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DEADSTATION Metal CD Review [June 2001]
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The ROCK List -

June 2001


Sweet DistortionSweet Distortion- Missing Links
Independent (2001)
from Montreal, Quebec
New Metal

Sweet Distortion is a promising Metal Band from Quebec playing some kind of Rap Metal, Death Metal
with an Infectious Groove. I heard into this music: ICP + Anthrax + Thrash Metal. "Kiss My Ass" is the track which gives a good idea of the band. - JX June 2001
**** 8/10

Notes from SD: Email
Ici Sweet Distortion, un nouveau band de néo-métal, de style Pantera en
passant par Slipknot/System of a Down, avec notre propre touche originale et résolument moderne.

Gnostic - Necroblitoration
Independent (2000)
[2 tracks Promo]
Black War Metal
Gnostic [Off.] - Black Metal, War Metal (Texas, USA 97) ‡

What happen in Texas? Really...Killer Bands are invading the Metal scene since a bit! Gnostic is in this category. Take No Prisoners!!! Xtreme Black Metal in the waves of Marduk, Impaled Nazarene +++ It's a Power Trio too. We can only wait for the 2001 full album release to order a copy. 2 short tracks on this Promo CD but Full Power: Dissecting the Heavens + Infernal Heretic Allegiance. I'm into Xtreme Black and I really appreciated Gnostic....They Call it WAR Metal and sure it is. - JX June 2001
**** 9/10

Dawndeath Incinerator -Tomb of Corporeal Butchery
Stench / Thoughtbludgeon (2001)
Brutal Death Metal
from USA

Another great band is born to simply aches our ears till death. DI is a great 2001 album. USA Band. Brutal and Xtreme as We all like it. - ****8.5/10

HolocaustHolocaust [Off.] - Heavy Metal (UK 79?)

A Promising MCD from a NWOBHM Band. OK They are not Black nor Death but
they stick to their style with the sound of 21st Century. - *** 6.5/10

Ron Levine from Holocaust may be familiar with us from Metallica covering "The Small Hours."
We are going to be recording our new CD "PRIMAL" in late summer/early fall (to be followed by a US tour) and we
have a three song demo CD available

Item/description Inside US Outside US
New demo CD w/stickers $5 $10
Live Meltdown festival video (includes The Small Hours) $10 $15
Nightcomers shirt (blue on black, limited!!) $15 $20
Primal shirt (silver on black, skeletal bat design, limited!!) $15 $20
Promotional band photo (color) $8 $10
Fully autographed promotional band photo (b/w) $12 $15

Ron Levine
53B High St.
Waltham, MA 02453

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4- Making an album is a Lot of Work and Sweat (Even a Simple DEMO)
If I can Help in Promoting Band, that's it!
Johnny X, 01

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