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Ceremony Of Opposites (1994) Century Media

Black Trip (music: Xytras, lyrics: Vorphalack) (track 1)

I've chosen the dark, I've chosen the night
I've lost hope of loving a day of life
The shades of night belong to me
I am at one with hell

Dead inside, I watch the time pass
I await the coming of my day

My journeys are always within me
There where is found the bottomless pit
Where, there in I plunge, always a little deeper
There, in that other world where only unity is harmony

Sheltered from the regard and rules of men
There colour is absent, light is black

Enemies of the sun, the phantoms of the shadows
Have taught me to delight in horror
Faces without eyes, and silent lips
Float in the immensity of empty space
A sweet melancholy fills my heart
Life as a whole seems absurd
Silence is so pure, so profound that it intoxicates
The emptiness, annihilates all
And nothingness takes its place

Celebration Of The Fourth (music: Xytras, lyrics: Vorphalack) (track 2)

Oh purificator fire, that burns in me
Rekindle my courage, give me your force

Blow, northerly wind, come, wind of death
Storms, hurricanes, be at my side
By water, by air, by fire, by earth

Oh purificator water, essence of life
Mirror of time, drown the lies

Earth, mother's man
Dissembowelled by your sons
From your blood of fire
Will rise the chaos

By water, by air
By fire, by earth

Baphomet's Throne (music: Xytras, lyrics: Vorphalack) (track 6)

Each blasphemy is another stone to the edifice
of your glory
I want to be the rock on which you'll build
your church

Am I the son you've been waiting for?
Am I the chosen one?
To be your Messiah on earth
And to sit at your left in hell
I've always ignored the doubt
Answers are in the questions

Show me the way to the baphomet's throne ...

Guide my hand, light my path
My mouth will speak with your words,
I'll make statements with your orders
I'll be the supreme insult
Which will forevermore soil the image of god
I'll be your revenge, I'll be your victory
Guide my hand, light my path

Show me the way,
To reach the baphomet's throne ...

@ALBUM: "Blood Ritual"
by Samael, 1992

Vorphalack - Guitar & Vocals
Xytras - Drums & Keyboard
Masmiseim - Bass

All music by Vorphalack/Xytras, except Total Consecration by Xytras.
All lyrics by Vorphalack.

[NOTE: These are the lyrics as printed. The sung versions may or may
not differ from these. - The one who fought and bled]

@SONG: "Epilogue"

In a world of sorrow,
a tormented soul dreams of vengeance,
through man she will live,
through blood she will rule

@SONG: "Beyond The Nothingness"

In the darkness of an endless night
At the dawn of eternal life
In the coldness of a land without sun
Our spirits dive in the world of silence
Farther into infinity
Beyond the nothingness

Atrocious vision of death
Indescribable horror of darkness

Desolation of absolute emptyness
Unbearable sensation of impotence

We're dazzled by total obscurity of the parallel world
Our senses are numb for our longest journey

- Master speak, we're listening!
- Father order, we'll obey!

We're all one
And one is him

@SONG: "Poison Infiltration"

[To Catherine Deshayes (La Voisine)]

Slow and painful death
Subtle and dangerous attack
- Brook of scorn
- Stream of anger
- River of hate

Poison infiltrate society

Rich and poor
Noblemen and beggars
Everyone has the key

Personal vengeance or
Crime of passion
Cyanide remain eternal

Mixture prepared in sombre conspirations
Everywhere it slips poison sows confusion

Neither the wheel, nor stake
Can stop his ravages
Neither the wheel, nor stake
Will calm people's hate

Vicious and intelligent death
Certain and long degradation

Poison infiltrate society

Execrable beverage or refined wine
No matter the administered dose
Nobody can be immunized

@SONG: "After The Sepulture"

Nothing ever stops
Everything starts again
The end and the beginning
Are eternal lovers

Prisoners of or bodies
From the cot to the grave
Impotent puppets
We aspire to the light

The sun will turn in black
You will see the dark...
After the sepulchre

Grams of their brother's cries
Spirit lastly free oneself
Like raise the incense smoke
And the funeral orations

Here time is unreal
Hours and minutes are meaningless
Here eternity has a name
Remorse and penitence

The sun will turn in black
You will see the dark...
After the sepulchre

Life is just an illusion
Going round and round

@SONG: "Macabre Operetta"

- Bodies consecrated to the earth
- Spirit to the light...

- Life can't be infinite
- Only pain is eternal

Cry for the ruined time
You've lost to understand,
The meaning of life will stay a mystery
But you now have the answers about death

@SONG: "Blood Ritual"

Life, where suffering is the only satisfaction
Sadness of my nights without sleep
Anguish to be alone against all

Ritual of blood, where a human being
Gives his life for mine
Spills his blood for mine

Now I will be them and they will be mine
And we'll be one above your god

Blood ritual / Purification by the blood
Blood ritual / Total consecration

My spirit has dived into the infernal storm of evil
My soul is forever tormented
Take advantage of this jouvencal fluid
Deliver your soul from claws of ignorance

- Death is the only way to escape the misery of life
- Death is the only way to reach the supreme power

The caress of he blade on his skin
Is waking up my old cruel dreams

Look the so coveted liquid going out of his body
Look the sacred fluid spilling out of his wounds

Let your mind be impregnated
By this mad attraction

@SONG: "Since The Creation..."

Every men born evil
Someone will try to be good as they can,
some other will dedicate their life
to the unholy lord of the earth

@SONG: "With The Gleam Of The Torches"

the priest:

- Everything's ready
- Go and get me fresh meat
- We're thirsty for sacred beverage
- Hurry up! I can't wait anymore

the assembly:

- Here she is the promised virgin!


Her nude body plays with the unstable shadows
Her long hair hides half her breasts, she rises her head
Her eyes are shining with the gleam of the torches

the priest:

- Look deep in my eyes, you little bitch
- Look at your death, she smiles at you

priest reflection:

Death opens her arms to you
You tremble and your body is wet
You haven't to be scared, you'll be saved
You'll suffer, you'll die, you'll be free

the priest:

I wish to hear her weep
I wish to hear her cry
I wish to hear her yell
Of disgust... of fear... of pain

the priest with the crowd:

We gonna take care of you...

@SONG: "Total Consecration"

From the north, from the south
From the west, from the east

I summon you, gods of the pit
Come to us, infernal legions

Satan, father of men, god of gods
Take a look at your children
Tonight, they give you their souls

@SONG: "Bestial Devotion"


Tired and submissive
Lying down on the black altar
She waits passive and anguished
A frost silence glides into the assembly

priest reflection:

Only my invocation resounds in the heads of the followers

priest with the crowd:

- Glory to you Ounis
- Praise be to Ounis

the priest:

- So her blood may quench your thirst
- So her meat may appease your hunger
- For you we'll eat the red crown
- For you we'll lick the green crown

priest with the crowd:

- Glory to you Ounis
- Praise be to Ounis


The blade penetrates deeply in the young flesh
All together copulate with the bloody wounds

the priest:

Here's the theatre of our dreams
- This is the beauty of absurdity

priest with the crowd:

- Glory and praise be to Ounis

Osbourne Ozzy
Blizzard Of Ozz

Mr Crowley

Mr. Crowley, what went on in your head
Mr. Crowley, did you talk with the dead
Your life style to me seemed so tragic
With the thrill of it all
You fooled all the people with magic
You waited on Satan's call
Mr. Charming, did you think you were pure
Mr. Alarming, in nocturnal rapport
Uncovering things that were sacred manifest on this Earth
Conceived in the eye of a secret
And they scattered the afterbirth
Mr. Crowley, won't you ride my white horse
Mr. Crowley, it's symbolic of course
Approaching a time that is classic
I hear maidens call
Approaching a time that is drastic
Standing with their backs to the wall
Was it polemically sent
l wanna know what you meant
I wanna know
I wanna know what you meant

Suicide Solution

Wine is fine
But whiskey's quicker
suicide is slow with liquer
Take a bottle drain your sorrows
Candied thoughts await tomorrows
await tomorrows!!

Evil thoughts and evil doings
Cold, alone you hang in ruins
Thought you'd escape the reaper
You can't escape the master keeper

'Cause you feel life's unreal and you're living a lie
Such a shame who's to blame and you're wondering why
Then you ask from your cask is there life after birth
What you saw can mean hell on this earth
hell on this earth!!

Now you live inside a bottle
The reaper's travelling at full throttle
It's catching you but you don't see
The reaper is you and the reaper is me

Breaking laws, knocking doors
But there's no one at home
Made your bed, rest your head
But you lie there and moan
Where to hide, suicide is the only way out
Don't you know what it's really about

Wine is fine
But whiskey's quicker
Suicide is slow with liquer
Take a bottle drown your sorrows
candied thoughts await tomorrows

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Kurt Cobain)

Load up on guns and bring your friends
It's fun to lose and to pretend
She's over bored and self assured
Oh no, I know a dirty word

Hello, hello, hello, how low?

I'm worse at what I do best
And for this gift I feel blessed
Our little group has always been
And always will until the end

Hello, hello, hello, how low?

And I forget just why I taste
Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile
I found it hard, it was hard to find
Oh well, whatever, nevermind

hello, hello, hello, how low?

With the lights out it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
A mulatto
An albino
A mosquito
My Libido
Yay, a denial

Wine is fine

Bolt Thrower "For Victory"

CoF (Check CoF Pages!)
Samael (More on Samael Pages)

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