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DEADSTATION Metal CD Review [April 2002]
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The ROCK List -

April 2002

DeteriorotDeteriorot - In Ancient Beliefs
WWWIII (2001) CD, 14 tracks
from New-Jersey, USA
Death Metal

Compared to the Demo I heard last year there is a clear Amelioration in Deteriorot Music. It's maybe only the sound. But "In Ancient Beliefs" album is far to be a Demo, from the 1st track I really liked it. Probably because Deteriorot sounds like "Incantation" and I still dig Incantation. Then, You are not in front of a Black Metal band but a Real RAW and Loud Death Metal Band. Paul Zavaleta's Band is now a Power Trio. No Bass player for now. 2 guitars + drums.

Chainsaw guitar (cool!), deep throat vox (no shouting) and an excellent drummer. Well paced music. This is not a guitar solo oriented album (anyway I'm not too much into guitar solo) but a HEAVY POWERED album.
New-Jersey's Deteriorot is not a new band, they came from the beginning of the 90's and they still have faith in Metal Music and these are the kind of musicians who deserve attention. They know how to play "DEATH Metal" and if You turn your Volume Louder you'll discover another F***IN Great Metal Band.
My favorite tracks are "In Ancient Beliefs" and "Spiritual Evocation".
Paul Zavaleta- guitar, vox, bass, composer
Jon Brody- drums
Will Kuberski- guitar

They also included their five 1992 Demo tracks as bonus.

Johnny @ DEADSTATION Metal.
**** 8/10 - April 2002.

The Seventh GateThe Seventh Gate - None So Bloody as the Kingdom of Christ
Satan Rock (2002) CD. 8 tracks
Death Metal, Grind, Brutal, Gore (Vienna, Virginia, USA 2000) ‡
"True American Satan Rock"

Steve- vox
Nick-guitar, bass
Paul- drums

Bloody Gore!!! Great vocals works. From the first note we deal with a New Rising Band. Steve's Vocals sounds like The Accüsed. I must admit that I liked it from the 1st track to the last. It's a 35:00 record so No time to sleep but climate and ambiance are floating around, yes some tracks are slower and cool.. This is not the best production around, guitars are way down in the mix (and a litlle thin) but the vocals are in front and this was my main attraction. Note: This is a Power Trio, Nick is playing bass and guitar on the album.

A well-balanced album, great potential, each tracks got this little thing (a hook) which makes a good album and different from all productions around.
This first offering from the The Seventh Gate is a main entry to a Major Label contract in the next years. This Southern Virginia Satanists deserve attention. I easily recommend "None so Bloody as the Kingdom of Christ" to all Grind-Death-Gore me.! :-)

Johnny @ ROCK List / DEADSTATION Metal.
**** 8.5/10 - April 2002.

The CrownThe Crown - Crowned in Terror
Metal Blade (2002) CD. 11 tracks [43min.]
(Sweden 1991) ‡no
Produced by: The Crown / Chris Silver

*Hats Off to Metal Blade 20th Anniversary.

Tomas Lindberg– vocals
Magnus Olsfelt– bass
Marko Tervonen– guitar
Marcus Sunesson– guitar
Janne Saarenpää– drums

Major Label. Major Band. The Crown like Metal Blade's artist God Dethroned give a good definition of what NEW metal is. A Blend of Black, Great Technique and still Brutal. Sure that all of us which listen to this album will like it. It's like driving a F1 car. Sit down and put the volume on and you're on the pathway to Death/Black Metal of the New Century. Thumbs up to Metal Blade. I never been too much in their Heavy Metal stuff but when they signed band like Bolt Thrower, God Dethroned, Six Feet Under, The Crown and now Cattle Decapitation...I'm in.

OK, The Crown is another Band like Dissection or At The Gates. RAW, Loud and Fast. Great Chainsaw rhythm guitar with Excellent guitar solo with a lead vox like God Dethroned. I never listen to any of their previous albums but they seems to be at their peek now.
Go and Buy The Crown without any fear. Or simply catch them on Tour now!
I added another band on my wish list...
They deserve to name their album: Crowned in Terror

*Note: I've just read that the band like Punk and Hardcore...I understand why I liked it at first. Roots! and I also learn that the vocal is At The Gates singer...:-)

Johnny @ DEADSTATION Metal
***** 10/10 - April 2002.
release: April 9, 2002

Ozzy Osbourne - Down to Earth
Epic (2001) CD. 11 tracks
Heavy Metal (UK)

Ozzy Osbourne- lead vox
Zakk Wylde- guitar
Robert Trujillo- bass [Ex- Suicidal Tendencies]
Mike Bordin- drums [Ex- Faith No More]

"Please Ozzy Entertain Me!"
1st track Grungy guitar! Second track again! Zakk is back! Yeah, cool the guitar sound is f*** Cavernous. Great production. Ozzy seems in real great shape. The Groove is a little like Motorhead since years. Slow but Heavy Sonic sounds. I like Heavy but when it's more into bottom sounds....Remember Trouble, KYUSS.

"Gets Me Through" and "Junkie" are the best tracks. 3 slow/ballad on the album. It's really dull that he doesn't exploit the talent of -ST- Robert Trujillo bassist. Zakk guitar is Cool but it's still the same cliché of the 80's, rhythm is great though. Ozzy is still into his "No More Tears" album Hard style. Ozzmosis was rather dull. With Down to Earth Ozzy is back with a good album but not much. Anyway it's Arena oriented music. Light up yer lighter Ozzy's here!
Note: Still scratchin' my brain on the sleeve :-)

Johnny @ ROCK List / DEADSTATION Metal.
*** 6.5/10 - April 2002.

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