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DEADSTATION Metal CD Review [August 2002]
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The ROCK List -

August 2002

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles [USA] (Heavy M, Grind) 01

Dr. Braindead [Germany] - The Brain (Metal) 02
King [Slovakia] - Royal Metal (Metal) 01
Lunatic Gods [Slovakia] - The Wilderness (Death/Black M) 01
Ceremonial Castings [USA] - Into the Black Forest of Witchery (Black M) 02
Byfist [USA] - Adrenalin (Metal) 02
Havochate [USA] - Violent Earth [advanced cd] (Metal) 02
The Prophecy [UK] - To End All Hopes (Black M) 02
Serpent [Sweden] - Art of War (Brutal Death) 02
Tears of Decay [Germany] - Saprophyt (Brutal Death) 02

Lunatic Gods - The Wilderness
Shindy (2001) [Ed. Czech.] CD. 11 tr.
Death Metal, Epic. (Slovakia 1993)

OK Lunatic Gods is an excellent band. The band is there for a while now (1993).
Their Third album "The Wilderness" is a work from a band which go deeper in their Death Metal composition. It's Death/Black Metal but with atmospheric blend
All guitars are optimised. There's reminiscing of their musical roots from Slovakia and it is welcome. Great vox by Horar.
They now deserve to be well known to all Metal fans around.

Extra credits: track 10. - The Wilderness.

Johnny @
**** 8/10 - August 2002.

King - Royal MetalKing - Royal Metal
indie (System Shock, Ger.) (2001) CD-R. 7 tracks
Heavy Metal, Alternative Death Metal (Slovakia)
*Former Lunatic Gods keyboards player (Ivan Kral)
URL: http: //
Contact: King

System Shock Records

Slovakia! OK I'm far from home.
But yes there's Metal Bands out there and they are good players. Formerly from the Band "Lunatic Gods" (See the Review on this page) keyboard player, King (Ivan Kral) made is own album. European Alternative Death Metal with keyboards oriented music. Royal Metal is a promising 1st album well paced, Loud and Heavy. Reminiscing of Grip Inc. in the way of writing. As it is a CD-R I listened to, surrounding ambiance is missing and guitar are not Mixed to kick you in the face. (I hate CD-R..all sounds tiny...bass is lost)
Hirax (from Lunatic Gods) did a great job on this album too.

Best track: Killing Fields

Johnny @ ROCK List / DEADSTATION Metal.
***‡ 6.5/10 - August 2002.

Dr. Braindead - The Brain
indie (2002) [Demo] CD-R. 9 tracks
Thrash Metal, Death Metal (Germany 1997)
One man band (5 pieces band...)
URL: Not at this time

Dr. Braindead is a Thrash / Speed / Death Metal Blend and a One Man band project of Dirk in Germany. A lot of work in these 9 tracks self-played and programmed by a promising player. There's many echoes of late 80's Speed-Thrash metal music with melodic guitar solos all around. The Vox is good too.
Take it as a demo, then drums sounds a little bit tiny (always a prob with old drum machine) but the programming is cool.
Sure that Dr. Braindead would have much more qualities to give out with a 4 musicians outfit. The writing is there to produce a good album.
Fast and Loud!

best tracks: Bonecrusher, Cancer

Johnny @ DEADSTATION Metal
***‡ 6.5/10 - August 2002.

Ceremonial CastingsCeremonial Castings - Into the Black Forest of Witchery
Dark Forest Productions (2002) CD-R. 9 tracks.
Black Metal, Brutal Metal (MA, USA 1996)
Dark Forest Productions
P.O. Box 306
Athol Ma. 01331.
CD: $8 (+2 ship US) (+3 International)

By Far the Best Album I heard this Year and one the Most promising Band around!
PURE Sickness!! Ceremonial Castings might/must Be Signed till the End of 2002.
All 9 tracks are Perfect...(not nearly Perfect) It's so difficult to find records which are listenable from the beginning to the end without flaws somewhere.
Black Metal / Brutal Band . Speed, Loudness, Balance, Mosh, Thrash, Consistency, Excellent musicianship, true Raw Vocal. What do You need?... Dimmu Borgir, Deeds of Flesh, M Creation, Mayhem...

This is an offering for Real Fuckin' Metalheads who are "IN" for Pure Xtreme Metal at its best.
Again, I'm Glad to hear a Great Band coming from the USA.

We are speaking of a Dynamic Duo here:
The Serpent- lead vox, guitar
OldNick-keyboards, synth., piano

Extra credits: ALL tracks. A Must.

Johnny @ DEADSTATION Metal []
***** 10/10 - August 2002.

Serpent - Art of War
indie (2002) [EP] 5 tr. [CD-R]
Brutal Death Metal (Sweden 199?)

Cool sleeve... a Tank.
Art of War is a good demo. But the whole style is suffering of renewal, new ideas must be considered. It's plain Brutal Death Metal...and this time US Band seems ruling in this domain since a while.
It sounds like 94-95 Black Metal. Lack of writing is the main point here. Musicians are good. Anyway it's a demo and that's why we produced have feedback.

Review To finish...
***** 6/10 - August 2002.

SaprophytTears of Decay - Saprophyt
indie (2002) [CDR] 11 tracks
Brutal Death Metal (Germany 98)
Contact: Michael []

Mega-Blast All around. If You're into Brutal Death Metal this Band's for Ya.
I simply dig it all the way. Really promising band and I'd be pleased to see them on tour.
I'm not too much into German Metal usually but this band hooked me with a Powerful Music and cool vox.

Formed in 98 Tears of Decay made a MCD in 2000 and now offer this New slamming album: Saprophyt. 11 tracks full of Grind and Brutal Metal but with good writing skills. Excellent drummer and guitar too. There's some meat around the bone...
Waiting for the next offering gang and good luck!

Potential AOR hit: Homo homini Deus Est.
Extra credits: Is there a Metal Label in Germany?... Listen and sign these guys.

Johnny X @ ROCK List / DEADSTATION Metal []
***** 9/10 - August-Oct. 2002.
1. Intro
2. Blind Reality
3. Tears of Decay
4. Der Übermensch
5. Bellum omnium contra omnes
6. Homo homini deus est pt.2
7. Soul suicide
8. Saprophyt
9. Kill-Fuck-Die
10. Outro

Hidden Track: Schuppenficker
Fuck the Commerce III Videos:
1. Saprophyt
2. Negative Determination of Life & Everything

Byfist - Adrenalin
Saba Records (2002) CD-R. 4 tracks. [EP]
Heavy Metal, Speed Metal (USA 1996)
Saba Records
P.O. Box 1098
Helotes, Texas 78023 USA

OK, by the time I'm writing this, Davey & Notch has joined Reverend and looking for a New Vocalist to finish their Byfist album.
I think the guy would have to stay with Reverend...
I listened to this 4 tracks demo EP called "Adrenalin" about 4 times and still scratchin' my brain on it. Why the Hell Musicians wanna relive the past? What's that joke about playing the Heavy / Speed Metal of Anthrax or Mercyful Fate...
I'm into Progression (if not, I would say only Black Sabbath "Master of Reality" is the Metal album to listen and everything since then is crappy). I like, as many of us, listening to Old School Metal for sure but I won't listen to New Band trying to play this style. We are in 2002... I prefer listening to Anathema (even if it's slow as hell) than listening to any Bang Yer head Licks coming from the 80's

Byfist was produced by David Wayne of (Reverend) and formally of Metal Church and engineered by Joe Floyd of Warrior.
Sure, yes, the production is good...sounds exactly as 1983-84 Metal.
Vox is full of Ahhh (high-pitched)... But You know...Metal Church was Far to be to best and innovative band of the 80's. I gotta dig out my Old records to find all the names to fix it to all these "new" NWOBHM or Old School Bands followers...
I remember there was Retro music in the 70's (Elvis, Buddy Holly and 50's rnr)
Now in the 00's we Retro to (Metallica, Venom, Anthrax, Iron Maiden ++:-) Come on...There's Plenty of band working hard to renew the genre and we would stick to 80's stuff?...

Not that Byfist is not good though. It's good metal for those who likes the genre and the guitars are great. But I'm rather radical/looking for innovation in Music.

Byfist is currently searching for the right vocalist to finish off the new album. If you have what it takes please send your demo to Saba.

? - Vocals(could be you)
Davey Lee - lead guitar
Notch Vara - guitar
Jess Vara - drums
Perry Aarn- bass

Johnny @ ROCK List / DEADSTATION Metal.
*** 5.5/10 - August 2002.

Prophecy - To End All HopesThe Prophecy - To End All Hopes
indie (2002) [EP] 4 tr. [CD-R]
Gothic / Doom / Death Metal (UK 199?)
( [dead lk]
URL: Contact:

I Must admit first, that's my Kind of Death/Black Metal Music. So I liked it at first listening.

Crossing between Samael kind of paced / slow black Metal, guitar bottom sound, and the vocals a Mix of Samael "Ceremony of the opposites" and Carcass [All this must give you a hint if you like it or not]. Synths are used but only to give deeper sound in the music.
The Prophecy is a promising band from UK. There's atmosphere in it. It's a Power Trio, Karen MacLoud played violin in some tracks.

1st track Silent Descent is More CoF style oriented..slow and Fast Black M . But the Growling is still like Carcass [Jeez...what a band...remember?]

The other 3 tracks are in same the Vein, much more Slow Death.
I expect they will write other Fast tracks, they are real good at it and Gothic/Slow Death Music can be really dull after 3 listening ;-)
Labels must consider this band for a future release. The band seems ready to hit the studio.

Greg O'Shea- guitars, bass, keyboards
Matt Lawson- lead vox
John Bennett- drums

Extra Credits: Overall Production and lead vocals.

Johnny @ DEADSTATION Metal
**** 7.5/10 - August 2002.

Havochate - 3 Song Advance CD
from the Upcoming Album "This Violent Earth"
Havochate (2001) CD. 3 tracks. [EP]
Death Metal, Technical Metal (NY, USA 1998)

Nothing new under the sun. Havochate is one these hundreds New Death Metal Band from USA.
I know that many US guitar players was into Pantera Music style and kind of riff. The problem is that all the New Death Metal I've heard from USA lately was a blend of Malevolent Creation / Slayer / Pantera. Straight forward, Heavy, Loud (Like God Forbid.)
I admit that I'm not too much in this Heavy style. Guys are condemned to make opening acts 'till Death.
HavocHate is OK (even the singer gave Free Promo CDs at the end of the show here. cool) But I think it needs Salt or Pepper. A bit too much "Monolitic"! 3 tracks from a full album who will need much more "Variations" or ambiance somewhere. Even Morbid Angel or Incantation got that things which bring you out of the way and "God" knows how they are/were Xtreme.

Johnny X @ DEADSTATION Metal []
*** 6/10 - August 2002.

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles - Bigger Than Ron Jeremy
WFHPSO (2001) CD
Heavy Metal, Grind, Core (Atlanta, GA, USA 1994)

Review To Come... Don't Be discouraged...
I only Need time to write paddind to simply state that I love this Kind of Grind Core Metallic Guys!!! Reallly Cool with Pure Fun...

Extra credits: Roll Out the Barrel

Johnny X @ DEADSTATION Metal
**** 7/10 - August 2002.

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