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The Rock List

Groupes et Artistes Québécois
Métal - Alternatif - Techno - Punk et plus




- Anonymus -can (pq)

Anonymus Ni vu, ni connu CD OO Indépendant, 94

- Asexuals -can (pq) (Punk)

85 s11-4-20 Asexuals Be What You Want Psyche-Industry

85 s16-4-3 Asexuals Contemporary World OO Psyche-Industry

- Aut' Chose -can (pq)

74 s7-1-2 Aut' Chose Prends une chance avec moé Columbia

75 s7-1-3 Aut' Chose Une nuit comme une autre CBS

76 s7-1-4 Aut' Chose Le cauchemar américain CBS

• Aut' Chose Aut' Chose: Encore (compil.) Columbia, 81


- Banlieue Rouge -can (Punk)

Banlieue Rouge En attendant demain... Nada, 90

- Barf (Blasting All Rotten Fuckers) -can (pq)

Barf (Blasting All Rotten Fuckers) Surprise... CD Tir Groupé, 95

- Bootsauce -can (pq)

Bootsauce The Brown Album Vertigo, 90

- Box, The -can (pq)

Box, The The Box Alert, 84

Box, The All the Time, All the Time, All the Time Alert, 85


- Capitalist Alienation -can (pq)

Capitalist Alienation Capitalist Alienation Alienation, 87

- Colocs, Les -can (pq)

• Colocs, Les Atrocetomique ?, 96

98 r055-07 Colocs, Les Dehors novembre CD OO Musicomptoir

- Condition -can (pq)

Condition Mumbo Jumbo Psyche, 85

- Contraction -can (pq)

Contraction La bourse ou la vie Deram, 74

- Conventum -can (pq)

Conventum A l'affut d'un complot OO Tamanoir, Le, 77

- Cryptopsy -can (Death M)

Cryptopsy Blasphemy Made Flesh CD -imp. Ger.- Invasion, 94

Cryptopsy / None so Vile / CD -imp. Sweden- / Wrong Again / 96

• Cryptopsy Whisper Supremacy ?, 98


- Danger -can (pq)

Danger Danger Telson, 77

- Darkest Race -can (pq)

Darkest Race A.D. in the Middle of Nowhere CD OO Indépendant/CME, 94

- DBC -can (pq)

DBC Dead Brain Cells -imp. USA- OO/OO Combat, 87

89 s17-1-7 DBC Universe (+ 1st LP "DBC") CD -imp. USA- Combat

- Deaf Dealer -can (pq)

Deaf Dealer Keeper of the Faith OO Mercury, 86

- Deja Voodoo -can (pq)

Deja Voodoo Cemetery OO/OO Independant ?, 84

Deja Voodoo Swamp of Love OG, 86

- Démence -can (qc) (Death M)

Démence / Total démembrement / CD OO / Independent, 96

- Dionysos -can (pq)

Dionysos Dionysos (Le grand jeu) Jupiter, 70

Dionysos Le Prince croule Zodiaque, 72

76 s7-1-22 Dionysos Collection Dionysos (Reis. 1 & 2nd LP) (2lp) *29 Trans World

Dionysos Dionysos Deram, 76

Dionysos Musique de mes amis Solo, 77

- Doughboys -can (pq)

Doughboys Whatever MTL, 87

Doughboys Home Again -imp. USA- Restless, 89

Doughboys Happy Accident -imp. USA- Restless, 90



- Francoeur, Lucien -can (pq)

Francoeur, Lucien Le Retour de Johnny Frisson Kébec-Disc, 80

Francoeur, Lucien Jour et nuit Pelo, 83

- Frith, Fred/René Lussier -uk/can (pq)

Frith, Fred/René Lussier Nous autres (Live) Victo, 86


- Gorguts -can (pq)

Gorguts Considered Dead CD -imp. USA- RC, 91

Gorguts The Erosion of Sanity CD -imp. USA- OO Roadrunner, 93

• Gorguts Obscura ?, 98

- Grim Skunk -can (pq)

Grim Skunk Grim Skunk CD OO Cargo, 94

• Grim Skunk Field Trip Hypnotic, 98

- Groovy Aardvark -can (pq)

Groovy Aardvark Eater's Digest CD OO/OO YMX, 94

• Groovy Aardvark Oryctérope Kafka/Musicor, 98

- Gros Mené -can (qc) (Altern.)

Gros Mené / Tue ce drum Pierre Bouchard / CD Tribu, 99

- Gruesomes, The -can (pq)

Gruesomes, The Tyrants of Teen Trash OG, 86

Gruesomes, The Gruesomania OO OG, 87

Gruesomes, The Hey! OG, 88



- Infonie, L' -can (pq)

Infonie, L' Vol. 3 (André Perry présente) Polydor, 69

Infonie, L' Vol. 33 - Mantra Polydor, 71


Juicebox /can /pq (Techno R)

Juicebox / Miniputtbingobowler / 97


- Kataklysm -can (pq)

Kataklysm Sorcery CD -imp. USA- Nuclear Blast, 95

• Kataklysm Victims of This Fallen World / OO / Hypnotic, 98


- Languirand, Pascal -can (pq)

Languirand, Pascal Minos *KD-950 Kébec-Disc, 78

Languirand, Pascal De Harmonia Universalia (Minos) Polydor, 80

- Leloup, Jean (& La Sale Affaire) -can (pq)

Leloup, Jean Menteur Audiogram, 89

Leloup, Jean L'Amour est sans pitié (& La Sale Affaire) CD OO/OO Audiogram, 91

96 r055-17 Leloup, Jean Le Dôme CD Audiogram


- Madore, Michel & le Kamuso à cordes -can (pq)

Madore, Michel & le Kamuso à cordes Michel Madore Barclay, 76

- Mahogany Rush -can (pq)

Mahogany Rush Maxoom Kot'ai, 72

Mahogany Rush Child of the Novelty Kot'ai, 74

Mahogany Rush Strange Universe Kot'ai, 75

Mahogany Rush IV Columbia, 76

- Marino, Frank (& Mahogany Rush) (7) -can (pq)

77 s12-2-22 Marino, Frank World Anthem (& Mahogany Rush) *34677 Columbia

77 s8-2-18 Marino, Frank Live (& Mahogany Rush) (1978?) *35257 Columbia

Marino, Frank Tales of the Unexpected (& Mahogany Rush) Columbia, 79

Marino, Frank What's Next (& Mahogany Rush) Columbia, 80

Marino, Frank The Power of Rock and Roll Columbia, 81

Marino, Frank Juggernaut Columbia, 82

Marino, Frank Full Circle Maze, 86

- Mashmakhan -can (pq)

Mashmakhan Mashmakhan *ELS-365 Columbia, 70

Mashmakhan The Family *ES90000 Columbia, 71

- Men Without Hats -can (pq)

Men Without Hats Rhythm of Youth Sire/Statik, 82

Men Without Hats Folk of the 80's (Part III) Statik + Sire, 84

Men Without Hats Sideways CD Mercury, 91

- Messiah Force -can (pq)

Messiah Force The Last Day OO CD -imp. UK- Haissem + Bold Reprive, 87

- Moral Support -can (pq)

Moral Support Insanity TGO, 85



- Obliveon -can (pq) (Heavy M)

95 m36-15 Obliveon Cybervoid CD OO ASA/Cargo

- Overbass -can (pq)

Overbass Overbass CD OO/OO Indépendant, 94


- Pagliaro, Michel (19) + 8 -can (pq)

Pagliaro, Michel Michel Pagliaro (compil.) *INT-402 International, 68

Pagliaro, Michel Rock 'N' Roll (compil.) *C298-5 Citation, 69

Pagliaro, Michel Pagliaro (a t'aimer) *SP-103 Spectrum, 70

Pagliaro, Michel Première époque - 15 Chansons (compil.) *SP106 Spectrum, 70

Pagliaro, Michel Pagliaro (rainshowers) (Reis. 1976*ABR. 300) *CHLP 5001 Much + Amber, 71

Pagliaro, Michel Pag RCA, 72

Pagliaro, Michel M'Lady (compil.) *TWF-3502 Trans World, 72

73 s6-1-20 Pagliaro, Michel Pagliaro Live (2lp) RCA

Pagliaro, Michel Pagliaro RCA, 74

74 s16-10-12 Pagliaro, Michel 21 Disques d'or Archives du Disque Québécois

Pagliaro, Michel Pagliaro I (in english) *KC 33901 Columbia, 75

75 s12-5-22 Pagliaro, Michel Pagliaro *PS 90320 CBS/Columbia

77 s12-5-8 Pagliaro, Michel Aujourd'hui *PFS 90384 CBS/Columbia

Pagliaro, Michel Time Race *PFS 90408 Columbia, 77

Pagliaro, Michel Rock 'N' Roll Martin, 78

Pagliaro, Michel Bamboo Trans Canada, 81

82 r055-20 Pagliaro, Michel Rock avec Pag (compil.) *KF-200 K-Tel

Pagliaro, Michel Sous peine d'amour OO Alert, 88

Pagliaro, Michel Hit Parade (compil.) (2lp) CD Audiogram, 95

• Pagliaro, Michel Goodbye Rain (compil.) Records, 97

- Parfaits Salauds, Les -can (pq)

Parfaits Salauds, Les A coeur ouvert k7 Kébec-Disc, 90

- Psyche -can (pq)

Psyche Insomnia Theatre (2lp) -imp. France- New Rose, 85

Psyche Unveiling the Secret -imp. USA- C'est La Mort + New Rose, 86

Psyche Mystery Hotel -imp. France- New Rose, 88


QRN (Quite Ridiculous Nonsense) -can (qc) (Electro.)

QRN (Quite Ridiculous Nonsense) / Politixually K-Erect / CD / QRN, 94


- Rational Youth -can (pq) (Altern.)

82 s16-10-25 Rational Youth Cold War Night Life YUL

85 s17-9-6 Rational Youth Heredity Capitol

- Ripcordz -can (pq)

Ripcordz Are God! OG, 89

- Rise -can (pq)

Rise Rise -imp. Ger.- RPN/Rough Trade, 90


- Sword -can (pq)

Sword Metalized Aquarius, 86

Sword Sweet Dreams Aquarius, 88

Synthesthesia -can (pq) (Techno R)


- Trafic D'influence -can (pq)

Trafic D'influence Lipsync Reversibles, 86

- Tremblay, Mara -can (pq) (Altern.)

Tremblay, Mara / Le chihuahua / CD / Audiogram, 99

- TSPC -can (pq)

TSPC Ego CD Ariola, 95


- Unknownes, Les -can (pq)

Unknownes, Les Contenu inconnu CD OO Tir Groupé, 93


- Valium et les Dépressifs -can (pq)

Valium et les Dépressifs C'est un monstre k7 Indépendant, 92

- Various Artists (153) -can (pq)

Various It Came from Canada - Volume Two OG, 86

Various It Came from Canada - Volume 3 OG, 87

Various It Came from Canada - Volume 4 OG, 88

Various Lachés Lousses (compil.) -imp. USA- Tir Groupé/Cargo, 90

• Various Polliwog Live Polliwog, 98

Various Starmania (2lp) Kébec Frog, 78

- Vent Du Mont Schärr -can (pq)

Vent Du Mont Schärr Vent Du Mont Schärr -imp. France- Boucherie, 89

- Vermin -can (pq)

Vermin Living Together Michel Dionne, 90

Vermin Fish Bowl k7 Indépendant, 91

- VOIVOD (9) + 2 -can (pq)

VOIVOD War and Pain OO/OO/OO -imp. Holland- Roadrunner, 84

VOIVOD RRRoar! Banzai + Noise, 86

VOIVOD Killing Technology OO/OO Cobra, 87

VOIVOD Dimension Hatröss Maze/Noise, 88

VOIVOD Nothingface OO Mechanic/MCA, 89

VOIVOD Angel Rat CD OO Mechanic/MCA, 91

VOIVOD The Best of Voivod k7 Noise, 92

VOIVOD The Outer Limits No.8 CD MCA/Mechanic, 93

VOIVOD Negatron CD Hypnotic, 95

• VOIVOD Phobos Hypnotic, 97

• VOIVOD Kronik (compil.) (Unreleas. Material) Hypnotic, 98





= 435 lp 157 band + 1 various

r061 - j18



Negative Gain???


***Sorry Céline Dion is not on this list, come on Céline work
with some alternative artists one day!!!

Updated 15/8/99

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