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Cradle of Filth members 1


Vempire (1996)
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About CoF:

This outlandish band quickly became the most popular UK representatives of the Satanic black metal revival of the early 90s with the release of their formidable 1994 debut, The Principal Of Evil Made Flesh. Visually, Cradle Of Filth were evidently influenced by the Scandinavian bands who led the movement, such as Mayhem and Emperor. This influence included adopting the black and white make-up known as 'corpse-paint' and funereal garb, while incorporating renditions of fire-breathing and drenching themselves in blood on stage. While the Scandinavian black metal bands have become increasingly interested in the occult, right-wing philosophies of Viking mythology, Cradle Of Filth have a more gothic, quasi-poetic musical outlook. This is evidenced in their darkly poignant lyrics, use of a cello player and the haunting singing of Andrea Mayer (a German Satanist who has since married a member of Emperor). The core of Cradle Of Filth's sound however, remains a blizzard of apocalyptic guitars and vocals. However, after the successful release of Supreme Vampiric Evil the group entered a tumultuous phase, with the loss of group members and several problems with management and their record label. They eventually regrouped in 1996 for the mini-album Vempire, Or, Dark Phaerytales In Phallustein, by which time the group incorporated singer Dani as well as Irish keyboard player Damien, guitarist Stuart and guitarist Jared. The new album was released on Cacophonous as a compromise solution to allow them to escape their contract and release a third studio album, Dusk, for a new label. Once again it explored at some length their fascination with vampire mythology and Victorian and Medieval romanticism. Ex- Brutality bassist Jeff Acres joined the band in 1995 and guitarist Bryan Hipp departed in early 1996.

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