Ceremonial Castings
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Ceremonial Castings at The ROCK List / DEADSTATION

Ceremonial Castings (MA., USA 1996)
Black Metal Band


The Serpent- lead vox, guitar
OldNick (Nick)-keyboards, synth., piano
(All Session drums by The Serpent & OldNick)


Ceremonial Castings is quickly becoming one of the most popular underground
bands of its genre. CC's fanbase is located all over the world!! The group
has been playing together since 1996 & released their 1st black metal
release 1997 which featured the songs "Eternal Dying Dawn", "Unholy
Communion", "In Velvet Darkness" & "Witchcraft". The Dark sound seemed to
draw a local crowd in but know one knew what to make of it.

Ceremonial Castings always stuck to their roots, but experimented in different styles as
well. Later releasing songs like "The Coming Of Dawn We Fear", "A Prophecy
Fortold", & in 2000 "A Serpent's Kiss" that seemed to really take an effect
online. Know in 2002 the band is still going strong sending out demos and
recording new material as quick as possible. New songs are always being
created and uploaded so be sure to check the mp3.com pages every 3 to 4 weeks!!
- Serpent.


The Chaos Chapter [MCD] CD-R. ? tracks
Dark Forest Productions (Self-Release) (2000)

Into the Black Forest of Witchery [CD]
Ceremonial Castings - Into the Black Forest of Witchery
Dark Forest Productions (2002) CD-R. 9 tracks.

1- Darkness & War
2- Into the Black Forest of Witchery
3- Come Unto Fire
4- Heaven Falls Upon My Wings (Instr.)
6- Valley of Snakes
7- Lunacy Becomes Us (Instr.)
8- Beast in Black
9- The Ghost of Alice

All tracks written by: Ceremonial Castings

Other Projects:

Detrusion [Electronic, Industrial] - same members
Dark Electronica made by the members of Ceremonial Castings.
CD: Yield One's Breath [CD] (2002)
URL: MP3.com [dead]: http://www.mp3.com/detrusion
Old tracks on mp3.com...Listen Online!

CD Order:

Dark Forest Productions
P.O. Box 306
Athol Ma. 01331.
CD: $8US (+2 ship US) (+3 International)


Email: ceremonial_castings@hotmail.com

Ceremonial Castings
URL (mpX.com [dead]): http://www.mpX.com/Ceremonial_Castings

Homepage: Ceremonial Castings @ The ROCK List

NEWS Update:

Napalm & Moribund records are near
where we will be in a few weeks so maybe some luck there.

18,000 Plays at MPX.com (Aug. 2002)

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Johnny X @ DEADSTATION Metal [www.rockdiscography.com]
Created: Aug. 06, 2002
Tanx to: The Serpent (J.S.)

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