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6/10 Death Metal 05/03/98

1997 r055- Six Feet Under Warpath CD -imp. USA- Metal Blade

no timing CD 3984-14128-2


01- War is Coming -

02- Nonexistence -

03- A Journey into Darkness -

04- Animal Instinct -

05- Death or Glory - (John Mortimer)

06- Burning Blood -

07- Manipulation -

08- 4:20 -

09- Revenge of the Zombie -

10- As I Die -

11- Night Visions -

12- Caged and Disgraced -

All tracks written by: Chris Barnes & Allen West except 5


Chris Barnes- vox

Allen West- rhythm & lead guitar

Terry Butler- bass

Greg Gali- drums


engineer: Bill Metoyer ass. engineer: Mitchell Howell

studio: Morrisound, Tampa, FL, april 14 to May 3, 1997

Mastered by Eddie Schreyer at Oasis Mastering

artwork & logos: Chris Barnes graphics: Brian Ames photo: Tim Hubbard


Produced by: Brian Slagel & Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under
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