Assorted inserts and Sleeves Only / Records Covers [To Sell]

I keep some inserts for those who are missing some credits inserts or lyrics insert sleeve, posters
Some Records sleeve Only / CD sleeves
NR= No Records / condition of sleeve.
Sometimes it takes year just to find a Good Condition sleeve.

Updated: Feb. 19, 2006

++ SLEEVE ONLY = x [Feb. 200x] [** No Records ** Covers ONLY List]

TO Update 2009

+ Sleeve 7" Sleeve ONLY [P/S]
+ A Taste of Honey Boogie Oogie Oogie [1st Ed. USA] [7"] *4565 [NR/VG] [P/S] Capitol, 78
+ Anka, Paul Put Your Head on My Shoulder [1st Ed. USA] [7"] *ERIC 203 [NR/VG] [P/S] Eric, 7?
+ Starr, Ringo Only You / Call Me [1st Ed. Can.] [7"] *1876 [--/VG] [P/S] Apple, 74
+ McCartney, Paul / Wings/ Listen to What the Man Said [1st Ed. Can.] [7"] *4091 [--/G] [P/S] Capitol, 75
+ McCartney, Paul Coming Up / Coming Up (Live) / Lunch Box / Odd Sox [1st Ed. Can.] [7"] *1-11263 [--/VG-] Columbia, 80
+ Kihn, Greg Band The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'em) / When the Music Starts [1st Ed. USA] [7"] *B-47149 [--/VG+] [P/S] Beserkley, 81
+ Wham Where Did Your Heart Go? / Wham! Rap '86 [1st Ed. Can.] [7"] *38-06294 [NR/VG+] [P/S] Columbia, 86
xx Newton-John, Olivia Physical [1st Ed. Can.] [7"] * [--/--] [P/S]
xx Soundtrack - La Guerre des Etoiles Le Retour du Jedi (OST) (Dominique Paturel: reader) (w. book) [1st Ed. Can.] (mini-lp) [7"] *36822 [NR/VG+] [gf] Buena Vista, 83

++ Insert & lyrics insert, poster ins Only
+ Beach Boys, The Surf, Beat, Fun (compil.) [photo ins] [1st Ed. Ger.] [LP] *SMK 74 133 Capitol, 6?
+ Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (june 1, UK) [ps ins] (glossy insert) [1st Ed. Can.] [LP] *SMAS 2653 Capitol, 67
+ Bronski Beat [lyrics ins] [LP] *828 016
+ Chicago At Carnegie Hall (w. book) (4lp) Columbia, 71
+ Commodores ? [poster ins] (the one with autograph on it)
+ Duguay, Raoul Alllô tôulmônd [lyrics ins] *ST-70.036 Capitol, 75
+ Duguay, Raoul L'envôl [lyrics ins] [1st Ed. Can.] *SKAO 70.042 Capitol, 76
+ ELP Brain Salad Surgery [photo & lyrics ins]
+ Exploited, The Death Before Dishonour [lyrics ins] *88561-8185-1 Rough Justice, 87
+ Ferland, Jean-Pierre Jaune [lyrics ins] [1st Ed. Can.] [LP] *80090 Barclay, 70
+ Ferland, Jean-Pierre Le Showbusiness [lyrics ins] [LP] *80208Y Barclay, 75
+ Fleetwood Mac Rumours [lyrics ins]
+ Flowered Up A Life with Brian [credits in sl] [poster ins] [Lim Ed.] [1st Ed. UK] [LP] *828244.1 London, 91
+ Harmonium Harmonium (Un musicien parmi tant d'autres) [lyrics ins] [1st Ed. Can.] [LP] *CEL-1893 Celebration, 74
+ Harmonium Harmonium (Un musicien parmi tant d'autres) [lyrics ins] [1st Ed. Can.] [LP] *CEL-1893 Celebration, 74
+ Harmonium Harmonium (Un musicien parmi tant d'autres) [lyrics ins] [1st Ed. Can.] [LP] *CEL-1893 Celebration, 74
+ John, Elton Rock of the Westies[lyrics ins] [credits in sl] [Ed. USA] *2163 MCA, 75
+ McGarrigle, Kate & Anna Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse [lyrics ins] [1st Ed. Can.] *KD-990 Kébec-Disc, 78
+ Presley, Elvis Elvis in Hollywood (compil.) (w. book) [20 pages photo booklet] [1st Ed. Can.] *KSL1-7053 [VG+] (mustard lbl) RCA Special Products, 76
+ Stevens, Cat Greatest Hits (june) [poster ins] [1st Ed. Can.] [LP] *SP-4519 A & M, 75
+ Stewart, Rod Foot Loose & Fancy Free (w. book) [credits ins] *KBS 3092 WB, 77
+ Thibeault, Fabienne Fabienne Thibeault [lyrics ins] [1st Ed. Can.] [LP] *K.D.906 Kébec-Disc, 76
+ Yes Yessongs [photo ins] (booklet)
+ Petits Violons, Les Les Petits Violons (La légende du feu) [1st Ed. Can.] [LP] *LUL.505 Airedale, 76
+ Various Artists 1 fois 5 (Charlebois, Deschamps, Ferland, Léveillée, Vigneault) (Live) (w. book) [1st Ed. Can.] (2lp) [LP] *KD 923/924 Kébec-Disc, 76
+ Claude, Renée Ce soir je fais l'amour avec toi (& le Ville Émard Blues Band) [lyrics ins] [1st Ed. Can.] [LP] *80177 Barclay, 73

++ CD cover Only [Back Sleeves Front Sleeves]
+ Backstreet Boys The Singles [Box Only] (5lp) [1st Ed. UK?] [MCD] *RTD 104.3341.2 Jive, 97
+ Bjork Army of Me [Front Sleeve Only] [1st Ed. Can.] CD [NR/M] One Little Indian, 95
+ Dystrophy [Front sl only] [1st Ed. Ger.?] [CD] [NR/VG+] Nuclear Blast, 9?
+ Everclear Sparkle and Fade [1st Ed. Can.] [Back Sleeve Only] [M] Capitol, 95
+ Gorguts Obscura (Advance Music) [Front Sleeve Only] [Promo] [1st Ed. Can.] [MCD] *SLIP-AD 105 Slipdisc/Olympic,98
Incubator Symphonies of Spiritual Cannibalism [1st Ed. Ger.] [CD] *084-57072 [NR/NM] SPV, 91
+ Machine Head The More Things Change [Sleeves Only] [1st Ed. Can.] CD [NR/M] Attic, 95
+ Various Artists (Zine) Knuckletracks XII - (BW & BK mag) (april 1999) (17 tr.) [Front Sleeve Only] [1st Ed. Can.] CD Knuckle, 99
+ Residents Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses [1st Ed. USA] [Back Sleeve Only] [NR/M] Ryko/Cryptic, 97

Updated: Feb. 19, 2006

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