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DEADSTATION Metal CD Review [December 2002]
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December 2002

Loss [NJ, USA] - Loss (Thrash, Death Metal) 02
Deathfrost [Holland] - Search Area (Black Metal) Cynoptik, 02
7th Nemesis [France] - 3 tracks Promo (eXtreme Metal) indie 02
Umin [PA, USA] - Revolt! (Grindcore) 02
Detrusion [MA, USA] - Yield One's Breath (Ambient) DFP, 02
Cradle Of Filth - From Cradle to the Grave DVD/VHS released on Chrome Dreams - Record Label (London, UK)
Mystery Blue [France] - 3 tracks Demo (Metal) indie 02
Divine Noise Attack [Germany] - Soulless Something (Grind) 02
Avalon [Canada] - Avalon II (H Metal, Prog. Metal) Fractal, 01

Cradle of Filth - The Unauthorized BiographyCradle Of Filth - From the Cradle to the Grave - The Unauthorized Biography
(70min.) [1st Ed. UK] [DVD] *CVIS 312
Chrome Dreams (2002) [DVD + VHS Format]
Chrome Dreams - Record Label (London, UK)
Both DVD and VHS versions of this product are available at all major record
stores and can also be obtained via the Chrome Dreams website
( and the Amazon Internet store

I just discover Chrome Dreams from UK (Specialized in Biography, Interview CDs and Books) and their catalog of VHS/DVD/Books is full of good artists (Pearl Jam, Beatles, Billie Holiday, Charles Bukowski to name a few, check the website). But with the Cradle Of Filth DVD documentary I've just watched on my Mac G4 (Yes!!) I'm really impressed by the high quality of the reporting. 70 minutes of Entertaining stuff on one of the Best Black Metal Band in the World "Cradle Of Filth".

Photos, Interviews, history with the Band Members and staff members, art director, manager, promoter, jounalists, fan.

Gothic Fans it's a must! Only for the collection of Cool CoF photos, Gothic imagery and Gothic photos/drawing, Vampire movies samples all around the movie.

Yes Cradle Of Filth is now trendy (!!!) but come on if you think that the band signed on Sony after releasing a bullshit dance demo....NO. CoF is not Ricky Martin...btw where is he..?
These guys knows the roots of Black metal: Bathory, Celtic Frost...venom. I'M an eXtreme Metal fan and I still like Cradle Of Filth I even saw them 2 times and they worked hard to be one of the best act around. (Do I Have to explain that Black Sabbath was put down by the majority in the mid-70's...)

This Video is great for young musicians who wanna learn the process to become a great band in staying heavy as hell. Rehearsal, rehearsal, playing live, good musicianship, great Ideas and some luck too.

Interviews covers the beginning of the band well explained by Paul (keyboards) to a meeting with Stu art conceptor of T-Shirt and cover-sleeve of Cof and many more...yes girls, Dani Filth is featured :-). Satanism, corpse painting, vampiric women, Xtreme Music all elements who made Cof what they are today. The presentation stay on a serious reporting level ...that's the difference with USA reports...
A really well-done Chrome Dreams product from UK.

A DVD/VHS to add to yer Metal Music Collection!
*VHS version contain full discography + bonus photos.

Extra Credits: Editing

Johnny X @ DEADSTATION Metal.
****‡ 9/10 - November 2002.

Umin - Revolt! 2002 Grindcore USAUmin - Revolt!
Umin Hate Ya (2002) [Demo] 19 tr.
Grindcore (Frazer, Philadelphia, USA)
4 pieces band: Ault, Phil, Jimpt, Dr. Fear: loud-talker
URL: not at this time

Umin got potential, Raw Grindcore from Subterranean. Vox are crazy and it's real fun. Even as a Demo (or indie release?) the band sounds good. Good production guys. And the band is tight.

Yes I know they want to become the funkiest band in town with the cool cover of "That's the Way...I Like it" but sorry guys, no chance :-)
Guitar is great solo in 28min. that's enough for yer kind of music. Concentration is on Riffing to Grind yer Ear off.
Raw stuff but Cool stuff and I lift my thumb up. Umin will grind you!

Potential AOR Hit: Go to War on Drugs
Extra Credits: Production, vocals

Johnny @ ROCK List / DEADSTATION Metal.
***‡ 7/10 - December 2002.

Divine Noise Attack Soulless SomethingDivine Noise Attack- Soulless Something
(2002) CD-R Preview release. 12 tr. (37min.)
Death Metal (Germany)

These German Axe Grinders knows how to play metal. It's straight forward Grind & Death Metal no synth., no black, no Progressive music in any way. But it sounds ok for me because Quality is there. Guitar sounds great, drummer is tight and the vox is alright. The kind of band which might be very good Live.

Divine Noise Attack are not beginners, Christian Schulze on vocal was in "Our Souls" in the early 90's then Cornucopia (now DNA); both band made their mark in German Underground Metal scene.

Ready to hit new levels the band will release "Soulless Something" under their New Band Name "Divine Noise Attack" in Winter 2002. This offering will attracts Major labels I'm pretty sure of it and will establish the band as a leader in German Metal music.

Best Tracks: 6-7

Johnny @ DEADSTATION Metal []
**** 8/10 - December 2002.

Detrusion - Yield One's Breath
Dark Forest Productions (2002) CD-R. 11 tr. (50min.)
Ambient, Dark Ambient (MA, USA)
Dark Forest Productions
P.O. Box 306
Athol Ma. 01331.

For those who knows a bit about me you've learn that I'm a Music listener and I'm wide open for anything which is good. Detrusion is Really good Ambient stuff made by the members of Ceremonial Castings one of the hottest Black Metal Band I heard this year.

Then the guys are musicians and can easily play cool stuff on synthesizer and still being brilliant. That's the way, when you've got talent you make good music and Detrusion is a really great project by the Ceremonial Castings members (Jack & Nick Superchi). Ambient, Dark Ambient, relaxing moods, creativity. Reminiscing a bit of Vangelis (maybe because of the Synth. sounds used). I'm not into New Age and usually I hate it but Ambient sounds are simply better for me (i.e.: Scorn, Beherit...)
Always glad to hear some musicians which are like me: I play Metal and I play synth. too on my Mac making some noise with it.

So I just hope that the guys will be hooked by a label somewhere: hushhush or a Metal label because this demo is simply ready to be released on the market.
Is it enough said?

Extra Credits: after 45min. of Cool Ambient Music we got an excellent techno cover of Blue Oyster Cult "The Reaper" ...YEAH!

Johnny X @ ROCK List / DEADSTATION Metal []
****† 8.5/10 - November 2002.

Mystery Blue - 3 tracks Demo
indie (2002) CD-R. 3 tr.
Heavy Metal (France 1985)

Back in 1984...when Dio, Accept, Iron Maiden ruled... Nothing new under the sun but the band would be really good if they were playing more 2000's oriented music. The vox is good too, it's a girl.
This band would have been of the best if they had released their demo in 1982... :-)
Review to finish...

Sorry Gang...I stopped on yer website...Yes Mystery Blue is a Band coming from the 80's...Almost from the NWOBHM...
It's then Legitimate that you pursue on yer way but....we need something new under the are good. Work on yer composition a little bit more.
Sounds a bit like Raven...with Nathalie who got a Geddy Lee style of vocals on the high pitch

NDR: I think I'm really tired of Heavy Metal after all...I stopped listening to it the day I heard 84....Maybe YOU the reader can still listen to it ...but I've always chosen the Xtreme way...

Last Release: Spirit of Your Song (1998)

Johnny @ DEADSTATION Metal
*** 6/10 - December 2002.

7th Nemesis - 3 tracks Promo
indie (2002) [CC] [MCD] [Ed. France]
eXtreme Metal, Brutal Death Metal (France 2000)

OK Amis Francais!
7th Nemesis can make yer Head bang til' death. Une tempete dans un verre d'eau.
Sure this band got potential for a Full CD Release. But It's real fun to listen to only 3 tracks when everything sounds so cool.
They got their own studio and Yes the production is great gang, that's it when you got time to work on yer Music. I like Metal band which put bottom on their music. American recordings sounds is so high...but I'm used with Black Sabbath, Purple, ears are used with muffed sounding...

Artworks are special too on yer sleeve....good taste.
Brutal Death Metal...Faster as Hell. 3rd track called ""Phoenix Resurrection" show some of the Aerial side of the band possibilty.
But it's Pure FAST the Impaled Nazarene way...

Another Band to discover, Good luck! Vive la France!!
Un groupe a decouvrir maintenant! 7th Nemesis...

doivent etre tres bon Live
**Special request: Could you make a Gainsbourg cover (reprise) on yer Next release..;-)

Alex, Andrew, Matt, Sargon, Xavier...The Scourge is now released...

2 thumbs up. Yer on the good Path!

Extra credits: Lead vox, musicianship

Johnny X @ ROCK List / DEADSTATION Metal []
****† 8.5/10 - December 2002.

Yeah still there!!!
Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles - Bigger Than Ron Jeremy
WFHPSO (2001) CD
Heavy Metal, Grind, Core (Atlanta, GA, USA 1994)

Review To Come... Don't Be discouraged...
I only Need time to write padding to simply state that I love this Kind of Grind Core Metallic Guys!!! Reallly Cool with Pure Fun...

Extra credits: Roll Out the Barrel

Johnny X @ DEADSTATION Metal
***† 7/10 - August 2002.

Avalon - Avalon II
Fractal (2001) CD 6 tr.
Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal (Canada?)
URL: +

I liked it on the first listening...and on the 2nd one too. This New Wave of Prog Metal bands is Far to be my Cup of tea...but Avalon sounds OK for me.
A Blend of many old style but with new ideas all around. Reference to Uriah Heep, Arthur Brown. guitar oriented. No synth.
If You're into Progressive Heavy Rock Avalon is a band to discover

It's Fractal Records 1st release.

Extra Credits: Angelique. Great slow song in the April Wine style.

Johnny X @ The ROCK List Metal
***‡ 6.5/10 - December 2002.

LOSSLoss - Loss
indie (2002) CD-R. 3 tr.
Thrash, Death Metal (NJ, USA 2000)

To Come...but Hardcore Metal, Thrash and good

Eddie, Will, Frank, Jon.

Johnny X @ ROCK List / DEADSTATION Metal []
**** 8/10 - December 2002.

** Thanks You All for sending your music for review. If it can helps somewhere. JX

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