ok! What is Xtreme Muzik?

Elvis in the 50's was...
Jazz in the 50's

*They called it Devil's muzik ;-)

The Beatles in the 60's
The Rolling Stones! too

Alice Cooper in the 70's
Black Sabbath! oh...
What about The Sex Pistols?
Remember PIL & Sid...

The 80's now!
Public Enemy!
Slayer! Venom!
Crass or Exploited
The list can be long...hehe.

and now the 90's (Yes we're alive!)
btw Nostradamus was mixed up!
Armageddon (c'mon wake up!)
the y2k bug (much more real)

A List?: Nirvana [Kurt was]
Marilyn Manson! Slayer again!
Napalm Death, Mayhem, Brutal Truth
NoFX, Immortal, RATM, NIN.

After Xtrme Sports now come
Xtreme muzik and I'll be there to Entertain
You for the next century
Let's come Noisy sounds to delight
our ears & sound speakers
Enter year 2000...
The Story continue...cya


John & Yoko


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