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DEADSTATION Metal CD Review [November 2001]
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The ROCK List -

November 2001

SerberusSerberus- Our Dying Grave [MCD]
Serberus [Independent] (2001)
5 tracks MCD + Enhanced CD
from Colorado, USA
Brutal Death Metal

Colorado is a New Metal Klondike. There's a real great Metal Scene there, like in Texas. Serberus 1st Offering is a good debut CD. Death Metal straight line. Vox a bit like M. Angel. Good musicianship. If You're into Death Metal old style it's a band to watch.

- JX November 2001
*** 7/10

Dark Legion
Dark LegionDark Legion - Bloodshed
Deadsun (2001)
10 tracks

Dark Legion [Off.] - Brutal Death Metal (Poland 1994) ‡no

I think you have to take a closer look to Deadsun Records Releases. This NEW Label seems to follow the path of other great French labels as Osmose Prod., Adipocere and Holy. Metal Quality and New Great Band albums. Dark Legion is a great Brutal Death Metal band from Poland. You won't waste yer money in buying this CD if You like band like Cryptopsy.

. - JX November 2001
**** 8.5/10

UmbakrailUmbakrail -In Unity "Païenne"
Deadsun (2001)
8 tracks

Umbakrail [Off.] - Black Metal (France 1998?) ‡no

A Black Metal Band from France with some French lyrics tracks. Cool! Vox is really morbid. The production is missing on this recording though. The drums sounds like an electronic drums and the guitar seems to be recorded on a 4 tracks basement demo. Umbakrail is a one Man Band project by S'aamed. I think ideas must be developed further in a next release. A bit overall repetitive. I wouldn't have released this as an album but rather as a good demo.

. - JX November 2001
*** 5.5/10

EdiciusEdicius - Edicius [MCD]
Deadsun (2001)
10 tracks MCD

Edicius [Off.] - Black Metal (France 2000) ‡no

Black Metal at its Best. Great Release from a New French Band. You can easily compare it to Marduk. Those guys knows how to play. I really dig the album at first. Xtreme Metal for crazy handbangers. We'll have to observe this band next releases to follow their progression to the top front of the Metal Scene.
To discover!!! Now!

. - JX November 2001
**** 8.5/10


Deadsun Records
Deadsun Records (France)

Gurkkhas +

Bolt Thrower
Next Year!

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