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Mick Harris
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Mick Harris + Nick Bullen

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Johnny X @ DEADSTATION Metal

AKA  born: Mick Harris
Formed 1991
Group Members: Mick Harris Nicholas James Bullen
See also: Mick Harris Lull, Painkiller, M.J. Harris, Napalm Death
Styles  Experimental Techno, Dark Ambient, Ambient Dub, Jungle/Drum 'N Bass, Industrial

Johnny X Scorn's Discography 04/19/01. Updated: 07/26/02

1992 / Vae Solis / Earache [1st LP]
Vae Solis

1992 / Lick Forever Dog / (EP) / Earache + Combat
Lick Forever Dog
** Peel Session 1 (1992) ***Never Released

1992 / Deliverance / (EP) / (oct.) (5T) *MOSH078CD / Earache
*it's the world's longest single! 40 min. (*from Earache)

1993 / White Irises Blind / (EP) / (april) *MOSH093T / Earache / (5 tr.)
White Irises Blind

1993 / Colossus / (june) / Earache [2nd LP]

1993 / Lament / (7") (EP) (LE 600 copies) / Dying Earth Europe/Aquese
Scorn - Lament
** Peel Session 2 ***Never Released

1994 / Evanescence / (may) / Earache [3rd LP]

1994 / Silver Rain Fell (Jack Danger Remix) / (EP) (july) *MOSH122TRPO / Earache (LE 2000 copies) (2 tr.)

** Weatherall Remixes (EP) (1994) Earache ***Never Released

1995 / Ellipsis / [*Remixed tracks] / Earache *MOSH111 [4th LP]

1995 / Stairway / (EP) / Earache

1995 / Gyral / Earache [5th LP]
(*Mick Harris Alone)


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Logghi Barogghi (1996) Earache + Relativity [6th LP]
White Irises Blind (compil.) [re-released] [Lick Forever Dog / White Irises Blind) (1996) Earache
Deliverance (compil.) [re-released] (with an additional set of remixes by Andy Weatherall) (1996) Earache
Leave It Out (EP) (1996) Possible *DOSS 12 003 9/10
Zander (1997) Invisible + KK *INV076
Whine (Live) (1997) Invisible *inv113cd (CD)
Anamnesis: Rarities 1994-1998 (compil) (1999) Possible/Invisible *INV-POS 8005 (CD)
Imaginaria Award (EP) (2000) Hymen *YO25
Greetings From Birmingham (2000) (CD)
Greetings From Birmingham (2x12") (2000)

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The Silent Watcher - Full Discography
(Scorn + Bill Laswell + Eraldo Bernocchi + Lori Carson) ‡NO but ok

Mick Harris (Scorn) - Full Discography

Mick Harris [Off.] - (UK) ‡no

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AMG infos:

Closely allied with post-industrial dub terrorists such as Bill Laswell, Techno Animal, James Plotkin, Robert Musso, and Anton Fier, Birmingham-based artist Mick Harris is something of a study in extremes. A drummer with noted death metal outfit Napalm Death through the group's late-'80s/early-'90s heyday, Harris began experimenting with monochrome ambient and dub styles toward the tail end of his association with that group. Releasing material through Earache as Scorn (his ambient dub aegis) and through Sentrax as Lull, in addition to other sporadic projects, his genre-spanning activities have done much to jar the minds, expectations, and record collections of audiences previously kept aggressively opposed. To the present, Scorn and Lull, along with John Zorn's experimental jazz-dubcore outfit Painkiller have remained Harris' primary ongoing projects, although one-off collaborations with the likes of James Plotkin, Nicholas Bullen, Bill Laswell, and Martyn Bates are common. Harris formed Scorn in 1991 in collaboration with bassist Nick Bullen, incorporating elements of ambient, industrial, dub, rock, and hip-hop. The group (though pared back to just Harris following Evanescence) have released a number of increasingly well-received full-length recordings, including the remix LP Ellipsis, which features outbound reworkings by the likes of Coil, Autechre, Laswell, and Germ. Harris' solo work as Lull focuses on darker, more "isolationist" ambient soundscapes, some of which have been reissued domestically by Laswell's now-defunct Subharmonic imprint. [See Also: Mick Harris, Lull]Sean Cooper

[Cancelled] SCORN Tour 2001
USA & Canada
08/Sept./01 Milwaukee: Scorn & Gridlock
09/Sept./01 Toronto: Scorn & Gridlock
11/Sept./01 Ottawa: Scorn & Gridlock
13/Sept./01 Washington DC: Scorn & Gridlock
15/Sept./01 Dallas: Scorn, Gridlock & Proem
17/Sept./01 Los Angeles: Scorn & Gridlock
TBA/Sept./01 San Francisco: Scorn & Gridlock

2003: I think stopped playing music or touring check his website for more infos

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