masterworks [LP] CBS 79333 [1st Ed. Germany] [Box Set] (w. book) (CB 293) (17) Collegium Vocale, Köln [Sealed] POSS36411

Concept in Dance Digital Alchemy [M?/M] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36326

Corbach Rite Rock [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36293

Dalida Le Disque d'or de Dalida [G/VG] 196x Barclay [LP] CBLP 2060 (M) [1st Ed. Can.] (196?) (12 tr.) (Le jour du retour) (Raymond Lefèvre & Paul Mauriat: orch.) POSS36259

Sammy Davis Jr. Lonely is the Name [NM/NM] 196x Reprise [LP] RS 6308 [1st Ed. Can.] (boat pink lbl) [Promo] (Stamped Promo on back cvr) (10 tr.) (Jimmy Bowen: Prod.) 7/10 POSS36361

Waldo De Los Rios Sinfonias [EX/M] 1969 Ace of Clubs [LP] SCL 2023 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36375

Waldo De Los Rios Operas [NM?/NM] Daffodil [LP] SBA 16032 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36376

Waldo De Los Rios Operas [NM?/NM] Warner Bros. [LP] BS 2801 [Reis. 1974 Can.] [sw] [Reis. 1974 Can.] (8 tr.) (P 1973 Hispavox, © 1974 Warner Bros.) POSS36377

Delgados, The The Great Eastern [M?/M] 2000 Mantra [CD] MNTECD 1021 [1st Ed. UK] POSS36441

Daniel Desnoyers Dansexpress Volume 5 [SS] 2000 DKD D-Noy Muzik [CD] DDN2-1273 [1st Ed. Can.] (16 tr.) (Daniel Desnoyers: Mix) (Discoland, Paul Johnson, Bob Marley, Miss Jane, Ella Woods, DJ Jean +) (Dancexpress on edge) (Distr. DEP) [Sealed] POSS36424

Die Prinzen Schweine [NM?/NM] 1995 BMG / Hansa [CD] 74321 25453 2 [1st Ed. Germany] POSS36442

Céline Dion Les Chansons en or [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36308

Walt Disney - Les Robinson des mers du sud Les Robinson des mers du sud (Walt Disney) [NM?/NM] 196x Disneyland [LP] DF 1004 (M) [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36328

Laymont Douglas Those Were the Days / Dance Best 10 Vol. 2 [NM?/NM] 1973 RCA Victor [LP] RGP-1138 [1st Ed. Japan] (orange lbl) (10 tr.) (Mfd. By Victor Industries) POSS36378

Herbert Downes / Jacqueline du Pré Music for Viola and Cello [VG+/VG+] 1963 EMI / Odeon [LP] CLP 1650 (M) [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36438

Sheena Easton A Private Heaven [SS] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] [dh] [Sealed] POSS36349

Elastica Waking Up -3 tr.- [NM?/M] 1995 Deceptive [CD Single] BLUFF 011CD [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36446

Gloria Estefan Greatest Hits [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36294

Eternal Always & Forever [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36413

Eurogliders This Island [SS] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] [dh] (lbl sticker on sw) (12 tr.) [Sealed] POSS36350

Face Dancer This World [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36273

Fantastic Strings Mood Bridge Over Troubled Water [NM?/M] 1973 RCA Victor [LP] JRX-106 [1st Ed. Japan] [gf] (orange lbl) (10 tr.) (Mfd. By Victor Industries) POSS36379

Ferrante & Teicher Around the World with Ferrante & Teicher [NM?/NM] 1976 UA [LP] UA-LA681-G [1st Ed. Can.] [sw] (cream lbl) (7 tr.) POSS36380

Final Stage Through the Mirror [M?/M] 2007 indie [CD] FS002 [1st Ed. Can.] (11 tr.) (Thrash M) (from Quebec) POSS36322

John Forrester Tales of Nothing [M?/M] 1997 Twah! [CD] Twah! 106 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36414

Les Frères à ch'val C'pas grave [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36295

The Bill Frisell Band Lookout for Hope [EX/NM] 1988 ECM [CD] ECM 1350 [1st Ed. Germany] (10 tr.) (w. Hank Roberts, Kermit Driscoll, Joey Baron: drums) (LC 2516) (lil surface marks) POSS36443

Garcons Divorce -Gold Vinyl- [NM/VG-] 1979 Philips [LP] 9120-391 [1st Ed. Can.] [Vinyl Gold] [sm] (woc) (5 tr.) (French Boy) (Patrick Vidal) (Savarese: Mx) (ZE Rec.) (P 1979 Phonogram) (PG 210) (Mfd. & Distr. by London Rec. of Can.) (Electro Disco) POSS36274

Laurent Garnier Public Out Burst [SS] 200x F 261 CD [CD] F Communications / PIAS Recordings [1st Ed. France] POSS36425

Elliot Goldenthal Interview with the Vampire (OST) [M?/M] 19 [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36306

Jerry Goldsmith Papillon (OST) [NM?/NM] 19 [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36395

The Hippy Dippys Thoroughly Modern Millie [NM/NM] 1967 UNI [LP] 3001 (M) [1st Ed. USA] (swirl lbl) (mono) (x tr.) (from Cast) POSS36362

Billie Holiday Walkman Jazz [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36337

Ice MC xxx [NM?/NM] [CD Single] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36330

Jaade xxx [NM?/NM] [CD Single] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36331

Jardiniers, Les Le Thème -5 tr.- [NM/M] 1999 Haute Couture [CD Single] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36462

Jay Jay xxx [NM?/NM] [CD Single] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36332

Henry Jerome Brazen Brass New Sounds in Folk Music [G/VG] 196x Decca [LP] DL 74344 [1st Ed. Can.] (black lbl, silver wr) (stereo) (12 tr.) (Mfd. by The Compo Co.) POSS36262

Gary Jones Quintet Love Is Blue / Dance Best 10 [NM?/NM] 1973 RCA Victor [LP] RGP-1134 [1st Ed. Japan] (orange lbl) (10 tr.) (Mfd. By Victor Industries) POSS36381

Sol Kaplan Living Free (OST) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36396

Kathleen Cette fille là… [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36296

Kazumi & Maïa L'amitié -3 tr.- [NM?/NM] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36270

Kreidler Kreidler [NM?/NM] 2000 Mute [CD] 9144-2 [1st Ed. USA] POSS36455

L'Art de passage Sehnsucht Nach Veränderung [M?/NM] 1989 Cooleur [CD] not ind. [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36456

James Last Non Stop Dancing '65 [NM?/NM] 1965 Polydor [LP] 237 447 [1st Ed. Germany] (glossy cvr) (red lbl) (10 tr.) (Don't Ha, Ha) (as James Last Band on lbl) (Non Stop Dancing 65 on lbl) (Potpourri) (P 1965 on dead wax) (SLPHM) (Gema) POSS36279

James Last Copa-Cabana [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36320

Yusef Lateef Jazz 'Round the World [VG+?/VG+] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36464

René Letarte Chansons de René Letarte Vol. 1 [NM/EX] 1979 Apex [LP] AFL 1503 [1st Ed. Can.] [gf] [dh] [lbl in sl] (12 tr.) (Euréka) (w. Bob Angelillo, Claude Hamel, Bertrand Gosselin) (Interdisc) (Mfd. & Distr. by MCA) (ex-Bel-Canto and Jim & Bertrand Prod.) (Folk Pop) (NM) POSS36436

Franz Loeffler Swingin' Bach Guitar [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36351

Madonna The Single Collection -Box Set- [NM?/EX] 1996 [CD Single] [1st Ed. Japan] [Box Set] (w. book) (40CD) (3inch Single) (all Picture Sleeves replica) [Lim. Ed.] (x tr.) [Ed. Japan] POSS36335

Henry Mancini A Merry Mancini Christmas [VG+/NM] 196x RCA Victor [LP] LSP-3612 [1st Ed. Can.] (196?) [sw] (black lbl, silver wr) (dog on top) (Living Stereo) (Dynagroove) [lbl in sl] (11 tr.) (The Little Drummer Boy) (His Orchestra & Chorus) (mono is *PM-3612) POSS36382

Henry Mancini Darling Lili (OST) (Julie Andrews / Henry Mancini) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36397

Sara Mandiano Sara Mandiano [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36297

Lena Martell Someone New Someone Blue [NM?/NM] 1966 London Ffrr [LP] LL 3386 (M) [1st Ed. Can.] (1966?) (purple lbl) (mono) (Ffrr) (12 tr.) (Johnny Keating and His Orch.) (stereo is *PS 386) (from UK) POSS36363

Massive Attack Pieces -5 tr.- [NM?/NM] 2003 Virgin Music Canada [CD Single] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36463

Toshiro Mayuzumi The Bible (OST) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36398

Mental as Anything Mouth to Mouth [NM?/NM] 1987 Columbia [LP] BFC 44144 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36256

Bette Midler Divine Miss M [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36265

Carlos Montoya Carlos Montoya Plays Flamenco Guitar [VG+/VG+] 196x Palace [LP] PST-709 [1st Ed. Can.] (stereo) (9 tr.) (Mfd. by Universal) 8/10 POSS36327

Moose Live a Little Love a Lot [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36298

Ennio Morricone Duck, You Sucker (OST) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36399

Werner Müller Songs of Joy [NM?/NM] 1971 London Phase 4 [LP] SP 44166 [1st Ed. Can.] [gf] (11 tr.) (All Classical composers) (& His Orch.) POSS36383

The Mystic Moods Orchestra One Stormy Night -WB- [NM?/M] 1966 Warner Bros. [LP] BS 2594 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36384

The Mystic Moods Orchestra The Mystic Moods of Love -WB- [NM?/M] 1968 Warner Bros. [LP] BS 2598 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36385

The Mystic Moods Orchestra Emotions -WB- [NM?/M] 1968 Warner Bros. [LP] BS 2597 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36386

The Mystic Moods Orchestra Extensions [NM?/M] 1969 Philips [LP] PHS 600-301 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36387

The Mystic Moods Orchestra Love Token [NM?/M] 1969 Philips [LP] PHS-600-321 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36388

The Mystic Moods Orchestra Stormy Weekend -WB- [NM?/M] 1970 Warner Bros. [LP] BS 2596 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36389

The Mystic Moods Orchestra Love the One You're with -WB- [NM?/M] 1972 Warner Bros. [LP] BS 2577 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36390

Nazareth 1st [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36450

Oasis Stop the Clocks (compil.) [SS] 2004 Columbia [CD] 88697 00754 2 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36426

Riz Ortolani The Yellow Rolls-Royce (OST) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36400

Lee Oskar Lee Oskar [NM?/NM] 1976 UA [LP] UA-LA594-G [1st Ed. USA] POSS36352

OUT -France- X-Position [SS] 1989 Roadrunner [CD] RR 8669-2 [1st Ed. USA] [Enhanced] (11 tr.) (Lie No Limits) (Colin Richardson: Prod.) (Lic. Gorgone) (Altern. Metal, Electro Metal) [Sealed] POSS36427

Pact of Solitude Pain and Passion -2 tr.- [M?/M] 2006 Kyrcsk Prod. [CD Single] KPD 003 [1st Ed. Greece] (2 tr.) (regular case) (550 copies) (Anguish, Deception) (rec. 1998) (Gothic M, Doom M) (from Greece) POSS36324

Nathalie Page xxx [NM?/NM] [CD Single] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36333

Pappa, Anthony Choo Choo Records Volume 01 (Mixed by Anthony Pappa) [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36299

Patsy Patsy [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36300

Pere Ubu The Modern Dance [VG-?/NM] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36268

Pet Rewind the Sofa Lady [NM?/NM] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36457

Planxty Words & Music [SS] 1983 Shanachie [LP] SH 79035 [1st Ed. USA] [dh] (8 tr.) (The Queen of the Rushes) (sticker Distr. Boot Rec., Can.) [Sealed] POSS36364

Presley, Elvis Separate Ways [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36309

Elvis Presley Elvis' Gold Records Volume 2 - 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong (compil.) [SS] 1959 RCA Victor [LP] LPE-2075 (E) [Reis. 1978 Can.] [Reis. 1978 Can.] [lbl in sl] (E) (stereo) (New Orthophonic) (Magic Millions) [lbl in sl] (10 tr.) (I Need Your Love Tonight) (Volume 2 on front cvr) (Vol. 2 on edge) (50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong) [Sealed] POSS36339

Elvis Presley King Creole (OST) [SS] 1958 RCA Victor [LP] AYL1-3733 [Reis. 1980 Can.] [Reis. 1980 Can.] (Best Buy Series) (stereo) (11 tr.) (King Creole, Hard Headed Woman, Trouble) (Hal Wallis Film) (Aug. 1958) (formerly available as *LPE-1884) [Sealed] POSS36338

Prince I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man -4 tr.- [VG?/EX] 1987 Warner Bros. / Paisley Park [12] 92 07280 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36257

Reinneiger -Residents- xxx [NM?/NM] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36444

John Renbourn The Lady and the Unicorn [NM?/NM] Bomb [LP] BOMB 122 [1st Ed. Can.] [sw] (x tr.) POSS36435

Reverberi Schumann [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36353

Rita-Rita Rita-Rita [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36301

Charles Rosen / Robert Casadesus Schumann: Davidsbündlertänze [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36307

Nino Rota The Godfather (OST) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36401

Nino Rota The Godfather Part II (OST) (Nino Rota) [EX/EX] 1974 ABC Records [LP] ABDP-756 [1st Ed. USA] [gf] (yel target bl) (14 tr.) (Nino Rota: music) (Francis Ford Coppola Film) POSS36261

Rypdal, Terje After the Rain [EX/VG+] 1976 ECM [LP] ECM-1-1083 [1st Ed. USA] (10 tr.) (Autumn Breeze) (Terje Ryddal: all instr., Inger Lise Rypdal: vox) (Manfred Eicher: Prod.) (ECM / WB logo on back cvr) (Mfd. & Distr. by WB) POSS36432

The San Sebastian Strings Home to the Sea [SS] 196x Warner Bros. [LP] WS 1764 [1st Ed. Can.] (14 tr.) (Passage Home) (Anita Kerr: music, Rod McKuen: lyrics) (Anita Kerr: cond.) [Sealed] POSS36391

Saving Abel Saving Abel -Canadian Tour Edition- [SS] 2009 EMI / Virgin [CD] 509996 96012 2 4 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36458

Scathanna Riders of the Sidhe [M?/M] 2007 indie [CD Single] not ind. [1st Ed. Can.] (4 tr.) (regular case) (CD-R Format) (Folk) POSS36325

Schwarz, Henrik Live [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36459

Louie Shelton Touch Me [VG+?/M] 196x Warner Bros. [LP] WS 1793 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36392

Shrill xxx [NM?/NM] [CD Single] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36334

René Simard Comment ca va [NM?/NM] [Cassette] NO4 1837 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36311

René Simard 9 [NM?/NM] [Cassette] PGC-4-9308 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36312

René Simard 12 [NM?/NM] [Cassette] PGC-4-9311 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36313

René Simard 13 [NM?/NM] [Cassette] PGC-4-9312 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36314

René Simard 15 [NM?/NM] [Cassette] PGC-4-9314 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36315

René Simard 18 [NM?/NM] [Cassette] PGC-4-9317 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36316

René Simard 21 [NM?/NM] [Cassette] PGC-4-9320 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36317

René Simard 1971-1996 [NM?/NM] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36341

René Simard 6 [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36345

René Simard 13 [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36346

René Simard 25 [M?/M] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36347

René Simard 18 Ans déjà [SS] No 1 [LP] No 1806 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36360

Simard, René Pascale [NM?/NM] Nobel [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36453

Frank Sinatra A Man Alone [NM?/NM] 1969 Reprise [LP] FS 1030 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36365

Frank Sinatra Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back [EX?/NM] 1973 Reprise [LP] F 2155 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36366

Frank Sinatra Some Nice Things I've Missed [NM?/NM] 1974 Reprise [LP] F 2195 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36367

The Sleepy Jackson Lovers [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36302

Slipknot Slipknot [EX?/M] 1999 Roadrunner / Attic [CD] RR 8655-2 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36445

Sound 80 Sound 80 (Vol. 2) -White Label- [NM?/M] 1974 A&M [LP] SP-9007 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36393

Soundtrack - Finian's Rainbow (OST) (Burton Lane) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36402

Soundtrack - Flight of the Doves (OST) (Roy Budd) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36403

Soundtrack - Foxes (OST) (Giorgio Moroder) [NM?/NM] 1980 Casablanca [LP] NBLP 7206/2 [1st Ed. Can.] [gf] [dh] (12 tr.) (VA) (Giorgio Moroder: music) (Adrian Lyne Film) (starring: Jodie Foster, Randy Quaid) (Mfd. & Distr. by Polygram) POSS36354

Soundtrack - Foxes (OST) (Giorgio Moroder) [NM?/NM] 1980 Casablanca [LP] NBLP 7206/2 [1st Ed. Can.] [gf] [dh] (12 tr.) (VA) (Giorgio Moroder: music) (Adrian Lyne Film) (starring: Jodie Foster, Randy Quaid) (Mfd. & Distr. by Polygram) POSS36355

Soundtrack - Goodbye, Columbus (OST) (The Association / Charles Fox) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36404

Soundtrack - Nijinsky (OST) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36405

Rachel Sweet Protect the Innocent [SS] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] [dh] (lbl sticker on sw) (12 tr.) [Sealed] POSS36356

Terranova Close the Door [NM/M] 1999 Copasetik Recordings [CD] copa 010 cdlp [1st Ed. UK] POSS36415

Oscar Thiffault Chantons avec Oscar Thiffault [G/VG] 196x Carnaval [LP] C-408 (M) [1st Ed. Can.] (196?) (black lbl) (mono) (Longue Durée) (10 tr.) (Le p'tit Docteur) POSS36260

Peter Thomas Chariots of the Gods (OST) [EX?/NM] 1972 Polydor [LP] 2371 035 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36263

Trouble Over Tokyo Pyramides [M/EX] 2008 Klein [CD] KL 089 [1st Ed. Germany] [dh] (in box) (w. book) (10 tr.) (Start Making Noise) (Radiohead style) (Soft) 4/10 POSS36460

Ultimix Janet Jackson: Escapade / Madonna: Keep it Together [VG+?/VG+] 198x Ultimix [12] A-B [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36433

VA - D'l'hostie D'l'hostie [SS] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36264

Gilles Valiquette Pièces [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36310

Gilles Valiquette Pièces [NM?/NM] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36340

Armand Van Helden The Armand Van Helden Phenomena [M?/M] 2001 ZYX Music [CD] GDC 20491-2 [1st Ed. Germany] POSS36416

Vangelis L'Apocalypse des animaux (OST) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36451

Vangelis Ignacio [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36452

Various - Cinéma Sonor: Bruits de la nature Vol. 1 (Audio-Camera) [NM?/NM] Vega [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36437

Various - Temples de Karnak - Thebes aux cent portes - Son et lumiere [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36321

Various - The World is Gone [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36461

Various Artists - 14 Cumbias de Oro - Cumbias de Colombia [G/VG] 1988 Fonomusic [LP] 89.2705 [1st Ed. Spain] (glossy cvr) (14 tr.) (S.G.A.E.) (surface marks) POSS36278

Various Artists - 14 Cumbias de Oro - Cumbias de Colombia [NM?/NM] [Cassette] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36449

Various Artists - 50 Years of Film Music -Box Set- [NM?/NM] 1973 Warner Bros. [LP] 3XX 2736 [1st Ed. USA] [Box Set] (w. book) (burbank lbl) (6 tr.) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recordings of the Great Songs and Scores from the Warner Bros. Classics, 1923 to 1973) POSS36408

Various Artists - 50 Years of Film Music -Box Set- [EX/EX] 1973 Warner Bros. [LP] 3XX 2736 [1st Ed. Can.] [Box Set] (w. book) (burbank lbl) (6 tr.) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recordings of the Great Songs and Scores from the Warner Bros. Classics, 1923 to 1973) POSS36409

Various Artists - Dis One a Scorcher! [SS] 2003 Burning Bush [CD] 302 061 294 2 [1st Ed. USA] POSS36428

Various Artists - Help! A Day in the Life [SS] 2006 Sony BMG [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36429

Various Artists - Justin Time 25th Anniversary Collection [NM?/NM] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36269

Various Artists - Made in Belgium [SS] 1998 Disky [CD] DC 850902 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36430

Various Artists - Metal Eruption: Europe Catalog Sampler 1996 [M?/M] 1996 Metal Blade [CD] 3984-14212-2 [1st Ed. Germany] POSS36323

Various Artists - Montréal 1976 - Jeux de la XXIe Olympiade - Musique des Cérémonies officielles [NM?/NM] 1976 Polydor [LP] 2424 124 [1st Ed. Can.] [gf] [unip] [credits in sl] (9 tr.) (André Mathieu, Victor Vogel, Marc Bélanger) (Jeux de la XXIe Olympiade Montréal 1976 - Musique des Cérémonies officielles - Piste Sonore Originale) (Games of the XXI Olympiad) POSS36412

Various Artists - Serious Underground [SS] 2000 EMI Plus [CD] [1st Ed. EU] POSS36431

Various Artists - Total Dance [M?/M] 2002 Next Music [CD] CDS 8920 [1st Ed. France] POSS36417

Various Artists - Total Lounge [M?/M] 2000 Next Music [CD] CDS 8936 [1st Ed. France] POSS36418

Various Artists - Track: Funk Electric [M?/M] 1998 Hydrogen Dukebox [CD] Duke 043CD [1st Ed. UK] POSS36419

Various Artists - Trance Anthems [M?/M] 2000 Eurocom Music [CD] ECOM021CD [1st Ed. UK] POSS36420

Various Cast - Walt Disney - The Happiest Millionaire (Cast) (Jack Elliott) [EX/EX] 1967 Vista [LP] STER 5001 [1st Ed. USA] [gf] (stereo) (15 tr.) (Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman: music and lyrics) (Jack Elliott: cond.) (Norman Tokar Film) (Orig. Cast Sound Track) (starring: Fred MacMurrray, Tommy Steele) (Disney) POSS36410

Victor & Eux Ne vois-tu rien venir [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36303

Paul Vincent L'abominable homme des ondes - Marie ses snorounes [VG?/NM] 197x Profil [LP] PRO-5901 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36277

Virginie Secrets dévoilés [M?/M] [CD] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36304

The Vogues Memories [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36357

Wakeman, Rick Aspirant Sunset [NM?/NM] 1990 Sattva Art Music [Cassette] SKV 026 MC [1st Ed. Germany] POSS36448

Watson Beasley Watson Beasley [SS] 197x Unidisc [LP] UNE-1002 [1st Ed. Can.] (1980?) [dh] (blue lbl) (Darlin' I) (Gina Watson and Alfred Beasley) (rec. in Montreal) (Mfd. by Unison) (Distr. CBS Rec. Can.) (Dance Pop) [Sealed] POSS36358

Julius Wechter and The Baja Marimba Band As Time Goes by -White Label- [NM?/NM] 1974 A&M [LP] SP 4298 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36394

Wet Wet Wet Popped in Souled Out [VG+?/EX] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36266

John Williams Earthquake (OST) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36406

John Williams Jaws (OST) [NM?/NM] [LP] [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36407

Norro Wilson Dedicated to Only You [NM?/NM] 196x Smash / Mercury [LP] SRS-67116 [1st Ed. Can.] POSS36368

Peter Wolf Lights Out [SS] 1984 EMI America [LP] SJ-17121 [1st Ed. Can.] [dh] (12 tr.) (Lights Out) Michael Jonzun & Peter Wolf: Prod.) (Mfd. & Distr. by Capitol) [Sealed] POSS36359

Stevie Wonder I Just Called to Say I Love You -2 tr.- [G/VG] 1984 Motown [12] TMGT 1349 [1st Ed. UK] (2 tr.) [P/S] (s.2 Instr.) (45rpm) POSS36258

Klaus Wunderlich Wunderlich Pops International 2 [NM?/NM] 1976 Ace of Clubs [LP] SCL.2083 [1st Ed. Can.] (stereo) (10 tr.) (Fly, Robin, Fly) (A Product of Telefunken Rec.) (SCL. 2083 on lbl) (P 1976 Teldec Rec.) (Lic. Decca) (Mfd. & Distr. by London) (Can. cvr got Ace of Clubs at top right) (organ instr.) (Hammond) POSS36281

Klaus Wunderlich Klaus Wunderlich im Wunderland des Oper - Hammond Gies Opera [NM?/NM] 1972 Ace of Clubs [LP] SCL 2061 [1st Ed. Can.] (stereo) (16 tr.) (Carmen) (A Product of Telefunken Rec.) (SCL. 2061 on lbl) (P 1972) (Lic. Decca) (Mfd. & Distr. by London) (Can. cvr got Ace of Clubs at top right) (organ instr.) (Hammond) POSS36280

Xylos Inc. Pretty Percussion [EX?/EX] 1972 Polydor Medium [LP] 2484 035 [1st Ed. Can.] [dh] (x tr.) POSS36434

Glenn Yarbrough Somehow, Someway [NM?/NM] 196x Warner Bros. [LP] WS 1782 [1st Ed. Can.] [Promo] (Stamped Promo on back cvr) (gold lbl) (stereo) (10 tr.) (Jimmy Bowen: orch.) (Jimmy Bowen: Prod.) 7/10 POSS36369

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