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DEADSTATION Metal CD Review [July 2001]
Chris' Metal Corner
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The ROCK List -

July 2001

I'm Proud to Present a New Contributer for The Rock List Website.

Mr. Chris Mason from Boston, MA, USA.
The "Chris' Metal Corner". will be attributed to him and His Views about ROCK Music
Welcome Chris!
- Johnny X - June 2001

Chris' Metal Corner [Reviews]

Chris Mason

Abscess - Tormented
Decent Production
Necropolis (2001)

The cover says "featuring members of Ravenous, Autopsy, Death, and Hexx!!!" i got excited...that lasted about 2 minutes. Abscess is a band that sounds like they are trying to revive the late 80's to early 90' is slow to moderate speed death metal. or if you want to describe it to your friend in better detail you could say its 3 chords, slightly experimental, boring, outdated, disappointing "death/gore" metal. if you have been yearning for bands like Autopsy and Driller Killer (who are better). then this band is for you....but when it comes to rehashing old death metal....i'll stick to Morbid Angel
.- Chris. June 2001

Various - World Domination 2
Osmose Productions (1997)
Varied Recording Techniques
***** 10/10

Disk 1: Vital Remains, Marduk, Driller Killer, Necromantia, Angel Corpse, Immortal, Dark Tranquility, Gehhenah, Enslaved, Swordmaster, Inferno, Demoniac, Absu.

Disk 2: Impaled Nazerene, Bewitched, Disfear, Raism, Swordmaster, Tsattoggua, Mystifier, Loud Pipes, The Rocking Dildos, Sadistik Execution, Gardenian, Devilyn, Conquerer, Majestic Midnight, G.../O...-L-A-L...-C....

This is a 2 CD compilation of Osmose Productions. this label is one of my favorites. with bands like Vital Remains, Marduk, Swordmaster, and Impaled Nazerene you can't go wrong. this comp has been in steady rotation since 97 for me and i consider it to be one of my best disks...its that good. the second disk is practically all unreleased material with a special bonus at the end that's totally hilarious...i have no idea who is in the band (g.../o...-l-a-l...-c....) but all i can say is....they have no idea how to play the the CD if you can find'll know what i mean...
- Chris. June 2001

Gorguts - From Wisdom To Hate
Olympic / Century Media (2000?)
Superb Recording
from Quebec
***** 10/10

What can someone possibly say about Gorguts that hasn't been said before?..they are totally amazing, absolutely incredible and one of the most underrated metal bands of all time. for some stupid reason these guys never made it to the top of the heap. they're song structures are mind boggling, the musicianship is intense and the feeling they leave you with is bewilderment. its hard for me to simply call these guys death metal. so i wont...i will call them lifes blood instead. they're music is inspiring, some of the best musicians i know listen to them like they listen to Coltrane and Miles they are studying the music. and for good reason...Gorguts could teach us all what metal really is. these guys are musical gods....can you tell i like them or should i clarify it some more?..BUY THIS ALBUM.
- Chris. June 2001

Shadow Keep - Corruption Within
Limb Music ()

So you can't get enough queensryche huh?...well then i have the band for you!..personally i cant listen to queensryche...i tried in the early 90's because all i heard was rave reviews ..but its not for me......i can however recognize good music when i hear it even if i don't like it (its a little trick i use called an open mind)..anyway...these guys are good for what they do, tight as hell and a great singer..theres a girl in the band which is a nice change in the metal scene..but all in all this is queensryche's little brother..they even do a queensryche song at the end...they know who they're daddy is...
- Chris. June 2001

Reign Of Erebus - Of Blackest Magik
Blackened (2000) this is black metal and its ok...but why do they look like gangsters on the inside?...they've all got guns and they're pointing them at you....i don't get it...anyway..theres a girl!..and shes hot!...but that might be the best praise these guys get from me...this is pretty unimaginative metal if you ask me..they come from the Emperor/Peccatum/Therion school of black metal...but i don't think we're dealing with the best student in that class...its also hinting at Cradle of Filth a little bit in they're song structure...i wish i could say better things about this band but i just don't see the need for another clone in the black metal scene...maybe its just me...this record is listenable because its just like 4000 other bands trying to be the next Emperor/COF...sorry guys and gal go home shoot off your cool guns for awhile then put them away and try again..
- Chris. June 2001

Lord Sheldon Of Messiah-S/T
Platinum Records ()

This my friends may quite possibly be the worst album i've ever heard...there is nothing like a bunch of overweight 40+ year old men that all of a sudden decide they are metal and try to write a "Metal" album for the kids...who are they trying to fool here?...i can't even believe this was must be funded by some church or is a lyrical sample from the geniuses of metal..."its year 2000 rock and roll-its a brand new sound for your soul, lets rock and roll through the year yeah!, its a happy place for you and me baby, its year 2000-lets share a place in harmony, in the year 2000 rock and roll, oh-its a brand new sound for your soul, lets rock and roll-yeah-oh"...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...i'm not sure i can continue this review with out falling off my chair....
- Chris. June 2001

The LocustThe Locust - The Locust
Gold Standard Laboratories (1999)
(Japanese Import)
from San Diego, California

Oh my God!...where do i begin...The Locust was birthed by a band called the Swing Kids who were legendary in they're own time for the energy they put out during live performances and they're sometimes jazzy punk/emocide...well that's all changed now and they are currently creating some of the most chaotic spazz core around that i can personally think of...oh yeah and did i mention theres a keyboardist?...don't laugh its good shit!...if your a fan of bands like Discordance Axis and Agoraphobic Nosebleed or the Crimson'll love this. buy everything by The Locust or you will find out to late what you missed when you had the chance.
- Chris. June 2001

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OctinomosOctinomos - Fuckhole Armageddon
Necropolis + Baphomet (2001)
from Sweden
***** 10/10

Wow...ok...this guy is seriously messed up....Octinomos made a record because he hates journalists...but not just journalists mind you...everybody else too...he wrote a manifesto for the sleeve that explains it all...he's on a mission from hell to rid the world of humans...the music you ask?...insane..extreme..punishing...brutal...all words that are fit for a description for him...this round, thin, plastic piece of pure violence and hate was all done by one man...keyboards, guitars, drums, bass, vocals....Octinomos is out to kill you and if you let him you will die happy. this is an absolute MUST it out. no disappointments here....even if the liner notes of the CD were written in blood this could not be anymore brutal.
- Chris. June 2001

+ Johnny X quick Review: Simply Xtreme! A must for all Black Metal Listeners... 9/10

Discordance Axis - The Inalienable Dreamless
Hydrahaed Records (2000)
Discordance Axis - Reincarnation
Devour (1999?)
from USA

If you don't know about Discordance Axis by are way behind. this is legendary territory. these guys in they're 6+ years of being together have played only 6 shows...that's right 6...3 in japan and 3 in the states....i've caught 1 show...un-fuckin-forgettable this is grindcore at its max!!...the drummer is one of the best in the world in my opinion...he has been in incredible bands in the past and is in a couple amazing acts at the moment..Burnt by the Sun, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Black Army Jacket, East West Blast Test, etc...DA is a 3 piece that sounds like an army of japanese soldiers banging on pots and pans as fast as they can while torturing an entire nation of children and sewer monsters for the vocals...these guys destroy music and rebuild it with pain in mind. i cant think of anything more extreme then this. if you don't buy these records you are not my friend anymore. nothing compares.
- Chris. June 2001

Melt Banana - At Light Velocity
Tsadtizk(?) (1998)

Melt to describe this wonderful creation of....grind/jazz/metal/punk?..first off lets just get out of the way that this record is a live studio release produced by john zorn the infamous jazz/metal hybridist. when i first heard melt banana i laughed..."what is this stuff?" i just sounded a little like merzbow at the begining...all over the place and fast about it..noisy but not really at the same time...i think this is a band for people that also appreciate free jazz...they take electronica/punk/crust/jazz/hip hop/metal/grind and throw it all into one little blender and let it spill out over the sides...nothing is supposed to blend this well..but they have found the key to pulling it off quite well......the singer is a girl who can speak very little english..but all the songs are english so its kinda funny...not to mention that they are also stream of conscience broken poetry from someone with a bad injury from a microwave accident. these guys deserve major credit for what they have accomplished. they are getting bigger over here as opposed to japan where they are almost a house hold name from what i hear. check these guys will blow your mind.
- Chris. June 2001

Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing
Hydrahead Records (1998)
from Boston, USA

Well.... to say these guys are Boston based heavyweight's is a goddamn understatement...these guys at one point controlled an entire scene and not just in Boston...ever wonder where all those metal/hardcore bands are coming from?...they're coming from a converge show...and they all wish they were as cool as them. converge takes metal riffs and change structures and plays them at light speed..and they've been doing it for almost 10 years now...remember hardcore shows?...fists in the air, pile on's, dancing like you know karate?...well they do to and they're music shows it. this band is also by the way responsible for such spin offs as cave in and old man gloom. converge is metal. no doubt about it. but they are also everything your favorite hardcore band was....
- Chris. June 2001

Left For Dead - Splitting Heads
Phyte ()

Oh yeah...this is definitly (str)HATEedge hardcore...these guys would kick my ass if they knew me..not only are/were they part of the whole straight edge resurgence with a vengence scene but they are homicidal. they don't like you and they really want to tell you that...loud, fast, and angrily...but to bad for them they happen to be awesome and so i like them...alot..this is brutal hardcore. if you want to hear some awesome in your face with a baseball bat and facemask hardcore music this is it...forget about Earth Crisis ..they're rock stars...they cant be bothered to kill you anymore.
- Chris. June 2001

OpethOpeth - Blackwater Park
Century Media (2001)
**** 9/10

W-o-w!...i love it. these guys didn't impress upon me they're musical genius for years. but now! they have! a matter of fact once i heard this album i bought everything by them...i finally understand...these guys have a vision of music..albeit prog-black metal it is wonderful...opeth doesnt just make music they make worlds ..and the worlds are impressive, romantic, brutal and surreal. just like did that happen?..they've got a cult following all over the world and i am now a proud member. if you weren't impressed before take another look with blackwater park and you may just change your mind. this comes highly recommended.
- Chris. June 2001

Marduk - La Grande Danse Macabre
Century Media (2001)
from Finland

Marduk Marduk Marduk...why am i even writing this review? should know by now that marduk has been around for a long time and they are considered to be one of the top and over the top black metal bands out there...blah blah blah...Marduk's good...i love them . they're not the most symphonic thing you've ever heard but they are totally punishing.. they're music doesn't give up until you have become one with the pavement. they set out to be the most blasphemous metal band ever and while i don't know about that, they are trying they're hardest with songs like "jesus christ...sodomized", "of hells fire", "fist fucking gods planet" and an album named fuck me you get the point. if your not a fan of god Marduk is for you.
- Chris. June 2001

Pivot - Natural Selection
Ass Exploding Music ()

Self described as "Pop-Death Metal".....'nuff said. these guys suck incredibly bad...and im not just saying that...i know fact they're my being really nice here. please don't make me go on with this review.....
- Chris. June 2001

Chris Mason USA

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