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Bolt Thrower News!

New bolt Thrower- Honour, Valour. Pride Release

Updated Dec. 2001

will be debuting the first MP3's from their new album "Honour, Valour, Pride." On Digital Metal. These MP3s will be specifically for Digital Metal. Metal Blade will also have a track for everyone else. After the results of the Emperor video debut on Digital Metal, which
received almost 500,000 hits that day, we think Digital Metal is the place for Bolt Thrower! A poster give away will also be happening with Digital Metal.
__________From Metal Blade..

I heard a track No Big Change it's Bolt Thrower!

Still Waiting for Bolt Thrower Official Site...

______________from Earache.com
"Who Dares Wins" (MOSH208)
RELEASE DATE: 14 September 98
Destructive Infinity
Prophet of Hatred
Realm of Chaos (live)
Spearhead (Extended remix)
Crown of Life/Dying
World Eater '94
If one band can be said to be truly uncompromising in all aspects of their career, then Bolt Thrower can be offered as the definitive example. The band's sound has always been unwavering in its devotion to low-end detonation, whilst the subject matter has always centred on war and all its devastation. In short, the music and the image have always gone hand in hand, and its a situation that has worked to Bolt Thrower's ultimate advantage -the fans know what they want, and the band deliver it, just as they like it, every time.

'Who Dares Wins' highlights the least available tracks from the band's Earache back catalogue, and highlights the reasons why Bolt Thrower are still regarded as one of the finest Grindcore acts around. The material included centres on two long deleted and now highly sought after EP's,
namely 'Cenotaph' and 'Spearhead.' The two title tracks from those EP's are evidence enough of Bolt Thrower's bludgeoning sound, a rhythmical and unrelenting combination of militaristic beats and buzzsaw guitars.
Also included are two tracks which only saw the light of day in Japan - 'World Eater '94' and 'Overlord,' both of which benefit from improved production (courtesy of Colin Richardson who the band worked with on their final two Earache LP's, 'The IVth Crusade' and '...For Victory.') Heaviness was never sacrificed as the band progressed on, and although the material showcased on 'Who Dares Wins' comes from different eras in the band's career, it is all unmistakably Bolt Thrower.

Featuring extensive sleevenotes and unreleased photos, 'Who Dares Wins' is the essential package for those who need to maintain their collection of extreme music history - Grindcore at its brutal best.
_____________from Metal Blade Summer 1998

Mercenary to be Released Spring / Summer Of '98 Bolt Thrower has signed a long term album contract with Metal Blade Records and will be releasing their newest platter of brutal Death Metal some time this year, most likely spring/summer. You'll be glad to know that original front man Karl Willetts is back in the band and is currently in the studio with the rest of Bolt Thrower putting the finishing touches on their Metal Blade debut. Look for a new album in '98.

_____________from Earache May 1998

A timely reminder of Bolt Thrower's glorious legacy comes in the form of 'Who Dares Wins', out on July 6. Featuring the ultra rare 'Spearhead' and 'Cenotaph' EP's plus other rarities this is a chance to get the total war experience on one CD!

This is a band from UK.

As LOUD as Black Sabbath in the early 70's.

- Bolt Thrower -uk (Death Metal)

Bolt Thrower / In the Battle There is no Law / SOL 11 / Vinyl Solution, 88

Bolt Thrower / Realm of Chaos / Mosh 13 / Earache + Relativity, 89

Bolt Thrower / The Peel Sessions 1988-1990 / Strange Fruit, 91

Bolt Thrower / Warmaster / Mosh 29 / Earache + Combat, 91

Bolt Thrower / The IVth Crusade / Mosh 70 / Earache + Relativity, 92

Bolt Thrower / ...for Victory / Mosh 120 / Earache, 94

Bolt Thrower / Mercenary / Metal Blade, 98

Bolt Thrower / Who Dares Wins (compil.) / Mosh 208 / Earache, 98

Bolt Thrower / Mercenary [Japan Bonus Tracks] (compil.) / -imp.- 60535 / ??, 00

* In battle there is no law, 1987, Demo
* Concessions of pain, 1987, Demo
(Both demos with original vocalist Alan West)

* Cenotaph [MCD], 1991, Earache MOSH 33
* Spearhead [MCD], 1992, Earache MOSH 73

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